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Robert Pattinson's 'High Life' Releases In Austria & Germany On 30th May

Robert Pattinson's 'High Life' Releases In Austria & Germany On 30th May

Lucky people living in Austria and Germany will be able to catch Robert Pattinson in 'High Life' in quite a few cinemas from May 30th thanks to distributors Polyfilm (Austria) & Pandora Films (Germany)

Check out the Austrian & German cinemas that will be screening it AFTER THE CUT

NEW PIC: Robert Pattinson having dinner with a very lucky trio in Germany (Oct. 25)

NEW PIC: Robert Pattinson having dinner with a very lucky trio in Germany (Oct. 25)

 photo Rob.jpg

Rob is still in Cologne filming High Life and these lucky folks got a cute pic with our favorite cap-loving actor.


Robert Pattinson Strikes A Pose In A NEW Fan Pic In Cologne

Robert Pattinson Strikes A Pose In A NEW Fan Pic In Cologne

A post shared by Selma (@il_cancello) on

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 photo 21569018_127887144520978_8092839470912503808_n.jpg

Thanks Flavia

NEW FAN PIC: Lucky Ladies Snap A Gorgeous Pic With Robert Pattinson In Germany

NEW FAN PIC: Lucky Ladies Snap A Gorgeous Pic With Robert Pattinson In Germany

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 photo 21373474_115680539116508_6813043605884633088_n.jpg

Thanks Nancy

NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson, Claire Denis & Mia Goth In Germany For 'High Life'

NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson, Claire Denis & Mia Goth In Germany For 'High Life'

We already saw some pics from yesterday of Rob & Mia in Germany preoaring for High Life filming. Now here are those pics in HQ along with some new ones. And we also get a peek at Claire Denis in these as well.

 photo 1.jpg  photo 2.jpg

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HQ's Thanks to Posh
Thanks Flavia for the heads up!

NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson & Co-Star Mia Goth In Cologne For 'High LIfe' Shooting (22nd August)

NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson & Co-Star Mia Goth In Cologne For 'High LIfe' Shooting (22nd August)

 photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-02.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-10.jpg

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 photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-10.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-06.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-05.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-01.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-02.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-03.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hangs-out-with-co-star-mia-goth-in-germany-09.jpg

From Just Jared:

The 31-year-old actor and the 23-year-old actress were spotted sight-seeing on Tuesday (August 22) in Cologne, Germany.

Nearly two years after the project was announced, Rob and Mia are finally getting to work on their upcoming movie High Life. The film is “about a group of criminals who accept a mission in space to become the subjects of a human reproduction experiment. They find themselves in the most unimaginable situation after a storm of cosmic rays hit the ship,” according to Deadline.

Thanks Flavia!

PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks Dennis Stock, Dealing With Photographers & More To Salzburger Nachrichten

PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks Dennis Stock, Dealing With Photographers & More To Salzburger Nachrichten

Another print interview with Rob from the interviews done in Berlin.
Very similar to other interviews we've seen recently but also a little bit different.

 photo What was the question SEXY.gif

Translation (thanks to @inthejungle)
SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN: "Everybody has a James Dean phase."

Do you see parallels between your life and James Dean's life?
A little, but funnily enough I wasn't really interested in James Dean's life, maybe because I experienced something similar.I didn't find my own life very interesting.I was more interested in Dennis Stock from the beginning.

Dennis Stock sacrifices the relationship with his family for his career. Do you know that feeling?
Not really. I don't believe Dennis truly sacrificed something, he told himself he did. He never thought about his son only when he used him as an excuse. That's what drew me to the role: here is a person that doesn't love his kid and waits for his life to make sense, but that never happens. He is a tragic figure. In later interviews you can tell he didn't learn a thing. At 80 he still complained about only being famous for the James Dean pictures although those were the ones he made money with.I really don't want to badmouth him, but I met his son Rodney and he says he was a bad father, but what can you do when you don't love your child? Everybody hates you for it, but you still have to live your life.

Is James Dean important to you as a role model?
I think every young actor has a James Dean phase.If you think about it: his movies were made in 1955 and 1956 and he still has such a huge influence. His gestures are a bit over the top, because he was just starting out. There isn't one bad picture of him and not just because he had such a good face, but because he had this intuition about how his face was seen by the camera.

How do you deal with being the object of photographers?
It's difficult. When the first Twilight movie came out I wanted to be seen a certain way. I thought I could control which pictures would be put out there. But that was impossible and I got scared of that loss of control. At the beginning of my career I had some friendships with journalists, we went out together, but I can'tdo something like that anymore. Now everyone tries to get an exclusive detail out of me and the worse the detail, the better.

