1 More Theater for Little Ashes!


Score! Los Angeles - Landmark Regent Theatre, 1045 Broxton Avenue, Westwood will play the movie 05/08/09.

Yes We Can!!! :))


Anonymous said...

hahaha! the happy dance returns.

thank you Godze!

Suz said...

the happy dance


gets old.

Goz and everyone doing their part!
much love.

Suz (hearts) grassroots movements
(it's her life)

You all == ARE my life now.

Maryann said...

LOL love that lil dance!

Anonymous said...

no matter how many times i see this... rob doing that goofy dance still makes me smile. big time. :D

Hannah said...

YEYYY for another SCORE! :)

Dali's got moooves! haa!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE his little dance!!!
Sooooooooooo Salvador Dali through the brilliance of Robert Pattinson!

elsa said...

I read somewhere that there are a lot of Salvador Dali films projects beings discussed around big names like Johnny Depp ( http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=Salvador+Dali%2BJohnny+Depp%2BPattinson&fp=_rpp-4zAm3I)

Isn't that the perfect take off?
Young Dali (Pattinson), older Dali (Depp) --- WoW!!! Dali couldn't have asked for more . . .

Annoula said...

Hey! I don't know where else I should post this but I was looking at movies listings coming soon in the weeks to come and it mentioned Little Ashes on May 15!
Only problem is that...the site isn't from a local art theatre like most others that are showing the movie!

Not sure if I'm making any sense but before I start getting really excited (lol)just want to make sure that what I'm seeing is for real...would it be possible?

here's the website:

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