LOAD of Magazine Scans and a History on CRAP

Thanks to lovely Darja for the scans and translations of the magazines :)

Joy Slovenija (July 2009 issue)


Translation: Robert Pattinson plays Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who was madly in love with writer Federico Garcia Lorca in the 20's of previous century. Movie concentrates on their relationship, so Robert, 23, and Javier Beltran, 25, had several "action" scenes.
It is not known, how his new girlfriend, brazilian model Annelyse Schoenberger, 21, reacted to those scenes.

Gozde: Joy Slovenija (July 2009 issue) gets the "Oh NO YOU DIDN'T" (lack of journalistic integrity) award by this sentence: "It is not known, how his new girlfriend, Brazilian model Annelyse Schoenberger, 21, reacted to those scenes. "

If you are new to the "Robert Pattinson Rumor Mill" you may not have heard of the infamous Annelyse Schoenberger. Here is some Rob "What a load of Crap" History for y'all:

Last year a rumor started that Rob was dating a Brazilian model by the name of Annelyse. I don't remember how it started but it was internet based. The rumor was fueled by Anne herself (and her friends) when they started posting very "(mis)leading" updates on their myspace/facebook pages. And the rumor got out of control when a Rob picture at Kings of Leon concert surfaced:

People claimed the girl next to him was Anne.

It was a fun time for some of us :) That picture, the following "crap"-"not crap"-"oh please!" arguments, the non-sense banter and censorship led to the creation of ROBsessed.

The KOL concert was on October 17th ROBsessed Blog was born on October 24th :)

Later on Rob said he never even met Annelysse and no comment on ROBsessed was ever deleted (unless it was of pornographic nature).

The End ;)

Nova Slovenija July 6th 2009 (Crap):

Translation: Robert Pattinson's family hates Kristen

Robert and Kristen are denying rumours of their relationship, but obviously there is something going on.
Robert's aunt Diana Nutley said Kristen is a bad choice for Robert, the rest of his family want him to end their relationship.
Recently there was a rumour that Robert who is in NY filming Remember Me talks every day to Kristen, who is in LA filming The Runaways. There is no secret, their relationship is growing stronger and deeper. There is attraction and their bond is very special. A source told.

And in a tabloid world with no shame here is STOP Magazine from Slovenija that puts others to shame by having sense:

Playing a romantic vampire in Twilight made 23yrs old Robert Pattinson not just beloved by teenage girls but also trashy media.
It is Leonardo di Caprio story from his Titanic era all over again: every girl he is seen with is his girlfriend. It is supposed to be Emilie de Ravin, 27, Claire Littleton from Lost at the moment. He is making Remember Me in NY with blonde actress and "those in the know" say they get along very well and they have a "very strong connection". Robert was supposedly the one who get Emlie the part in the movie.



A selection of guys with best bodies made by female journalists: some guys are not teenagers anymore but take good care of their bodies, and some youngsters who don't have to work out yet.


23y old Englishman is messing with teenagers' minds as loving vampire in Twilight movie - btw, sequel is coming this year. Robert will be hotter and less clothed than in the first movie.
He plays guitar and piano - so his fingers are sensitive.
He likes darts and snooker as far as sports is concerned - so he will have to work on his muscles in future.
Hello magazine voted him the most attractive man of 2008.

Glamour UK July 2009

OK! UK July 7th 2009

Hello UK July 13th 2009:

Story Slovenia (June 5th 2009)


lostinphilly57 said...

Goz, I just have 4 words for this: CRAP, CRAP, CRAPTASTIC CRAP!!!!!!!!!!(he-he)

aimary said...

yes, I'm agree..a lot of crap!!!!!!
these people never stops..

Unknown said...

I'm brazilian and I have no idea who is this girl!!

Rhonda said...

Thank goodness for crap if it gave birth to this totally cool bog. And this Annalyse rumor is the most craptastic crap of all.

Dani said...


I love you sweetness to the ends of the Earth and back. By far the best blog partner in the world.

BIG MWAHS & HUGS to you love!

I still laugh at the nonsense that was the KOL debabble. I keep thinking REALLY??? I MEAN REALLY?

That was the best bullshit to have spawned the repressed bloggers into our state of peace and Rob love called Robsessed.

So hooooooooooray and to all the naysayers you can suck it.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I love the Annhoweverthefuckyouspellthatname rumors because they're so full of LULZ. It's funny and scary how creative the tabs are, and how easily these rumors are spread. Maybe I'll make one up about him dating this hot chick named Heather... ;)

RPnKSaddict said...

I totaly remember the KOL debacle it ended up being Nikki Reed with him, I've been following this Blog since the beginning as a lurker.
I can't tell you how happy that Gozde, Dani and all the RK's brought Robsessed to life.
( a standing ovation is in order)

Suz said...

Things I Love, By Suz

Kings of Leon
English boys who love KOL
Photos of English Boy@ KOL show
People who can't act right
People who start crap
Goz and Dani (voices of reason, always)
The RobKats

for all these things led to what is now MY LIFE..


The End. xx

Georgie said...

So THAT is the story how Gozde and Dani started this wonderful blog...it is a fantastic support network bringing together Robsessors from different cultures around the world, and also does a great job of debunking myths and treating rumours perpetrated by craptastic magazine articles with the derision they deserve.