Your life resembled a soap opera in the past few years. How did you feel about the reports on your life?
I never talked about my private life, but that didn't make a difference and people just made up stuff.I made the decision not getting my picture taken because I thought without new pictures people couldn't write stories, but they just used old pictures. It's gotten better now, I decided not to hide anymore and wear a hat and a scarf. It just drives you crazy.

So the worst is the paparazzi then?
Not only them. I used to get scared when people stared at me. It makes you feel like you are being judged, but I learned one thing: never Google yourself. That can become an obsession. Just imagine there are people talking about you in the next room, of course you are going to listen to it! It's worse on the internet and especially when you live a lonely hotel existence like actors do, you end up sitting in front of the computer to remind yourself who you are.

How do you manage not to loose your mind being alone in a hotel room?
Who says that that didn't happen already?

Original Source
via In the Footsteps Of Robert Pattinson

INTERVIEW: Die Presse Interview Robert Pattinson (Translated)

 INTERVIEW: Die Presse Interview Robert Pattinson

The new interviews just keep coming. Check out this one from Die Presse

 photo NEW Fan Pics Robert Pattinson Berlin Life press conference 35.jpg

Translation (Thanks to @Inthejungle83)

DIE PRESSE: "I'm not wearing a mask anymore."

Picture of life: In Anton Corbijn's beautiful drama LIFE, Robert Pattinson plays Dennis Stock, the photographer who shot the iconic picture of James Dean on Times Square.

Boy band, TV star of movie vampire, becoming famous as a teenage sex symbol can be a blessing or a curse for a young artist, but there is almost no other way to gain market values this quickly in show business. On the other hand getting rid of the reputation as a teen heartthrob is something many failed spectacularly. Contract to those who failed, Robert Pattinson seems to have been able to move past his history as a pale Twilight vampire in several ambitious movies he showed true acting talent, like in LIFE the fascinating story about the creation of one of the most famous pictures of the 20th century directed by the Dutch photographer, Anton Corbijn.

Are you a James Dean fan?
I was never really interested in him as a person, but as an actor he was huge. He was fearless in his acting and his movements were like ballet. What fascinated me, especially now where I looked at so many pictures of him, is that there is no bad picture of him. But that is not because he looked great, he played with the camera and he did that in a time where one wasn't photographed everywhere.

What about you? Do you like playing with the camera? 
I'm definitely not a natural talent like James Dean (laughs), but I'm getting there. I wasn't able to control it. When the first Twilight movie came out I thought I had some kind of control about the pictures of me that were out there and you could see my panic over loosing that control.

Did you ever have a relationship with a photographer as James Dean had with Dennis Stock? 
Not with photographers, but with journalists. When Twilight came out, there were a couple I got along with great. I remember when the first feature about me came out in a big British magazine, it was cool how that came about. The journalist and me went to a bar and got drunk (laughs) I can't do something like that anymore.

Is that something that annoys you? That you can't just simply go to a bar and see what happens? 
It's slowly getting possible again. When something is as massively hyped as Twilight people don't care for individual nuances or details anymore. Everything you say creates huge reactions, but it has really calmed down a lot.

Do you wear a disguise when you go out? 
No. A few weeks ago I decided I won't need to cover my face with a scarf unless it's cold. So I stopped with that and survived.

Sometimes your life seems like a soap opera. Do you also see it like that yourself? 
Yes, of course. I was always adamant that I won't talk about my private life, but that didn't make any difference (laughs). People would always make stuff up. I became a part of a story that was told by someone else and I could do anything about it.

Dennis Stock sacrificed a lot for his career. Do you sacrifice as well? 
Not really. I don't believe that Dennis sacrificed anything. He just told himself he did. In the end it's just about him and his fear of failing as an artist and so he looks for people he can blame for his failures. He doesn't think about his little son at all, only when he sees him as a burden. He is only focused on himself and waits for things to change and suddenly make sense, but that doesn't happen. He really is a tragic figure. If you look at recent interviews of him, you can see he didn't learn anything. At 80 he still complains of only being known for the James Dean pictures, but they are the only job he ever made money with.
Original Source
via In the Footsteps of Robert Pattinson

Audio & Translation: Robert Pattinson Talks Selfie Faces & More To Deutschlandfunk

Audio & Translation: Robert Pattinson Talks Selfie Faces & More To Deutschlandfunk

