EPIC Post- One Magazine Scans and Translation (France)

Our reader Kpucine scanned and translated this massive magazine for us. Her computer crashed after she was done translating and she had to translate it twice! Merci beaucoup bébé :))

It's a great interview, refreshing questions! One - March/April Issue:

In this interview Robert Pattinson reveals himself as he's never done before. He does not hide his doubts, failures, and hopes. Edward Cullen’s performer also has his dark part and recognizes his lack of self-confidence. Meeting with a sensitive and thoughtful actor.

You cut your hair. Is it for your next movie?

Not at all, I did it just by rebellion. When “Twilight” was released, producers told me: “You can not make photos or be at the premiere with this head. It looks like you just got out of bed!” But I did not care and I told them it was my problem. And then fans loved my style, and the same producers told me: “Great, do not change a thing, you have to keep that hairstyle”. At this time I decided to cut my hair really short. Just by contradiction. (Laughs)

You did not always take the job of acting seriously…

I always took it seriously, but, for a while, I was ashamed to tell I was an actor. I found it embarrassing and when someone asked me what I was doing, I lied pretending to be doing something else. I thought it was kind of ridiculous to tell I was acting to earn a living. I do not like using the word “to act” to describe my work. I prefer saying “to create”. I think it is closer to reality and it conveys the idea that I transform an unprocessed material, the text, into a bone and flesh character that people will remember.

Could you explain us why you usually propose to girls you have just met?

It is just something I use to flirt since I am in age to be interested by girls. Believe me, it is really efficient! It is a good way to break the ice, to make the girl laugh or to make her believe you are really serious and that you are not just looking for an affair [you know like something short, but I didn’t find the phrase in English]. If it does not work, I use something else. I sit down next to the girl and I tell her really seriously: “I have just come out from jail.” You should see the fear in her eyes! (Laughs) Actually, as I am shy, I can not speak normally to a girl I do not know. I prefer pretending. At the beginning at least…

You seem to have fun with your partners on “Twilight”’s set. Could you tell us an anecdote?
We had a lot of problem with shooting because of the weather. One day, the clouds had to hide the sun so we could work. Then, we all started dancing to make the clouds come. All the actors knuckled down, and the extras joined us and danced too. At the end, absolutely everyone was dancing on the set. It was crazy! (Laughs) It was “Twilight The Musical”! The funniest is that it actually worked. Clouds finally hid the sun.

What is your last weirdest meeting with a fan?
A mother gave me her baby and simply asked me: “Could you bite him at the head?” Can you imagine that? I did not do it, but I said to myself that you have to be really crazy to ask something like that! But generally speaking, fans who are really in fond of it just want to touch my hair, to take me in their arms or to have my hotel’s room number.

You are from London, but you now live in Los Angeles most of the time. Do you enjoy living in the USA?
I really enjoy some things in the US. For example, I took my driving licence in the US during the shooting of “Twilight”. I only had 10 hours lessons to have an international driving licence. Believe me, although I have it, I am a really bad driver! (Laughs) But I do not really like living in LA. Over there, people are only night-clubbing and I do not enjoy it. I would rather stay at home reading or playing music. At least, I go to the cinema, but I do not feel in phase with the party mind of LA. Besides, I did not really take residence. I lease a furnished apartment. And I miss London too much, its smell, its atmosphere. It nearly makes me cry… And my dog Patty stayed there, because it is too complicated to make her come to the US.

And what do you think about Hollywood?
I hate the current condition of entertainment industry in the US. Amazing scripts are often denatured by film studios which only think to make money and take viewers for idiots. Moreover, by doing this, they put away all the originality of the project to make it more commercial. But these kinds of things do not guarantee success. I would really like to thrust into production one day. I would like to give their chance to good writers and to new directors. I like people who take risks. I dream of creating a coporation where talented people would work in harmony without financial pressure. I think it is the only way to create real artistic works.

You almost travelled all over the world with “Twilight”’s promotion. Did you enjoy it?
It was exhausting, but it was a great opportunity to discover foreign cities too. So, I decided to enjoy it as much as possible. Even if I had to wake up early the next day, at night, I awalys went out to see how the night life is in Chicago, Rome or Paris.

