Little Ashes Movement - Day 22

We are on Day 23!!! :))


Hannah said...

Still no further reply from Lighthouse, Dublin.
Keep up the FAB work Goz, we love you ;)

Love that first pic of Dali..
Uuuhhh Why arent cinemas literally falling over each other to get this movie screened?! I dont understand them!!

Sharkywoo said...

I just emailed Newtown Dendy (Sydney) and she replied in less than 3 minutes, but only to tell me this:
I have no information here that tells me if we are playing Little Ashes, which would suggest we're not.

However sometimes films do pop up without much notice so perhaps keep an eye out for it. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help.

Kullen79 said...

South Carolina:

Nicklelodeon Theatre
937 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29201
803.254.8234 office (Office hours are 10-6 Monday-Friday)
803.254.3433 voice/film schedule/member reservations
803.254.0299 fax

Anonymous said...

When I emailed my local theater, they said that its not the theater that controls which movies they play. He said it's the movie producers...I'm not sure how factual that is though...

Tisme said...

In the UK:

Gala Theatre
Telephone Number - 0191 332 4041
It's a kind of arty cinema.

Metro Centre Cinema
0871 22 44 007

Somewhere near me must be showing it. I wanna see the film :s

avoncliff said...

Gozde! Great news: Little Ashes will be shown from June 19-25 at Naro Expanded Cinema in Norfolk, VA. The paper schedule for May/June arrived in my mailbox today, and has a lovely pic and 200 or so word summary. We must call to confirm showtimes, it says.

Cori said...

The Tower Theater
815 E.Olive Avenue
Fresno, CA 93728

For general information, contact John Moses at or
(559) 237-3655

I have emailed them to see if they intend to show it but, no response so far.

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