Little Ashes Reviews

Ever since I had to sit through the highly praised but horrific movies like Spartan, Team America: World Police (what the HELL was that?) and Lost in Translation (it really was lost in translation for me and I usually LOVE that kind of movies) I stopped reading movie reviews or taking them seriously. I like making up my own mind about a movie. BUT if you'd like to read some reviews about Little Ashes here is a list ;) Looks like most of the reviews are mixed.

Financial Times

The Village Voice

Entertainment Weekly

The Hollywood Reporter

You can find many more HERE at Rob's imdb board ;)


kchambers77 said...

i LOVED team america hahaha *shuffles feet*

Nicky said...

I am not surprised the reviews are mixed, but even if he gets 50% good reviews, it could be enough to squash the pre-conceived, totally wrong notion that Robert is a flash in the pan, and only a pretty face.

LaurenSue said...

Yeah, I don't pay much attention to critics either. I get curious sometimes and read them, but I don't really appreciate critics telling me whether I should or should not like a movie. haha.

I agree about Lost in Translation! I watched it over this past Christmas break and didn't get it at all.

Anonymous said...

Even if I hadn't become a Rob fan, I know I would still want to see this movie over something like Star Trek. I'm truly interested in seeing this movie.

Anonymous said...

I was driving to a doctor's appointment the other day with BBC World Service playing on car radio when they mentioned LA on their arts prog. I got all excited and sat in my car outside the dr.'s office waiting to hear it reviewed.

As it was, I wasted my time. The review was condescending and not favourable. It just got me vexed and helped me to remember that I don't go by reviews. I prefer to make up my own mind and I still think LA's going to be a great movie to see (not that it will ever get shown here in Trinidad - waiting for the DVD).

lostinphilly said...

NO LIMIT... Yeah, baby!!!

Stacy said...

I think that some reviews are going to go in with a preconception, because of Twilight.

I think the most honest and non-biased reviews are going to come from people who've seen it over the past months at the original film festivals, etc., that it was first showing at. Those are the people that didn't go just to see Rob, and he got a lot of great reviews.

Personally, I'd trust that kind of a review rather then a critic's any day.

I hope that they keep in mind this was filmed before Twilight, and for not having much acting experience, Rob does amazingly well.

And I have been hearing pretty good things, for the most part, about Rob and Javier ... most of the bad things I've heard centered around the script.

Meeno said...

I read more reviews today (lots of them). I usually went for the respectable critics like Roger Ebert. He has a positive review and credits Robert of the popularity of the movie, and seem pleased that young fan base of Robert Pattinson might see the movie as well as sort an opportunity for that fan base to broaden their horizon....very interesting.
What I noticed is that, reputable critics understand the "hilarity" in some of Robert's acting as the extension of Dali's personality. Some no good critics associate that as Robert's acting--not Dali's personality.
Overall, there are a positive reviews versus negative reviews; and I think most reviews from big name publications are out now and those have the more positive reviews.

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