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The Batman director turns on the Bat-Signal aka tweets for the first time in 2 months + THR talks how Robert Pattinson got the job

The Batman director turns on the Bat-Signal aka tweets for the first time in 2 months + THR talks how Robert Pattinson got the job

Right on cue, Matt Reeves sent out this little tweet yesterday:

I love it. This is so wild. Have you been reading up on Batman? I only know the films so I'm reading beginning stuff when Batman was known as The Batman and "world's greatest detective" since that's what Reeves has signaled his focus will be.

Here's something else you might like to read. The Hollywood Reporter has an article talking about how the casting of Rob went down. We don't have any named sources so take this however you want it. I have a theory I developed when the 2nd confirmation happened. When we got the 1st confirmation from Variety weeks ago, it was from a WB source that knew Rob decided to say yes. Then, knowing that was Reeves choice, it was only a matter of time before the ink was dry. I think WB had Hoult as a backup and wanted to do screen tests just to settle themselves but it was really done when Rob said yes. I know that is a favorable take for Rob but come on. All takes here will be favorable to Rob. this and ponder. What theories do you guys have?

From The Hollywood Reporter:
"Quick" Debates and Secret Screen Tests: How Robert Pattinson Became Batman 
Two weeks ago, a black jacket-clad Robert Pattinson faced flashbulbs and reporters at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his period drama, The Lighthouse. When one guest approached him at the reception and said, “I heard you were the new Batman,” he offered only a sly smile and stayed mum. 
In reality, Pattinson was not the Caped Crusader…just yet. Hours after his Cannes duties in designer duds, he would be on a plane to Los Angeles to face perhaps the biggest test of his acting career: putting on a Batsuit for director Matt Reeves, who is casting The Batman.

That test was officially passed Friday, when Warner Bros. announced that Pattinson had won the role. The decision was the culmination of an intense process that insiders describe as surprisingly quick. As opposed to most superhero casting efforts, which often include far-and-wide searches and dozens of screen tests for the likes of Superman or more recently, Spider-Man, the Batman process was notably smooth.

“It was quick,” says one Warners insider. “Quicker than normal.”

Reeves, who was hired to write and direct a new Batman movie in February 2017, was envisioning actors while penning the script, according to sources familiar with the filmmaker’s thinking. It helped that this new Batman needed to conform to a defined age bracket. He is written as around 30 years old, and the story is neither another rehashing of his origin nor the tale of a seasoned crimefighter ruling Gotham City. He is Bruce Wayne still trying to find his footing on his way to becoming the genius detective.

This, of course, eliminated Ben Affleck, as THR first reported back in July 2017. (Affleck and Warner Bros. denied the recasting at the time because the actor, who had played the role in Batman v Superman and Justice League, was to have headlined his own stand-alone movie that was sidelined when the studio began rethinking its superhero strategy.)

Reeves is said to have considered Pattinson, 33, early on in the process, says one source, even though no outreach was made. Reeves didn’t even know if the actor wanted the part. Since Pattinson shot to fame as a heartthrob vampire in the Twilight films, he has built a solid résumé in smaller, well-reviewed independent films like Good Time and Maps to the Stars. He has assiduously avoided big studio franchise films.

But that fact actually made him more attractive to Reeves and the executive team at Warner Bros. Specifically, Pattinson has not yet appeared in a Marvel Studios movie, and name-brand actors not working for the DC Comics rival are becoming few and far between. While there are no contract provisions prohibiting Marvel actors from appearing in DC/Warner Bros. movies and vice versa, execs believe that cross-pollination dilutes both brands and can cause confusion for audiences, especially from a marketing point of view.
Click HERE to keep reading on THR!

NEW ROLE: Robert Pattinson Has Joined The Cast Of Christopher Nolan's New Movie

NEW ROLE: Robert Pattinson Has Joined The Cast Of Christopher Nolan's New Movie

Collider exclusively reported that Rob has joined the cast of Christopher Nolan's new (as yet unnamed) blockbuster.
Read More below......

