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Exclusive Interview: Robert Pattinson
The mop-topped actor vamps on Little Ashes and New Moon
April 29, 2009

By: Scott HuverFandango Film Commentator

Robert Pattinson

“Surreal” is a word that perfectly suits Robert Pattinson’s life at the moment.
Not only is the up-and-comer adjusting to a new, hyper-famous life after Twilight’s rabid fan base sunk their teeth into his brooding portrayal of the undead romantic hero Edward Cullen (and became as addicted to the newly minted star as the saga’s vampire clan is to hemoglobin), he’s also playing the famed Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in his latest film. Little Ashes chronicles Dalí’s formative years at university, where he became embroiled in a complex, obsessive and sexually charged relationship with future poet Federico García Lorca.
Pattinson paints Fandango a portrait of how he climbed into Dalí’s surreality, bares a bit of fang on fame, stays in the shadows during frenzied fan encounters and even offers a nibble of New Moon scoop.

Fandango: There was the showy, intentionally bizarre public Dalí and then there is his art, which should be taken very seriously. Have you thought about that as it applies to your own work?

Pattinson: Yeah. He had a fanatical control over how he was perceived. But now it's really out of control – out of your control. Your public image just seems to be in the hands of faceless strangers. You see these stories come up all the time and you're like, “Jesus. How do you know…?”

Fandango: Is it harder playing a real person, as opposed to playing the fictional Edward Cullen who had his story laid out in black and white?

Pattinson: I think in a lot of ways it's kind of the same. You're still playing fiction even though you're playing a real character. It's the same kind of approximation of somebody. The only thing that you can take from the book is the general outline, the mood changes, the emotional changes and development. I'm not playing it exactly as it is in the book.

Fandango: Dalí was a famed surrealist and no doubt you’ve had your share of surreal experiences in the last few months – like fans screaming over cardboard cutouts of you at the video store.

Pattinson: I know! I was in a Blockbuster on the day it was being released. I had forgotten it was being released that day. There were two families who had come with eight- or nine-year old-daughters to get their DVD. They were standing in the line crying and I stood watching what all this commotion was about. They didn’t know I was there or anything. I was just thinking “Wow, you’re crying about a DVD.” It’s fascinating.

Fandango: And you never revealed yourself to them?

Pattinson: No way! [laughs]

Fandango: Do you and your castmates try to top each other with the wild post-fame encounters you’ve had?

Pattinson: In a lot of ways they are all quite similar. The funny thing is that I’m always going around trying to look as inconspicuous as possible I find that people are always really disappointed when they actually recognize me. They are like ‘”Oh! At first I thought you were a bum but then I realized who you were.”

Fandango: You’re just getting started shooting New Moon. How are things going?

Pattinson: The interesting thing about this one is that so much of my character is in Bella’s head. It’s based on a mixture of memories and nightmares. Bella thinks she is going mad. I get to do some really creepy stuff. In other words, Bella is really frightened of [her hallucinations]. It’s really, really different than Twilight. I think that a lot of people will be kind of scared by this one. I wanted to try and put that into Twilight but I couldn’t really find a way to make Edward scary.
Fandango: How is working with the new director, Chris Weitz?

Pattinson: He’s a great guy. He’s very, very talented, and articulate. I guess it must be kind of stressful for him to take this on. It’s got so much expectation. He just seems very calm about everything.

Fandango: What was it like attending the Academy Awards for the first time?

Pattinson: I got there and then I’m sitting in the second row. It was unbelievable. I keep thinking that something terrible is going to happen. “Death” is the only thing I’m thinking the whole time. I just used up all my luck so I’m probably going to die at 23 or something.

Fandango: Did you discover that any of the hugely famous stars that were there were actually fans of Twilight, or their kids love the movie?

Pattinson: Robin Wright Penn came up to me. I thought that was kind of amazing after her husband had just won Best Actor. That was very, very surreal.

Fandango: You contributed a couple of songs to the Twilight soundtrack. Are you still pursuing music, and will you be doing more for New Moon?

Pattinson: I’m in talks to do a soundtrack for another movie, composing. I cannot say what it is yet, but I really, really, really want to do. I don’t think I’m going to have anything on New Moon, but never say never.

Fandango: And next you might be doing Memoirs, which has been described as a story of two star-crossed lovers trying to overcome family tragedies.

Pattinson: That will hopefully happen. It’s not finalized yet. It’s a great script and it’s something different from anything I’ve done before. I was in New York working on rewrites the other day with Jenny [Lumet, screenwriter of Rachel Getting Married]. It seemed like its going to be really, really, really good.

Fandango: Finally, for many people, Dalí became known as the artist with the crazy mustache and today you're the actor with the wild hair. Did you recognize the parallel in the hirsute trademarks?

Pattinson: [laughs] I didn't think about that, but it's funny because people are still bringing up my hair, even though I cut it off to make it different. That is quite funny. God. I hope that I don't get known for that for the rest of my life.

Click here to read the exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson on Fandango.


Anonymous said...