What kind of women do you like?
I do not really have a type. But I like crazy girls who are not scared of anything. The kind of girl who is not afraid of doing the first step and of flirting with me. During a while, I really prefered inaccessible women. Those who did not pay me attention, no matter what I did. But I have recovered now. I stopped wanting what I could not get.

On the love side, do you feel close to Edward?
No I do not; I am not as protective as him. If a girl needs my protection, I will be here. But I never felt the need to look after someone body and soul. And I am far from being as romantic as he is.

Are you intimidated by your sudden fame?
Honestly, I mostly scare not to measure up people’s expectations. The more people say you are awesome, the more you have to prove it. The other problem, when you become famous, is that there are suddenly many people who want to take advantage of you. Besides, I miss many things, and above all, walking leisurely in the street without being recognized… The only good thing is money! (Laughs) But I am far from earning as much as Brad Pitt. It would be great though. I would like to be paid more!

What does your family think about your success?
Not much. They are happy for me, but their attitudes do not change and it is a good thing. My mother keeps calling me an idiot! (Laughs) She has always thought that I worked up for nothing.

Regardless, are you proud of your success?
I have to admit that yes I am. Until then, I feel like I often failed in life. I was not really good at school, neither as a model and I was about to give up acting when I was hired in “Twilight”. At this time, I was so used to fail that it did not make me something any more. But now, at least, I feel like I accomplished something and that I am on the good track.

You give the feeling to be lacking of self-confidence. Is this the case?
It is, but it was even worse when I was a teen. I was shy, bottled up and I was really lacking of self-confidence. The year of my 17 remains the worst year ever. I was completely confused, because I did not know what I would do after high school. I felt like I would never find my place in the world. Regarding relationships, it was not better. I was in love with the same girl for years, but I never dared talk to her. When I finally decided to approach her years later, she was really surprised. She did not notice anything. I have become an actor to impress her, even if it did not permit me to seduce her! (Laughs)

When did you have your very first girlfriend?
I kissed a girl for the first time at 12, but I had my very first girlfriend at 18.

Would you like to be immortal as Edward?
No I would not. Maybe I am too young to appreciate the perspective of an eternal life, but I am not afraid of getting old or dying. But ask me this question on my deathbed and perhaps I will give you a different answer! (Laughs) Moreover, a vampire’s life does not seem very funny. Edward is kind of uptight. It is a 108 year-old man in 17 year-old teen’s body whereas I am a six year-old boy inside! (Laughs)

Which scenes do you fear the most in “New Moon”, the sequel of “Twilight”?

All the scenes in which I will wear contacts! (Laughs) It was really a pain to wear it in the first movie. I have sensitive eyes and putting these contacts was an everyday torture. I felt like I had sand in the eyes all the day. So, this time, I warned the producers. I told them it will be better if they use visual effects to color my eyes. I really hope I convinced them. But as it will cost them more money, I am afraid they think it is normal that an actor suffers for his art! Too bad for me! (Laughs)

Rob about his two coming movies: Little Ashes and How To Be
- Little Ashes
I shot this movie last year and I really blew my mind. I totally invested myself in it. We shot with a team which only spoke Spanish, and I did not. But I really dived into this special Hispanic atmosphere at the point it became obsessive. I literally dreamt of my role at night! It is really thanks to this movie that I became conscious I love this job. It was the first time I was satisfied of my performance. By hazard, after that, I obtained Edward’s role in “Twilight”.

- How To Be
This little English movie did not find a distributor anywhere in the world, because it is impossible to summarize it. Entertainment industry does not really know what to do with it. However, the movie is amazing; it did the festivals’ tour where it had a lot of success. I decided to play Arthur’s role because of the script which was really weird. I hope that with “Twilight”’s fans’ help who want to see it because of me, it will be released.

Kristen Stewart about Rob
Do you have the feeling that Robert keeps his head in spite of his huge success?