ROB PATTINSON for Dummies said...



Anonymous said...
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RobaliciousLover said...

SO, the hottest guy stuff? NOT crap. Not at all. His lean, naturally muscualr body.... Gorgeous sex hair.... Panty dropping crooked smile...........
I'm sorry, where was I? Oh yes! He is indeed the hottest guy ever! hehe :)

As for the dating that Anee chick & Emilie (HA! she doesn't even spell her name right) De Ravin, CRAP! Crapiddty, crap, crap!

Now, Robsten, I believe is quite alive ;)

RobaliciousLover said...

Oh, and another thing, what's Rob doing with his finger in the last picture from the MTV Movie Awards? *MWAH*

VeilsofLight said...
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TwiHartRK said...

Thank you Goz and Dani for creating the best blog ever. If it wasn't for you I would be wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for a place to indulge my Robsession. Others may try but NO one can quench our thirst for Rob like you. My love for you both and all things Rob has only grown.

Anonymous said...
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babbles said...

LOL Ahhh Memories... In the corner of my mind...

Unknown said...

isn't the best fucking place ever? always so much love...and all for one man.

thanks goz and dani!

Tess said...

Dear Goz,

Thanks for the memories.

I remember that episode like it was yesterday. I will be forever grateful to you and Dani for your friendship and this wonderful place you've so lovingly created for us all to come and play.

Ursa said...

hahaha OMG thats slovenian journalism, crap crap crap and once again crap, i should know i live in slovenia....those magazines r just the lowes of the low, belive me i havent seen any of those articles coz i cant stand those magazines hahahaha this is so funny

enjoykim said...


GOZDE-thank you for enriching my life!I´m so glad I found ROBsessed.
There´s no other Blog comparable with yours!!*hystericalclapping*
And kisses to all tho other ROBsessors-you´re f***ing awesome! ;-)

annabella said...

what about his family? Could it be truth? WHY the don't like Kristine?.Do they think our american sweetheart is not good for him?...They met her before in Vancouver....What's wrong with them?. If Rob love her...they have to accept it. kristine is a very mature ,beautiful and talented girl. ...and aunty....get a life!!!!

Haystackhair said...

OMG I second all that my fellow Robsessors have said here. Thank you Goz and Dani for all that you do to feed my Robsession, and this blog is the best, with fantastic funny ladies that make my day every day!!!
@Veils-OMG good luck!! It has been all I can do not to burn rubber getting to NY just to actually see him in the flesh!!!!

peeling a fig said...

A historical bit of crap then, that launched the lovely site that is ROBsessed.

I have never seen that KOL photo before. I had to stare. He is in a massive group of people, and all attention is focused on the stage (with the exception of the photographer). Seems like light years ago, before the crazy.

keti said...

Gozde, Dani - I love you girls too bits. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING makes me happier than being on this blog. Never in my life have I been obsessed with someone as I have been with ROB. This site and loving Rob to bits has switched a light on in my life.
Thank you both. Reading all the above comments you have changed so many lives – brought us Robsessers together as Family. There are times when I think I need to stop this constant obsession, but who am I kidding - I love OUR ROB nothing makes me happier ROBsessed all the way !!!!

keti said...

Good Luck Veils, I hope you get too see Rob in the flesh. Wish I could jump onto a plane to NYC - Australia is too DAMN far....

Babs said...

Gozde I liked to read how you and Dani started this blog, I'm so glad and thankful that you did! This is a wonderful place.

Jewels64 said...


Holy Hell I still remember that night! It was freaking insane!!

I still chuckle over all that nonsense! Here we are, a little older, not so much wiser because Rob Pattinson kills my brain cells on a daily basis!

I'll always be here in the trenches with the rest of the RobKats screaming "CRAP" with the both of you lovlies!

Muuaaah! Love you! RobKat Jules

i am awesome-o said...

I didn't discover this excellent blog till dec so great 2 know how its birth started!

Thanks again goz and dani!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

All I can say is I thank god for this site each & every day..

You guys keep me sane..

Blazka Srsen said...

Let me tell you something about slovenian journalism- they don't have a clue what they're writing about! I completely agree with Ursa. My mom works at one of those magazines (she's doing the advertising only, don't panic:)), and since I love to write articles, i asked my mom if i could write an article about Rob to publish in one of those magazines. I really did my best, i wrote everything there is to know about Rob, his whole bio, in a interesting way. But what happened when I sent them my article? They said that they've already published something very similar about Rob a few issues ago. And I can honestly say they didn't publish anything even remotly close to my aricle, also because they've started writing articles about Rob only a few months ago- so you all can see how slovenian journalism is behind the time...
Anyways, they said that I can wrtie about my trip to Montepulciano and Rob encounter (it really wasn't an encounter, i just saw him), so I wrote that. And not to menshion, at the end, my article was published in a teen magazine called "Smrklja" or "Brat" in english.
So, to sum up, slovenian journalists are very very uneducated people, or so it seems. I'm sorry for them:)

Emilie said...

The first picture is not Annelyse but Sage's friend Nikki! the girl we saw in Vancouver and has made concert!

Emily said...

Ahh, the RPL days...memories, memories.
That KOL post was the best thing that could have happened. I can't believe it's been nine months already! Thank you Goz and Dani for starting this blog and all you do. You rock!

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