Deutschlandfunk interviewed Robert Pattinson & you can listen the audio HERE. They've dubbed over it ;( but you can hear Rob ever now and then. The translation of it is below, thanks to Nicole.

 photo sexy smile 2.gif


Q: Is there also a photo of you which you would call “your Time Square photo?”
Rob: It is weird, because I have so many pictures taken, at premieres and stuff. There are singular photos which people want to have signed, and those are always the same. I can’t understand it, because it’s not my taste. I think, why this picture? I don’t know if there is THE ONE picture… I think I’m the wrong person to judge… And the James Dean picture was like a campaign, the pictures were staged in a certain way. They tried to show the lost soul–should he go back to the family farm or not? They wanted to show the inner conflict of the young farm boy and artist. Pictures of me are like covering every base possible… it’s like he’s a fourteen year old (laughs) or something… it’s kind of diluted a bit.

Q: Isn’t it annoying to be photographed all the time? 
Rob: I’m a lot more comfortable now than before. I don’t really know why. I guess when people have seen you a million times in a certain pose then they look through you. Either you stand there like a Madam Tussaud figure or you look just frightened, all the time. I try to avoid taking photos now.

Q: But sure now you know how to look to get a good photo? 
Rob: When I was younger I suddenly caught myself posing. Then I told myself to stop, it’s embarrassing.

Q: What did you know about James Dean? 
Rob: Like pretty much any actor goes through a period, I was a bit obsessed with him, when I was 16 or 17. Everyone in this age studies his body language, and then in a casting they all do James Dean, that is quite embarrassing. I didn’t read his biography or anything, but I watched a lot of his stuff.

Q: But then Anton Corbijn didn’t ask you to play JD, but Dane deHaan. Were you disappointed then? 
Rob: I mean, he is a very interesting person, it’s an interesting part, but Dennis stuck out to me anyway. The way the James Dean role was written he is very self confident. He knows that he will break through. But I never was one who thinks success is inevitable. When there are problems, I immediately think: ‘you won’t make it.’ Dennis Stock was full of fear, I can relate to that much more than a kind of free-spirited artist.

Q: We don’t know as much about Stock as we know about JD. We see Dennis Stock in a very unsatisfied situation, also in private life. What was the point you wanted to show? 
Rob: He is a quite negative character. He is an asshole. that’s what I loved about it. This is deceptive. Many people who want to be an artist are afraid, and fear holds them back from becoming the artist they want to be. And then they blame their wife and kid, and the city, because they are afraid they aren’t as good an artist as they think. That was Dennis’ personality, and I can relate to this. And then there is James Dean, and Dennis is so jealous. He’s living the life the way he wants to live it and he is fulfilling his potential as an artist. Dennis is like: ‘I don’t understand.’

Q: How do you cope with pressure and expectations for yourself? 
Rob: I go back and forth. People always say: ‘don’t listen to anyone.’ But obviously you have to listen to people. It’s a difficult balance. On the one hand, you are supposed to entertain people, and on the other hand, it can hurt you so much when the audience doesn’t like you. At the same time, you can’t do anything interesting without the fear. It’s a difficult balance.

One day you say, fuck it. The next: please love me! And without this pressure it would be boring. I don’t have a solution. Every time I take a new job I go crazy, everything in me breaks down, I get depressed and think I’m the worst actor ever. My dad says then, ‘I like you this way, it means you will be doing a good job’. But I can’t find the idea romantic that you have to pay with pain. I don’t understand it, it’s so weird. Because once you are working it’s fine, it’s fun. But the weeks before are awful.

Q: Maybe you don’t see it in your hotel room, but the fans are standing early in the morning at the red carpet to see you in the evening. I see similarities to James Dean, the hype, the screaming since Twilight- can you compare it? 
Rob: I see a difference. Twilight was one of the first movies where the distribution company saw the potential of the internet fanbase. They let them create the hype.

With James Dean it was that people wanted him to be their leader. That is the difference. In Twilight, the audience wanted to find themselves. Fans felt like a part of it. The James Dean fame - and that’s why the pressure was so much higher for him - people were looking at him for answers: ‘Where are you taking us, tell us how to live!’ Well, no one has asked me how to live at all!