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From Collider
The pieces of Christopher Nolan‘s next cinematic puzzle are starting to fall into place, as Robert Pattinson is poised to star opposite John David Washington in the next film from the director of Inception, Collider has exclusively learned.

With plot details being kept under wraps, little is known about the actual film, though Variety described it as “a massive, innovative action blockbuster” that will once again be shown in IMAX — no surprise given Nolan’s preference for the large-screen format. Nolan will produce alongside his wife and longtime collaborator, Emma Thomas, and Warner Bros. will release the movie on July 17, 2020, with production expected to start this summer.

My understanding is that Pattinson and Washington (BlacKkKlansman) will play the two leads, and there will also be an age-appropriate female lead, as well as an older male co-star. I don’t know if there’s a love triangle in play here, or whether Pattinson and Washington will be friends or enemies, so just like all of you, I can’t wait to find out what Nolan’s next movie is actually about. There’s speculation that the film could be a sequel of sorts to Inception, and while I don’t expect that to be the case — outside of his Batman trilogy, Nolan has eschewed franchise fare, including sequels — I suppose anything is possible. You never know with Nolan, who’s coming off of 2017’s Dunkirk, which brought him his first Oscar nomination as a director and grossed $526 million worldwide, so the world (and Hollywood especially) is his oyster.

From Variety
Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson are on board to co-star with John David Washington in Christopher Nolan’s next movie, Variety has learned.

Nolan recently finished the script for the currently untitled film and Warner Bros. quickly dated it for July 17, 2020 — a slot the studio often reserves for the director, most recently with “Dunkirk.” Not only was that film a success at the box office, bringing in $526 million worldwide, but it also earned Nolan an Oscar nomination for director, his first in the category.

The project has become one of the more highly coveted ones in Hollywood, even though most of the industry has been kept in the dark about everything from casting to plot details. One insider described the pic as a massive action blockbuster, which will again be shown in Imax.

Robert Pattinson talks to Indiewire about Claire Denis, his upcoming feminist western comedy, working with Mark Rylance and MORE!

Robert Pattinson talks to Indiewire about Claire Denis, his upcoming feminist western comedy, working with Mark Rylance and MORE!

Great interview with Rob about his career and the directors he chooses!

 photo 3_2.jpg

From Indiewire, "Robert Pattinson on Picking Under-the-Radar Directors and Why Claire Denis is the Most ‘Authentic Punk’ He’s Ever Met":

It’s not unusual for actors after they’ve become movie stars to use their clout to make their passion projects or work with directors they admire. What makes Robert Pattinson’s post-“Twilight” career choices so fascinating is he hasn’t reached for A-List directors, studio projects with an awards pedigree, or personal pet projects he’s determined to shepherd. Instead, he’s sought out celebrated directors whose work is slightly below-the-radar and outside the mainstream of American cinema.

“I really like the hunt,” said Pattinson in an interview with IndieWire when he was at the Savannah Film Festival receiving a Maverick Award. “I like finding directors who haven’t been fully realized by the wider world yet.”

In the case of the Josh and Benny Safdie, who directed Pattinson in “Good Time,” Pattinson saw an image from their previous film on IndieWire that caught his attention. “As soon as I saw the trailer for ‘Heaven Knows What,’ I knew what they were like,” said Pattinson. “I was actively looking for directors who just had a very wild, out-of-control feeling. I realize quite quickly the type of [directors] I want to work with.”

Pattinson said he puts a great deal of time into tracking smaller and international films—mainly by reading reviews coming out of festivals.

“It’s so difficult to keep up with everything that is coming out – half the movies I like aren’t even released in this country,” said Pattinson. “That’s the one good thing about being with a big agency [WME], you’re constantly asking them to somehow track down a streaming link. The annoying thing is a majority of films I end up watching on my phone.”

