Freeze Frames: "New Moon" Trailer Preview

"New Moon""It's my birthday," Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) asks as her iconic truck pulls into frame
"Can I ask for something?" Bella says to Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)
"Kiss me," Bella demands
Edward takes Bella's direction
"I love you," Bella whispers
Full trailer for New Moon will air on the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow night.
Check your local listings for time.


Ash7586 said...

Can't wait!

RPnKSaddict said...

I can't wait either. I'm having an mtv New Moon party with my sister.
Does anyone know if there will be coverage of the red carpet and if so what channel and time.

annycullen said...

so excited! lets throw a partyyy!

Jewels64 said...


Thanks for the full on break down of the scene!

I can't tell you how many frakking times I watched that clip since yesterday!

The RobKats have dissected it...reviewed it...longed over it....and the final result?


Anonymous said...

These are great ..thanks!!! :)
Here's a funny video of KStew and Rob while filming the reunion scene, when bella jumps on Edward...they almost fall..lmfao!!!!oh..and rob smacks kristen's butt...haha...just though I might add that bit of information ;)

Laura said...

GAH! That kiss is fucking panty melting!

Jules! Open up your window tomorrow night after they show the trailer. You'll prolly be able to hear my scream! LOL

annycullen said...

i noticed you posted this at 11:11 (= how weird.

Marj said...

thanks dani,waiting for more pics at lax

...wowie! said...

If they don't win this year for Best Kiss on MTV, then they'll have it next year for sure.

heheh Damn skippy!

...wowie! said...

Bianca...that's hot if he did smack her ass. I like that in a man. Dunno why but I do. Rarr!!!

zzita said...

Rob will sit next to Paris Hilton, not Kristen haha

Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't believe the MTV website won't allow people outside the USA to watch their videos, haven't they heard of international publicity and advertising?
Will you be able to put it onto YouTube for us UK Rob fans?

Anonymous said...

Ok so did anyone else notice in the kissing photo that Rob and Kristen's faces seem to fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces? Hot!

I know they aren't an item but wow....imagine if they truly were!

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