I know Robert very well and I know it is not the kind of guy who will let himself unhinged by success. What I am living now is nothing compared to what he is living. People let me quiet. He recently came back to London to find some peace of mind in his life, and I totally understand it. He does not intend to let success go to his head.

Stephenie Meyer about Rob
Is it true that you make Robert read some chapters of “Midnight Sun” so he can understand better Edward?

Yes it is. Robert had some difficulties to understand Edward’s character. So, I make him read these few chapters. To tell the truth, when we met for the first time, Robert and I had some diverging opinion about how to perform the character. Robert really wanted to play it on his own way, even if it means to stray from the Edward of the book. But, at the end, I think he really found the good tone. I could not have dreamt of a better actor to play the character. Robert is a sensitive and thoughtful guy, so is Edward. If we add to it that he is extremely good-looking, we understand why he was made for the role.


Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't went to my magazine shop since a long time. De quand date ce numéro ? When was it released, maybe I can still find it ?
Il me le faut ! I got to get it now ! ;-)
For once, I could read something interesting in french !

Gozde said...

Hey frenchfan, I forgot to add the date :) It's the march/April issue so it might be on the stands now :)

Kat said...

Wow, thanks Kpucine for the hard work scanning and translating.... great interview.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translating! WOW!

And can I just say that his words made me fall in love all over again?? Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all of the time translating this! This was a wonderful interview and was more about Rob than Edward. I wish more interviews were about him and not his character! FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Yes I got mine ! I found another magazine all dedicated to Twilight in french : Serie Mania, march april issue too. If someone is interested !
I'll read it soon and tell you if I find something worth in it…

Gozde said...

I'm interested French :) You can email me if you'd like: robsessedpattinson@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Frenchfan > ils ont sorti 2 numéros de one, celui la est le 2nd, et il est sorti le 20fev, mais les stocks du premier ce sont si vite écoulés que tu devrais te dépêcher d'aller l'acheter!! surtout que là c'est un hors-série donc ça ne parle vraiment que de Twilight ! Les posters sont vraiment sympas au passage :) Bisoux

Anonymous said...

Merci Bag… Je l'ai acheté à l'instant, dès que j'ai appris qu'il était sorti ! Dire qu'il faut que je vienne sur ce site pour découvrir ce qui se fait ici. Pas bien pour une journaliste, de ne pas traîner dans les presses plus souvent ! ;-)
Et j'ai pris en même temps le dernier numéro de Séries Mania numéro spécial Twilight.

Godze, thank you, I'll email you as soon as I would read the magazine ! :-)

Anonymous said...

WOOOAAH I love this site.
If some Swedish magazines makes an interview i promise to translate and send it to you gays!

Gozde said...

Thanks Lisen :)) We really appreciate when people send us links and translations! I know how long it takes to translate something :)

MiCh said...

I liked this interview so much, Rob was completely endearing in it. He has a very good head over his shoulders.. I really want him to be successful and be happy with his life.

luckygyrl said...

WOW Thats a great interview. I wonder if they have that mag at Borders :/

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to translate it ^^ This site is so amazing, I think this is great when obsessive fans like us can contribute to it a bit :)

@French and Bag : c'était le dernier dans ma librairie ^^ Jme suis limite ruée dessus en le voyant :D Il y en avait un autre qui était sortit un peu plus tôt en Janvier. Les posters sont géniaux en tous cas !

Anonymous said...

I loved that last photo!

Anonymous said...

awesome article!! Thanks for posting it!


Anonymous said...

Best magazine interview ever!! Soo insightful...one of the many reasons I admire him. Thank you girls for the interview! Once again you guys rock! I love this webiste! :)

TwiHartRK said...

It's a good thing he stopped wanting what he could not get since the picking would be getting much slimmer. Thanks Kpucine!

Lynn said...

The last scan is one of top favorites of Rob ever....raw, yummy and kind of nekkid....love it!

Tess said...

Love love love this man... and I really enjoy reading his answers to questions..

Thank you for the translation Kpucine and thank you for posting Gozde~

PrettyChocolate said...

I think this is my favorite interview yet! He's so well spoken. Thanks for posting it! And thanks for the translation!!!

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