Pattinson said there is no “wish list” of directors, but he reaches out to the ones that interest him when he comes across their work. In the case of the Safdies, there wasn’t a natural role for Pattinson in their upcoming “Uncut Gems,” so the brothers wrote “Good Time” for the actor based on aspects of the actor’s personality that they saw while spending time with him in private, mainly characteristics that they hadn’t been seen from him in public or on the big screen.

“I definitely have a kind of mania sometimes, that not a lot of people see,” said Pattinson. “It happens when I get inspired by something that I think that [the Safdies] wanted to use as part of the character. That’s why I wanted to work with them as well. I’d done a lot of movies where they’re quite reactive parts and mainly quite still. There was a comfort there for me and I really wanted to break out of that pattern.”

In the case of “Lost City of Z,” Pattinson said he had been desperate to work with director James Gray – inspired by the filmmaker’s early collaborations with Joaquin Phoenix (“The Yards,” “We Own the Night,” “Two Lovers”) – on a number of different projects. After seven years of possible collaborations, he was willing to do any role Gray had for him. In the case of “Lost City of Z,” it meant shooting in 100-degree jungle heat in a quiet, supporting role in which Pattinson disappears behind a beard and into the story’s backdrop as the film progresses. That idea of hiding or escaping into an unrecognizable role, as he did more prominentaly in “Good Time,” appeals to Pattinson above all else.

“I don’t like bombastic performances,” he said, then laughed. “I just sort of like convincing people that I’m not what people thought I was initially…It’s psychologically healthy for me as well. Otherwise, if I’m too trapped in myself, then I get really depressed.”


NEW PIC: Robert Pattinson lunching with French director, Maïwenn, in Paris (June 3)

NEW PIC: Robert Pattinson lunching with French director, Maïwenn, in Paris (June 3)

Look at him! WERK! The man knows how to get what he wants and I love getting a glimpse at his hustle.

Click HERE for more info on Maïwenn. Her films Pardonnez-moi, Polisse and Mon Roi have been recognized with nominations at the Cannes Film Festival and César Awards.

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Source | Thanks Flavia!

New roles for Robert Pattinson as he continues to work with his favourite directors

The Cannes press conference for Good Time gave us news of exciting new roles for Robert Pattinson (click here to listen again).  Rob continues to seek out his favourite directors to work with.  Not only do we have an update on when High Life is expected to film but news of three more upcoming projects!  Click on the directors names to learn more about their previous films.

Claire Denis

Rob will play the lead role in the Science Fiction drama 'High Life' directed by Claire Denis.   Claire Denis was in Cannes and supported Rob by walking the red carpet for Good Life.  She gave a quick interview sharing that Rob's character will be "the hero, a very tender paternalistic film".  The film is planned to start shooting in Autumn. 

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Johanna Hogg

We learned that Rob will play the lead role in an upcoming British production 'The Souvenir' that will be directed by Johanna Hogg.   The movie is part of a pair of films with Rob playing the lead in one of the films in the role of an actor.  (See our previous post for more details here)

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David Michod

Rob announced that the press conference he would be re-teaming with David Michod.  Rob fans got to know David from The Rover and it's so exciting that they will be working together again. 

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Antonio Campos

There's not much known about this new role for Rob but check the link above for Antonio's upcoming projects.

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Ciro Guerra

Rob's project with Ciro is even more a mystery.  Even Rob himself seemed unsure that he should have announced it.

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The future looks bright for Rob and for us!!

