Rob: And Breaking Dawn is going to be at some point as well!

And which scene is he looking forward to in New Moon?


For fans outside of US HERE is the youtube link of 3 videos combined :)


Jodie Austin said...

I can never see these vids and i'm not sure why, it just goes blank (I presume it's because i'm in the UK?)
Any chance someone could copy it to dailymotion or something similar.....don't wanna miss out.

Please and thank you xxxx

babbles said...

Ha...the hair is growing back "fast and furious" LOL!

Kate said...

Thank you Goz for the you tube link!
Jodie MTV vids can't beviewed outside the US I can never see them either (until they come on youtube) ;-)

Laura said...

That MTV interviewer needs to wipe the drool off of his microphone! Geez, that guy seemed to be enamored of Rob! But who can blame him? LOL

Rob doesn't know he's a heartthrob?? Where's Rose, cuz I'm gonna call fucking bullshit on that one!!

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