What Does Robert Pattinson Read? UPDATE

We have a new book ladies and gentlemen!

This time the investigative work was done by
FakerParis at Thinking of Rob :)

Here is the picture with the book :


Drum roll: He is reading Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger.

I added the books that are available through Amazon to our Amazon Store . You can check 'em out HERE for US and HERE for UK :)

So the list now stands as:

Nine Stories - J.D. Salinger

Kill Your Friends: A Novel (P.S.) - John Niven

Independent People by Halldor Laxness

2666: A Novel -Roberto Bolano

Money-Martin Amis

Ticket to Ride-Dennis Potter

Doomed Love (Penguin Great Loves)- Virgil

Anthology-Tom Waits

Complete Poems: Charles Baudelaire

E.M. Forster's Collected Short Stories

Dali's Autobiographies


Sara Tavares said...

he reads so fast!

albaville said...

this guy has such a great tastes..
love u Rob!!

Alice's Aunt said...

Thank you. I always watch for clues to what Rob reads.

I love it that he _reads_! This guy is not just another 'pretty' face. And this is one of the things about him, which I like the best.

'Alice's Aunt'

Babs said...

I'm really intrigued by the fact that he reads, and does that a lot!
I really loved 2666 (so thanks Rob for suggesting it ;)) and I've ordered Kill your friends from Amazon US but it's hard to keep up with him :)
Btw, people who bought Kill your friends on amazon also bought Doomed love and Money. What a coincidence huh? :)

xoRobxo said...

One of the many sexy things about him. Gawd I love him!

JandR said...

I love that Rob's mind and soul are as beautiful as his face and bod! Great taste in literature and music and a soulful intuitive musician to boot. Who could ask for more?

Rachell said...

That book is so good!The story about banana fish was the best.

Yvonne said...

JandR, I couldn't have said it better. He is exactly what you describe....and I believe that his desire to keep learning is amazing. He must have a fascinating (albeit maybe a little dark:)) mind, and the interviews he gives just barely scratch the surface. It would be such a treat to sit and talk to him.

What a unique and special man....just a nother reason to love him.

"Robert Pattinson Book Club" LOL!

Pet73 said...

I looove that Rob reads, but I have to admit, I hate, what he's doing to his books.

I love reading and I also love books. It almost hurts me to see how he's scrunching them all the time.(Probably because he knows, how crazy we are and therefore wants to hide the titles?)

However, I wish more men would be reading books :(.

Kelly said...

Is it wrong that I am totally turned on by the close up pic and the grip he has on that book? The images that is creating in my head.... GAAAAHHHHH! It's wrong I know...I love that he's well read...but come on..please tell me I'm not the only one who thought it.

Those hands...yum!

phosphorus said...

A perfect day for banana fish. The unforgettable Seymore Glass! Franny and Zooey is another book about his family.

@ Pet: You're not the only one wishing that.

Pet73 said...

Kelly, I already made a fool of myself by confessing that I go for Robert's thumbs and thumb nails :o!

phosphorus said...

Pet, yeah, they're nice looking. There's often some dirt under his thumbnails, though.
Like Leonardo DiCaprio, ever noticed that? I can't remember one film starring a DiCaprio with clean fingernails.

Pet73 said...

Phos, I never paid any attention to Leo. I only like him a bit for say the last 2 years. Before that, I was wondering, why women are attracted. I usually only like "dark" guys, with brown or black hair and toned skin - but taste changes :) (Rob anybody?).

phosphorus said...

I'm not a fan but watched some of his films, especially the early ones. His thumbnails were always dirty which puzzled me. Didn't someone at the set notice it? It was so obvious, especially in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. There was a close-up of his thumbs.

Rosie E. said...

He must have a very deep and intellectual mind. Literally he facinates me more and more each day. He speaks so eloquently and seems to be very smart. It would definately be a great honor to be able to sit down and talk to the man.
We can always dream!

Kate said...

I have to say I love you find these things out and I think Rob is onto you and trying to make it more difficult. Has anyone noticed how he's hiding the books more and more LMAO !
Great detective work ;-)

JennB said...

I love how smart he is - had a dream to that end last night, he was in my research group in chemistry when I was in college, and I was so impressed that he could understand what we were doing!!

It's always nice to have Rob in my dreams, and even nicer when he's sexy AND smart!! I think that's as much of a turn-on as the jaw porn

@Yvonne - I'm IN! I'd love to do that book club!

~Tr@cey~ said...

I hate it when people bend their books too! but I kind of get why he does that, its like what he said in the twilight commentary, its a cynical worls we live in and there are bound to be people who will say "why is he reading that?! He's weird" or something to that effect, and I know for a fact that I would hate to be judged like that!

Shani said...

As they say,"A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste".

I love a man with brains and beauty.

Anonymous said...

Finally a book I know, XD.
When I first saw it I guess Catcher In The Rye, haha.

Unknown said...

"Kill Your Friends" was hilarious and effed up! "2666" was pretty damn good too! Rob has one effed up and dirty mind :-)

Anonymous said...

you forgot 1984 by george orwell, he said that in an interview.

Anonymous said...

hi, can somebody give me link to 2666.

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