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Watch Little Ashes for 99p in the UK

Little Ashes is British iTunes' 99p film of the week! You can rent it here.

Thanks to Twilightholics-Twihards for the tip :)

There is no release date for the DVD in US yet, we'll let you know when it's available.

Happy Little Ashes Day

Little Ashes is released on DVD in the UK today :) You can order it HERE. This is for Region 2 DVDs. For more info on regions and how to make your DVD player region free check THIS POST.

Little Ashes is playing at select theaters in the US. You can check out the theaters here.

And I guess in honor of the release day the "tuck" picture surfaced again :) I got 5 emails with "OMG! OMG! OMG!" as subject so I thought it was time to recycle it. (First posted in March). A little warning first:

1. It is a real picture, a screencap from Little Ashes

2. It is a BIG spoiler scene from Little Ashes

3. The picture is rated R and I am not just saying! It has naked Rob. Not safe for work.

You can see the picture HERE under my "secret post" :)

Entrevista a Matthew Mcnulty (Little Ashes)

An interview with Matthew McNulty and there are some scenes with Rob in Little Ashes :)

Thanks to Alexis for the tip ;)

Little Ashes Reviews

Ever since I had to sit through the highly praised but horrific movies like Spartan, Team America: World Police (what the HELL was that?) and Lost in Translation (it really was lost in translation for me and I usually LOVE that kind of movies) I stopped reading movie reviews or taking them seriously. I like making up my own mind about a movie. BUT if you'd like to read some reviews about Little Ashes here is a list ;) Looks like most of the reviews are mixed.

Financial Times

The Village Voice

Entertainment Weekly

The Hollywood Reporter

You can find many more HERE at Rob's imdb board ;)

Heat World Scan

Way to cheapen it up Heat World...

Thanks to [info]miss_mcelroy from [info]pattinsonlife :) And thanks to Nikki for the tip.

New Little Ashes Clip

Not Safe for work and Rated R :))
Okay some more warning : The scene is Dali and Lorca getting all hot and heavy. It is very tasteful, romantic and beautiful but that's MY opinion.

Holy mother of all that's holy.... :))

Thanks to Nikki and LittleBear for the UNF link :)

P.S.: This video is not a leak. posted it as an "exclusive video" which makes me think Little Ashes promotions released it.

Little Ashes : Dali, Lorca and the moonlight :)

A Message from Paul Morrison, Matthew McNulty and UK Profuction Team

A message from Paul Morrison, Director of Little Ashes:

Some of the theaters listed on our Little Ashes Movement told the callers that they would decide on getting the movie depending on how it does in other theaters. Let's make it happen people! Show them an R rated Rob movie will do well! :) Robvador for the win! :)

We need the help of our UK readers. We have only 4 theaters in our "to call" list. Please send us more local theater names, we'll update the list and start the assault on their phone lines :)

Thanks to Little Ashes Promotional Blitz. and Leni for the tip :)

Here is a video Maria sent us. It is from a Spanish TV channel and is in...wait for it...Spanish :)

She said:
Apparently it aired on october in a newscast. At the beginning it's talking about the scene in which Lorca meets Dali at the student's residence, which happened in real life. Then it says that the movie gives us an inside look on the complex and intense relationship between these three geniuses of the Spanish culture. Then it shows Javier Beltran talking about how with this movie they tried to show something more than just the myths and legends about these characters, and show how they really were. In the end it just talks about some photographs of Buñuel being shown at the festival of Valladolid, where the movie was first screened in Spain.

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