VIDEOS: Robert Pattinson talks in Cannes about Good Time and his character + upcoming directors, botox, & his glorious toilet

VIDEOS: Robert Pattinson talks in Cannes about Good Time and his character + upcoming directors, botox, & his glorious toilet

Ahhhhhhhh it's so great to hear from Rob and his interview style. There are always gems in them ;)

I like that Rob lets the interviewer get in one last question. It's the type of question I love too :))

We'll post the full video as soon as we have it but you'll love this clip:

1st vid: Source

Josh Safdie and Claire Denis share gracious words and funny stories about Robert Pattinson with Les Cahiers du Cinéma (France)

Josh Safdie and Claire Denis share gracious words and funny stories about Robert Pattinson with Les Cahiers du Cinéma (France) 

image hostPAW snatched up a copy of Les Cahiers du Cinéma and posted two great interviews that mentioned Rob. First up is from the upcoming Good Time directors, Josh and Benny Safdie. Josh is speaking in this excerpt and has one of those great Rob tidbits to share (are you googling the toilets?) and then of course has nothing but awesomeness to share about Rob's work ethic.

The second interview is from Claire Denis regarding High Life, one of Rob's films in pre-production. She too has kind words to share but also notes something Josh mentioned - Rob is a go-getter. We pretty much know this already from Rob's admission but I love reading it from these directors he admires. Especially Denis. She doesn't realize he's had her name on his lips for yeeeears. That's one of Rob's bucket list directors and I think it's inspiring he was unwavering in what he desired professionally.

The Safdie Brothers talk about Rob and Good Time (excerpt):
 image host image host image host
LCDC: We are one month away from the festival: is the film complete? 
Josh: Almost: Oneohtrix Point Never made the music, and for the end they wanted a song en interaction with the film. We asked Iggy Pop, and he sings an incredible song in the style of Johnny Cash. Do you know how I learned we were in competition? Six months ago I was in Los Angeles at Robert Pattinson's house. He has Japanese toilet that blows hot air. I had never experienced such a thing ... I loved it so much that Robert said to me: if we go in competition, I buy you the same. And we were invited out of competition. Six hours before the press conference, we had a meeting to find out if we were really out of competition, because at the same time we were invited to La Quinzaine, and Rob was trying to contact me over and over again, but i was at this meeting, and suddenly he sent me a text message with a photo of the toilet! Thierry Frémaux had just announced him we were in competition. I was extremely surprised! It was extraordinary. 
LCDC: This is the first time you work with a star. 
Josh: Pattinson is English, and the actors around him come from the world of the film. He spent five months working on his character. He doesn't have the experience of this life. I wrote him a biography from the day he was born to the first minutes of the film. We wanted to shoot into the streets, but wherever we went, people wanted to take a picture of him. We developed the appearance of his character so that nobody recognizes him. But he is so professional! He is never complaining. It's him who contacted us. He had seen a picture of Mad Love in New York on the Internet, he asked to see the movie, he saw it, and told us: whatever you want me to do, I will do it.
Click HERE to visit PAW and read the entire translation!

Claire Denis talks Rob and getting High Life going:
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LCDC: What about your science fiction project? 
Claire Denis: It's a SF project, but in my own way, very software (laughs)! (...) I'm strarting the preparation in a few weeks. It's an English-language movie that will be filmed in Germany. (...) It takes place in the space, not on Earth. This is a project I have had in my mind for the last fifteen years. At the time I thought of Vincent Gallo to play the leading role but the producers are often afraid of him. One day Robert Pattinson contacted the person who was doing the English casting. I was intrigued but I tought he was too young. Every time I went to London to meet some actors, he was there. His desire to work with me has never faltered. And now he is a little less young and it's perfect. 
LCDC: He is one of those actors whose we can feel the intelligence when they play. 
Claire Denis: Yes, absolutely. He has a lot of humor too. I tought it was so strange that this young man wanted so much to work with me when he could do whatever he wanted. I was almost embarrassed. But his unwavering envy and our mutual recognition have done their work.
Source: Les Cahiers du Cinéma | Translation and images via: PAW - Good Time; PAW - High Life

Movie updates for Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is continuing his flirtation with French Film Directors.  There were two updates this week with new movie news for Rob and both are with French filmmakers.   Add this to his role in the upcoming Claire Denis led High Life filming next year and we see a French connection!

