Happy Little Ashes Day

Little Ashes is released on DVD in the UK today :) You can order it HERE. This is for Region 2 DVDs. For more info on regions and how to make your DVD player region free check THIS POST.

Little Ashes is playing at select theaters in the US. You can check out the theaters here.

And I guess in honor of the release day the "tuck" picture surfaced again :) I got 5 emails with "OMG! OMG! OMG!" as subject so I thought it was time to recycle it. (First posted in March). A little warning first:

1. It is a real picture, a screencap from Little Ashes

2. It is a BIG spoiler scene from Little Ashes

3. The picture is rated R and I am not just saying! It has naked Rob. Not safe for work.

You can see the picture HERE under my "secret post" :)


SummerGirl said...

My pause button is working over time today .

Great movie.


Have not been to the tuck scene yet, more th heartbreaking and erotic scenes.

phosphorus said...

Strangely enough, I received my DVD (UK edition) last Friday, July, 10th. I can't believe I was the only one who preordered. So what happened to all the others, why haven't they got it already?

The scene from which the said pic is taken is sweet. And nothing to get excited about.

phosphorus said...

@ SummerGirl: The heartbreaking and erotic scenes come afterwards, aren't you watching the film from the beginning?

SummerGirl said...

@phosphorous - I went staright to my fave scenes, saw it 5 times at the theatre :)

Will watch in it's entirety (again) later on, with Mr SummerGirl, as he loves it too.

Juliet4Rob said...

I thought the movie was great!
Some of the scenes were so beautiful and filled with such emotion and others were absolutely heart wrenching.
Rob did an amazing job as Dali.
The entire cast was outstanding!
Can't wait to get my DVD!

phosphorus said...

@ SummerGirl: Five times? Suppose you know the dialogues almost by heart now. :-)

SummerGirl said...

@phosphorous: I just LOVED it - mesmerised by the performances, so glad I can watch over and over now....


phosphorus said...

I'll never be able to catch up with you, SummerGirl, because I haven't had the chance to see it at a theatre at all. Would have loved to, though, it's different to see a film on a big screen, and this film certainly deserves one.

I just love the way the characters look at each other. Lorca and Dalí, when they were about to fall in love (the scene when they were hiding in the doorway!); Bunuel, when he got jealous, watching the two, sitting next to each other, talking ("no limits"); Magdalena, Lorca and Dalí during this heartbreaking scene in Lorca's room; and Magdalena and Lorca at the café.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Got my email today-mine was "dispatched" this morning!! I can not wait!

phos, not sure why-I p reordered mine back in April...but that's ok, it's on it's way!!!

This is my FAV movie with Rob so far, although Remember Me will probably take that spot when it comes out...

Naked Rob-yeah....he could kiss a rock & still be a sexpot!

phosphorus said...

I assumed that many people preordered it much earlier than I did (in June).

I'm off now, watching it once more.

phosphorus said...

While searching for infos on the character of Magdalena, I found a few reviews, some of them are not favourable but might be interesting to read nonetheless, if only to reassure why one has a different point of view.

(...) the translation of young Dalí into a homoerotic Vogue model places the actor, rather than the character, front and center. That's too bad, because newcomer Javier Beltrán is quite good as the troubled, passionate and idealistic García Lorca, who is rightfully the central character here, but it's Pattinson who will be the draw and his characterization is mostly shallow, if not the embarrassment stills of him with the Dalí moustache would suggest.

She also asks "Just how calculating can a filmmaker be to have the opening word of his film, 'Twilight,' be the name of the film which catapulted one of his stars into the stratosphere?" (How ignorant can a critic be, not noticing that Little Ashes was filmed long before Twilight?)

(...) parts of the film are a bit slow in a way that pretty boy Pattinson can’t drag them through. At times the Dali character is stretched but Lorca will make you forget about the 800 pound vampiric elephant in the room. Comments welcome.

Well, he asks for it, doesn't he? ;-) But read the rest of it, please, before you'll be all over him. 'Cause he also wrote "I did get the feeling he [Robert Pattinson] didn’t hold back, which I could appreciate."

Part of the problem is Pattinson. The dreamy British actor responsible for swooning tween girls and gays with his "Twilight" role is about as ridiculous as the later-adopted upside-down mustache: thrashing his paint brush against a canvas when he's pissed (of course!) and half-assing a Spanish accent that sounds closer to a creepy Transylvania dialect. He's more parody than portrayal.

Why do I get the feeling that this is someone who went to see the film with the intention not to like it at all?