Q: When did you realize what had happened to you? Twilight was just a movie but has caused such a hysteria…. 
Rob: I feel I was in sort of shock for four years. In the last two years I started to realize things slowed down a little bit. And I understood who I am and what I want. When I had signed for the Twilight sequels I knew it would take ten years until the next chapter of my life could start. And it feels exactly like that. It’s seven years now, things calmed down. I can go to the supermarket now. It’s amazing, the glorious experiences like going to McDonalds! (laughing)

Q: Maybe one day you’ll go to the supermarket and no one recognize you. Would you miss it? 
Rob: No. I never really found that much… I mean, it’s nice when people come to premieres, and if suddenly no one came, I’d wonder. I like my job and want people to see the movies. but the hysteria doesn’t fulfill me, on the contrary, it makes me nervous, I don’t need it. The only scary thing is when you get to a point where people still recognize you, but they just don’t care. (laughs) That’s the worst.

Q: Do you photograph yourself? I don’t mean selfies, I mean real photos. 
Rob: I don’t have a selfie face. There are some people who can take selfies, and they look really good, and then there are people with asymmetric faces, and depending on the side the picture is taken, they look like an idiot. That’s what I have. If not for this, maybe I’d be on Instagram and Twitter and stuff with my photos all the time. But because I don’t have a selfie face, it’s just, it’s not – I can’t be a part of it. (laughs)

We HAVE to disagree about the selfie face ;)

 photo SethHQ.jpg

NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Fame, Growing Up With 2 Older Sisters & Having Kids To Gala (Germany)

NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Fame, Growing Up With 2 Older Sisters & Having Kids To Gala (Germany)

Germany seems to be getting the bulk of new Rob interviews lately. This one with Gala is cute. Check out the translation under the scans.

image host

image host

Translation (Thanks to @InTheJungle83)
Interview without a hangover. Robert Pattinson used to suffer from hangovers during former press days, today he tells us how he grew up.
Robert Pattinson became world famous playing the vampire in the Twilight Saga. The 29 year old British actor has long grew out of the role that made him famous and has become a convincing talented character actor like in his new movie LIFE by Anton Corbijn. In this biopic Pattinson plays a photographer who meets James Dean in 1955 and documents his life until his tragic death. That the once talkative Patinson is out of the woods, is really showing during the interview. His fiance FKA Twigs he routinely leaves unmentioned and today he has sort of an apology for his former flippant use of alcohol... 
When I interviewed you for the first time Twilight wasn't even in the cinemas....
It was a crazy time. I was so inexperienced and not the least bit jaded. I remember that first day of interviews and how much fun it was for me because I hadn't done something like that before and I just spoke without notes...
Did fame change you?
I am trying to protect myself more, but I also got used to my situation. I used to be much more nervous in public and I would have never done things that I do now.
For example?
I went to the Venice Beach boardwalk for a walk. I haven't done something like that in years. And you know what? It was totally okay, only one person recognized me.
You seem much more relaxed.
Maybe it's because I'm getting older and it's much easier for me to give interviews, because I'm not hungover. It took me ten years to understand that. This might be the first interview I'm not hungover for.
You grew up with two older sisters. How did that influence you?
As a younger brother I was always excluded from my sisters worlds, but my mother is a very strong woman. Growing up with self-conscious women certainly influenced me. If I had grown up with brothers, I would have had more interest in team sports.
Not a football fan then?
It annoys me sometimes how uninterested I am in team sports. I would love to be able to play football. One time I walked by a football field and someone shot the ball over the fence. The ball was rolling towards me and I was thinking: "Please, don't ask me to shoot the ball back." It was a nightmare. It reminded me of school when I tried to kick the ball and missed it. I deliberately walked slower to get away from that embarrassment. I even thought about changing directions.
This sounds like you are very shy.
It started when I was ten. I was always last when teams were picked then I thought: "I'll go and play with the girls instead." (laughs) I never enjoyed being part of a team.
You live between LA and London. Where do you feel at home?
I have been living out of a suitcase for so long, but I learned that it takes some effort to have a home. It sounds so simple, but having some furniture in the apartment makes me feel pretty good between my own four walls.
In your new role you are playing a father. Do you want to have a family and kids?
In the movie my character is a really bad father and not really a role model, but I definitely want to have kids. I thought about getting a dog first, although I think it's easier having a kid.
I can take a baby with me everywhere I go and people accept it. It's not possible with a dog.
One day a child may find you embarrassing...
Yes, kids will learn to talk sometime, a dog can't (laughs) although having a dog is a good way to learn responsibility. I think I would prefer having a baby over having a dog. I often have the vision of my kid being amazing in all the things I can't do.
You have to specify that.
For example my son being an amazing dancer.
Are you really that bad of a dancer?
Not when I'm dancing by myself. I feel great then. It's like when you sing under the shower.
Original Interview Source Gala
Scans Source
via PAW

