Smackdown: Rob vs Reese

Baker College senior Faheem Ahmed and Sid Richardson College junior Anish Patel won's contest were on the red carpet as correspondents at the Oscar's.They got to interview with Rob and here is their report:

"Because we'd both seen The Wrestler, I asked [Pattinson], 'Who would you be afraid to fight in the ring?'" Ahmed recounted. "He said Reese Witherspoon, because he'd be afraid to smack her around too much. Then, since he played a vampire in Twilight, I asked him what other supernatural creature he'd like to play. 'Satan,' he said."

Gozde: Well, I'd be afraid to fight Reese for another reason: She is a feisty little thing! I bet she could take Rob down :)

Thanks to our lovely Laura for the tip.



bimbambom said...

I think he should play Woland in Master and Margarita!Withhis dazzling look he will be brilliant! And I'm sure he likes that book.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if Rob is still in japan.


luckygyrl said...

Rob as Satan? Damn, that would be way too hot.

kristen said...

Okay, Rob, we know you are the King of Random Comments, but seriously, you'd be scared to get in the ring with Reese Witherspoon?? I mean, yes, she does seem a bit feisty, but I would think he would have atleast named a male, and a very large male at that. I have to think that Reese was standing right next to him when he was asked that question, and it was just the first thing to pop in his head? I love that Rob says the most random things - it's hilarious.

And Rob as Satan? Holy shit I hope he doesn't do that. Nothing scares me more than anything having to do with evil and the devil (this is why I don't like The Exorcist and pretty much all horror movies). Plus, knowing Rob's acting style and how he totally immerses himself in his roles, he would seriously BECOME Satan, and it would just be freaky. Really freaky. No Thank You :)

Tess said...

I know it's not polite, but I literally STARE at him in these cut scenes with Reese. Gorgeous!

And I think Rob could do BAD really really well. I'd love to see him play a villain.

Anonymous said...

I'm just guessing that Rob wants to play Satan out of empathy for the poor fallen angel. Don't feel sorry for him Rob he's a douche! That's the last thing a person should do is get in touch with the dark side of the spiritual realm!! Walk to the light Rob! Walk to the light!!

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