Little Ashes Finds Distribution in Spain

Good news for Spain! Variety reports :

Sorolla scoops up 'Little Ashes'

MALAGA, Spain -- Producer-distributor Sorolla Films has acquired Spanish rights to U.K.-Spain co-production "Little Ashes," toplining Robert Pattinson ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," "Twilight").

A portrait of the early life and loves of three Spanish artists -- painter Salvador Dali, filmmaker Luis Bunuel and writer Federico Garcia Lorca, "Ashes" bows in Spain May 8, on about 60 screens.

Launching 2004 as a largely low-profile distrib, Sorolla aims to acquire some four pics a year for the Spanish market.

"We look for social issue film titles with fest profile," Sorolla general manager Antonio Mansilla said at the 12th Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

Like many Spanish distrib outfits, Sorolla has reduced exposure to a depressed local distribution market through entry into pic production, a diversification that has become all the more necessary in the recession.

Thanks to Gorob for the tip :)


Anonymous said...

can i say hooray?!!! lol...although only 60 screens...i dont know if it will be playing anywhere near me...ill have to check i guess...grrr i wanna see it so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rob come to spain again!!!! :D

Lizzy said...

Great!!! Good to see that the movie got a distributor in Spain. I doubt the movie will make it into German theaters. At least there is the DVD which comes out in August *sigh*

One thing is quite funny though. He gets credited for HP and the Order of the Pheonix and the only "scene" he had was that they showed a tiny picture of him plastered to the mirror in the Room of Requirement just before Harry is kissing Cho. XD

Thats funny!!

Anonymous said...

"You look the same."
"I grew this mmustache."

:) Rob/Dali.

Anonymous said...

lizzy- actually no, they also showed him in a backflash harry has at the beginning of the movie where he sees cedric being killed by voldemort...but still...he wasnt technically in the movie lol i also think its quite funny...

GOROB said...

ROB has a big following in Mexico, I wonder if anyone will pick up "Little Ashes there?

Lizzy said...


whoops. Totally forgot about that scene XD Thanks for reminding me, its been a while that I saw that movie to be honest :D

Yolanda said...

i wonder if there will be theatres screening it in london on may the 8th. I am from Spain, but I will be that weekend in London, so just wondering. I think I will be checkin it up, just in case!

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