NEW Interview: Robert Pattinson's Advice To Young Actors Starting Out ~ " Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health"

NEW Interview: Robert Pattinson's Advice To Young Actors Starting Out ~ "Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health"

Another new interview with Rob. This time it's from Teleschau (Germany). It's similar to what we've heard before but some new parts as well. Enjoy!

 photo RobertPattinson.MovieStills.Life 3.jpg

Translation (Thanks to @Inthejungle83 )
Although the Twilight movies, that made him into a superstar, ended a while ago, the Londoner, Robert Pattinson is still one of the hottest British exports in Hollywood. In a smart move he, who played the vampire Edward, also did more sophisticated movies like Remember Me & Water For Elephants. Now in Anton Corbijn's LIFE he plays one of the lead roles. The movie tells the story of the relationship between James Dean and Dennis Stock. At the end of those intense days were the legendary LIFE pictures that contributed to James Dean's status of an icon. In the interview Robert Pattinson reflects on photographers and how he deals with the hype around him, with a strong cup of coffee filled with huge amounts of honey...

A strange mix you are drinking there....
I really like it! The spoon has to stand upright in the cup, then it's just right. Until earlier I thought drinking coffee with honey is healthier and then someone told me that honey is as harmful as white sugar and you also kill bees with it. Now I have a guilty conscience. Cheers!

You are often photographed by other people in your private life. Did you switch sides for your role in LIFE?

Dennis Stock hated being called a paparazzi. For him what he did was art and he worked very hard for it to be seen as art. For me he was a man that wanted to break through with his art and that art was photography. It was only during the shoot that I realized this was a movie about a photographer for Anton Corbijn, because he is a photographer himself.

Today it would be impossible to just walk up to a movie star like Stock did and ask him if he wants to be photographed...
Nobody asks you anymore, people just pull out their phones. In all seriousness though: back then you had to be a total pro in order to get good pictures and then you had to work to get them printed and distributed. The general atmosphere was very different back then: the people worshiped film stars and wanted to celebrate them. They loved looking at nice pictures in magazines. Today there is such an over-saturation of pictures and because of that the pictures have to become more and more extreme in order for people to look at them. A beautiful picture of a celebrity doesn't do it anymore, one has at least look drunk in it.

How do you deal with that?
It's still stressful for me, but it also depends on the overall mood. If you are in a good mood you don't really mind, but if you are in a bad mood it affects you more than it should. You run the risk of circling around yourself. You start to think, "How will I look in the next picture?", even when no one is taking a picture. It drives you crazy sometimes. Fortunately it has gotten a lot calmer for me.

That might be because of your beard...
Definitely (laughs) as a disguise it works well. I sat next to a hockey team on a flight, the beard didn't work so well then...

In the movie the Warner Studios try to create a certain image for James Dean. How about you?
It's still like that with the big movies.That's why I'm doing smaller productions, because it's a lot less pressure on the director and everyone who works on the movie. Everybody can be themselves and don't have to change. The hierarchy is rather straight and you can be sure that the final movie is the exact vision of the director.

Do you need to work or do you have enough money to retire?
Definitely not enough. But you don't become an actor to get rich.

Why else?
Hmmm I'm not so sure about that myself (laughs). During the Twilight movies I was doing other movies in between, because every time a new Twilight movie came out, it was like someone pushed the reset button. If you get famous as quickly as I did, your personal growth stops suddenly.I stopped growing at 22 back then and I was in shock for four years. It's different now. My personal and professional development path is slowly emerging. That makes me happy.

Would you wish your career start on younger colleagues?
Yes of course, it was amazing, but a little demanding psychologically. It only becomes clear much later though.My advice would probably be: take good care of your mental health.

Original Source

via Source

NEW Clips From 'Life' With Robert Pattinson & Dane DeHaan (Dubbed)

NEW Clips From 'Life' With Robert Pattinson & Dane DeHaan (Dubbed)

A few new clips from Life with Rob & Dane. Unfortunately dubbed in German but still nice to look at.


PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks To Morgenpost (Germany) + Full Translation

Another new Rob interview this time with the German Morgenpost. We're being spoiled with all the new interview. Keep 'em coming I say.

 photo Ahha.gif

Translation (Thanks To InTheJungle83)
Original interview Source
image host image hostimage host

Thanks Nancy for the heads up.
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