YAY finally an interview by him, and not just made up rumor articles. I wonder which movie he's composing for. I thought maybe it could be "Remember me". But I laughed when he said he was thinking "Death" at the oscars lol. So that's what he was thinking sitting there looking all thoughtful. I guess his "death" look is actually deadly for us since we were all dazzled by it lol.

LorcaSong said...

Thank you, Dani. His comments are always priceless and often unexpected.

Marj said...

great interview,you mean he went to nyc and nobody knew!

Sara Tavares said...

now yellow press will start to speculate about robin wright and rob after her divorce ;)

Babs said...

it's always nice to read what he thinks and what's REALLY going on in his life, and to see that all the craziness around him hasn't driven him nuts. way to go rob!

Anna said...

Reading real Rob interviews is the best thing. Everytime it reminds me how funny and intelligent he is, and why I freakin LOVE him so much.

Unknown said...

Niceeeeeeeee interview.
Oscar was probably a little frightening to him. He, who only came into the scene suddenly got thrown in the midst of big & respected stars . . . what an honor for him. 2nd row!!! right behind Mickey Rourke! and near Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. WOW! Robert is BIG!

katykeene said...

"Jesus- How do you know?"

What!?Know What?! If he has read something about himself that is true what is it?
Gossip that is true. (Now there's a surprise.)
Bugger.. Now I will just have to go crazy trying to work out where the truth lies amongst all the rubbish written....Hmmm..Fat chance.

SummerGirl said...

Thanks for psoting, THAT is a great interview, and lovely to hear some new stuff.

He was in NY, eh?

kespax said...

Have you seen the interview with a question about why were you expelled from school?
"How do you even know that"

And being the gorgeous sweety he is, he doesn't realise people notice what he says and keep track of it all, all the time, he just doesn't think he's that important.

Memoirs is sounding good if he's being consulted on re-writes, and it's likely he gets veto on co-star.

anna F said...

Very interesting interview, he gives unexpected and Rob-like answers!

The twilight DVD release in the US seems to have been quite an event... It must be nice knowing people were so impatient but also a bit freaky.

The luck thing is funny and not funny at the same time... you never know if he's really serious. Hopefully he doesn't spend that much time thinking about his future death, it kind of spoils living.

I look forward to his projects outside twilight!!! I think he might need a break from the twilight related stuff, he's been involved in it for so long now.

riddleinside said...

Good interview. The more I read Rob's interviews, the more I feel that he really thinks he doesn't deserve all this attention. I mean, I understand how embarrassing and even irritating the "screamings" could be (and I think the screaming fans should think about it a little, cause obviousely he doesn't like it "that much" if at all) but still, he should be aware that people love him not only for his hair or his smile or his dazzling look!! If he had a six pack or a perfect athletic body and was stupid, arrogant and shallow, no one would ever care about him. Doesn't he get that???? *sigh* Rob, you can go and shave your head completely bald, we'll still be here!!!
p.s: I think Gozde should do something about it :) maybe a post explaining WHY we love Robert Pattinson.

Hannah said...

Thanks for posting :)
I have my fingers and toes crossed for 'Remember Me'. If it is a tragic love story, Id love to see him compose for it. Can you imagine the beautiful piano pieces he could do for that?!
That would be wow.

So funny how they made the comparisson between Dali's Tash and Rob's hair! LOL!

kespax said...

Oh Hannah brilliant idea, please, please, please, can he be a pianist in the new movie. Could watch him play all day & night, I sooooooooo want to see & hear more Rob piano.

Georgie said...

"I just used up all my luck so I’m probably going to die at 23 or something" aaaawwwww how sad that he thinks he doesn't deserve or warrant any of his success...I just want to squish him, not babyRob - grown-upRob!

Mochachino said...

"WHY we love Robert Pattinson"?

why do we love twilight so much?

loaded questions!

I can think of a million reasons but am still surprised at the extent I'm obsessing over them (former 'normal', productive, adult woman who didn't know what lmao reading ff at work, confusing non-robsessor friends with references to skittles and adorkalisms and posting with a picture of a blow-up knee avatar).

Georgie said...

OMG I'm ashamed to admit I've been sneaking the odd chapter of ff at work, not to mention this blog...but then stay back and work to make up for lost time. I'm nearly out of control such is my Robsession. We're taking our 19 y/o daughter to New Zealand for a short holiday and I printed out a couple of ff's to read while I'm away - don't know how I'm going to hide this from the family any more.

RPnKSaddict said...

Morning ladies, thanks for posting this Dani.This was a great way to start my day. I enjoyed the interview. He's just unbelievable. Love that he hid at Block Buster. It's 5:30 am and I'm trying not to wake up the DH.Gotta Go before I get caught. Have a great Rob day!

Mariya said...

Great interview!Finally something new. Love you Rob!

KK (she who maintains decorum) said...

Katykeene - When Rob said "How do you...?" I think he meant something like "How do you know this is happening?" If he is reading even a quarter of his gossip, it would leave him wondering how everyone "knows" where he is, who's in his bed, how he feels, EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY because people are acting like they know very intimate details of his life. That would be really unnerving, especially if these things weren't true (ex. Rob must be depressed in this pic) and you know it isn't true, but people everywhere are believing it like they know you.