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From The Playlist
"You may not know the name Houda Benyamina, but you’re probably going to hear much more about her. The filmmaker made waves with her feature debut “Divines,” which won the Camera d’Or at Cannes, and was snapped up by none other than Netflix. The movie is now streaming on the service, and Hollywood has taken note, with the director landing an American agent, and it has allowed her to meet with some name brand actors about her next movie.

According to Les InRocks, James Franco and Robert Pattinson are among the actors that Benyamina has discussed her next project with. The untitled film is apparently a love story and costume drama set against the backdrop of war, but there’s no further details at the moment. It all seems pretty early on, and casting still down the line, but it speaks to the heat Benyamina has generated that she’s nabbing this kind of attention from Hollywood types."

An update on Idol's Eye

Oliver Assayas was in Argentina to attend the Festival of Mar Del Plata and was interviewed by La Nacion (The Nation).
"about to realize a long – delayed and costly project as Idol’s Eye (the story of a petty thief who steals a sapphire belonging to the Mafia boss of Chicago), which will feature Robert Pattinson, Rachel Weisz and Sylvester Stallone (replaces last time Robert De Niro).
It is assumed that the film will be next March, the actors are confirmed, but it was an enormous debt of that frustrated filming for which was all ready, so the budget went to the clouds, because more than I think the $ 25 million. In addition, because that cost and that mishap, we cannot film in Canada, so we must find new locations. I will only do it if, as it seems now, it will have basically French control. It no longer interests me to work in the current conditions of Hollywood with producer despots and delirious. The only good thing of this experience is to be able to shoot Stallone, Pattinson or Weisz. The best of Hollywood, no doubt, are its actors."
          (Thanks Flavia for the tip)

NEW CLIP: Anton Corbijn Talks Robert Pattinson's Portrayal and Life Film

NEW CLIP: Anton Corbijn Talks Robert Pattinson's Portrayal and Life Film


MOVIE NEWS: Another directors award for 'Childhood of a Leader' with Robert Pattinson

Another directors award for 'Childhood of a Leader' with Robert Pattinson from the Lisbon Film Festival.

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"Brady Corbet receives the “TAP Revelation Award” as Best Director for The Childhood of a Leader The TAP Revelation Award distinguishes the film, director or actor that the official selection jury considers to have stood out as a revelation. This year, the jury has given the TAP Revelation Award to a director, Brady Corbet, for his film Childhood of a Leader. This film, which premiered at the LEFFEST, is a terrifying fable about the rise of fascism in the 20th Century.

The cast includes Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin and Liam Cunningham. Brady Corbet, best known for his work as an actor (Thirteen, Mysterious Skin, Thunderbirds, Funny Games), directed his first feature with Childhood of a Leader. Corbet and his film have already won the Best Debut Film and Best Director awards at the 72nd Venice Film festival."
Great to see another award for Brady Corbet and Childhood of a Leader.  Venice and Lisbon Film Festivals both recognising this debut film with awards.  Also nice to see Rob's choice of directors getting so much attention!


VIDEO: Olivier Assayas talks about Idol's Eye and Robert Pattinson being cast

VIDEO: Olivier Assayas talks about Idol's Eye and Robert Pattinson being cast

Olivier Assayas was talking to Allociné in Cannes and mentioned Idol's Eye and Rob!
At :55 and the translation is below.

Translation by Pattinson Art Work:
Olivier Assayas: My next film, I will shoot it in the fall, in Chicago, it's a genre film, this is a story of Mafia and burglars, it takes place in the late 70s and there is an international casting.
Allociné: And there's Robert Pattinson, it's sure?
Olivier Assayas: Yes yes yes
Allociné: And it has to do with Kristen Stewart or is it coincidence?
Olivier Assayas: Oh no it is blind chance, it is blind chance.
Source: Allociné
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