At first, it seems that Beltran is doing a much better job with his portrayal than Pattinson: the former is all fire and passion while Pattinson seems passive and remote when their attraction hits a critical point. But, as the film progresses, the true texture of Pattinson's performance emerges: if his Dali seems hollow, that's because there was a vacuum at the heart of this artist. The real-life Dali was a construct, built to hide a hollow core.

This was also written by a man, by the way. He usually writes about animated films.

phosphorus said...

There's another one who didn't get the fact that Little Ashes was filmed well before Twilight - it's just too difficult to research, isn't it?

More problematic, however, is the casting of Twilight teen idol Robert Pattinson as the flamboyant Dali. The Dali character is key to the events unfolding in the movie and the actor portraying him needs to be both formidable and convincing in a role that often comes perilously close to caricature (as did the real Dali). Good as he may be in Twilight, Pattinson doesn't have the acting chops to carry off his role in Little Ashes. As his Dali careens wildly from borderline madness to over-the-border hamminess, Pattinson makes it clear from the very start that he's been spectacularly miscast. And there were times towards the end when I half expected him to start twirling his extravagant mustaches like Snidely Whiplash in an old episode of Dudley Do-Right. You can be sure that this bit of (mis)casting was by design, as there seems to be a certain desperate cynicism on the part of the filmmakers to shore up the Little Ashes box office by cashing in on Pattinson's post-Twilight popularity.

Paul Morrison, the director, said he chose Rob for playing Dalí because he was the one who could do it.

"It is an extraordinary difficult role to play, Dalí, not only was he a very complicated and difficult person but also he, erm, he in the story, in the movie is the person who goes through the most change, and he is also the person who is best known, that has a 'screen image'. A lot of people know him from old news footage, from interviews and photos and so forth, and they know him as a clown. And the 'genius', you know, 'genius Dalí'. Erm ... but we wanted to tell a love story. That meant he also had to be a vulnerable, young man, able to fall in love, and someone we could imagine Lorca falling in love with. So, for an actor that is a huge range to cover. Both had the vulnerability and lots of arrogance and a cute intelligence and the clownishness if you like. And, erm, well, you know, I always believed Rob could do it. And I think he gave us even more than we expected from him."

maha said...
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maha said...

Finally I watched the movie

It is a wonderful movie, I loved Robert and how he represents the character . we can see the change of Dali's character from the beginning of the movie tell the end it was difficult, complicated and mysteries character and Robert was so good to convince me of being Dali. And was genius and more than talented actor in this movie.

The best scene which I think was full of Passion when Dali came back form France and met Fedrico in his room I loved the conversation between them the scene was full of emotions and pain.

bbonin said...

To the ones who already got the movie in the mail, does it have subtitles? in English? I need the subtitles to watch the movie...(I'm deaf) so I'm not able to hear it. Too bad I can't hear what Rob's voice sounds like at all!

Anyway please let me know so I can order myself the movie too!!

phosphorus said...

@ bbonin: No, unfortunately the UK edition doesn't have any subtitles although the Spanish accents - real or faked - are pretty thick and sometimes hard to understand. Rob has a lovely voice as you may have imagined.

The following films have English subtitles:
- The Haunted Airman
- The Bad Mother's Handbook
- Twilight
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

No subtitles at all:
- How To Be
- Little Ashes

bbonin said...

phosphorus- thanks for letting me know. :) i saw your comment in 'man in black' so i looked for your comment. (btw you spelt my name right) ;) thanks again! i suppose i'll wait when US starts to sell little ashes dvd and i hope they'll include subtitles. i did want to order how to be too but no subtitles yet. i'll wait! damnit...patience has NO virture! LOL.

bbonin said...

So far I do own 3 movies with Rob in...Haunted Airman, Twilight and HP: Goblet of fire. Ha ha!

I'm waiting to add up my collection! :D

phosphorus said...

bbonin, I guess you didn't recognize I was talking about you the other night since I mispelled your name. I'm sorry, it was really late over here.

Yes, it's a pity they didn't include subtitles, not only for those of Rob's fans who can't hear but also for those who aren't native speakers. Rob has such a huge fan base, after all.

Dahlia said...

I pre-ordered mine months ago and got it on the 11th July = Happy Hannah! I proceeded to watch it and was in tears for most of it! It's absolutely amazing and a definate must-watch!

Sara said...

The moment I got home and saw my DVD waiting for me, I literally ripped off the wrapping and watched it again.
That film is so......<3
Love it. Words can't describe.

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