Rob is hilarious...even more so when he isn't overtly trying to be. I don't think he can get his head around his fans and their genuine interest and concern for him and his career. He doesn't buy into his own hype. To do so would make him a total douchebag, and he seems too normal and unaffected for that. This guy is going to keep his feet on the ground and keep reachin' for the stars (thank you Casey Kasem - Does this totally date me?).

Latebloomer said...

Thanks for the interview! I too actually enjoy hearing/reading real comments from Rob instead of rehashed blips from old articles.

I only pray that he has quality management and advisors... and enough good sense of his own to really be smart about the projects he takes on from this point forward. He may be thinking to strike while the iron is hot... taking on parts in between TL shoots... but I say, when he's finally done with TL... go home and (count your money) and give yourself some much needed time off from under the spotlight!

Whatever he does... I hope he gets out of the Hollywood scene ASAP. It's not a health place "to be".

Tess said...

It's always fascinating hearing his take on the phenomenon of his fame.. He's still in awe of it all, and this is part of what makes him so appealing.

I'm crossing my fingers for hear more music from Rob.

meg said...

Don't worry about anything Rob darling, you won't be known for just your hair. Trust me and the rest of the girls on the site, your hair is NOT what we talk about in here................

tinababy1 said...

Well Meg, I don't know about that. There is the Happy Trail....

Good Morning ;)

Love to see a real interview instead of all the crap that gets printed about him

kchambers77 said...

great interview. and i respect him even more now. if i do see him on a street or in a bar i'll just let him be. he needs his privacy.

but if i'm drunk in a bar i don't know. i'll just yell "HEY ROB! I LIKED HOW TO BE WEEE YA'LL!" across the room and just leave it at that. i did to that to john goodman with the "STFU DONNIE!" and that was ok.

Anonymous said...

rob is always full of surprises during interviews. i just love his honesty and laid back ways. always a thrill to read his interviews !!

meg said...

True dat Tina!!!

Mornings to all.

tinababy1 said...

kchambers - too funny. Hope you meet him drunk. Think he would enjoy that.

Lynnes said...

erin~lmao. Funny, same thing happened to me. ;P

Anonymous said...

i love hearing from him.

...and this? The funny thing is that I’m always going around trying to look as inconspicuous as possible I find that people are always really disappointed when they actually recognize me. They are like ”Oh! At first I thought you were a bum but then I realized who you were.”

sorry rob, not likely that i'll ever mistake you for a bum...nor will i be disappointed to discover you're not. much love xoxo

Shani said...

This was a really good and funny interview. People recognizing him, but thought he was a bum is so sad and funny as hell. Really, it just kills me that he doesn't want to dress any better. This boy could have free designer cloths. I mean he doesn't have to dress to the nines all the time. But damn...dress like your somebody who is worth something. Have some style that's not so demeaning or embarrassing for you .

Then the comment about his luck running out and dieing at 23 is also funny, but he needs to stop joking about shit like that.Y'all know that saying about "you keep talking about something over and over again one day it will come true". It's like he's putting all this bad karma out there for himself with all the negative talk.

And it's "really,really,really" funny how he keeps saying this about how much he wants to do Memoirs aka Remember Me. I also hope he does get to do some music for NM and for that other movie as well.

Sophia Z.86 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sophia Z.86 said...

One more thing, Robin Wright Penn is so beautiful, she came to Rob to talk to him at the Oscars, and she is getting divorced again... hum... stay away, ok Robin?

Anonymous said...

shani: gotta respectfully disagree... robs lack of style is just another reason i find him so amazing. he is his own person... and clearly one that cares nothing for materialistic things. and who says he's embarrassed by the way he dresses?

sorry... i know we all have our own opinions, i just had to chime in on that one.

Gozde said...

I LOVE this interview :)) Thanks for posting Danilicious!

meg said...

30 - I'm with you, I wouldn't like Rob as much if he dressed better. It's one of his most attractive qualities about him. He just doesn't give a hoot about outward appearances, and that is VERY attractive to me.

Plus I fricken love the way he dresses. Yum!

K, I've been on here way to much, must return to reality. Bye for now.

Shani said...

Thiry- Yeah, but he could dress a little bit better though. I don't mean designer wear everyday. But the same shit over and over come on. Just a little something that's jazzy. That doesn't mean your materialistic...

We have seen him in VF which is a low key and a hot look. GQ with the white t-shirt and the black shirt with black jeans. He can do simple and add little pieces here and there. The are other celebs who are dressing like him, but they're not looking like bums.
Oh and from the way he said those people said "OH" it seemed like he might have felt a little embarrassed.

Shani said...

Thirty- Oh and chime in anytime. You know I love you.:)))))

katykeene said...

Hi KK well I think using Casey Kasam's sign off line in the context you used it is very apropos for Rob. It is a great line.
Wish I could say I was using my subtle intellect but I was just trying for irony in my comments. LOL
The boy is really like a "breath of fresh air" isn't he? Your summary of it all is very good.

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