Little Ashes Movement Day 28!

We are on day 29 :) Check the post above or click HERE.

Your calls made a lot of theaters change their minds and get Little Ashes to play at their theaters and here is the Thank You posted on Little Ashes site :))



Sophia Z.86 said...
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KK (she who maintains decorum) said...

Hmmmm...LA official people thanking Robsessed for the movement (awesome by the way). Methinks that Rob might hear about this site if he hasn't already. Hmmmmm....

elaine said...

Gozde~love the one-liners!

I didn't see him sing "Hallelujah"! Where?

Have you ever imagined a world w/o Rob?

Tess said...

Gozde!! Congratulations RE: the "Thank You" to ROBsessed on the Little Ashes site! I'm SO HAPPY for ROBsessed! You & Dani must be feeling fantastic right now.... I know I do.

♥ Tess

Lea Elm said...

Aww, you must feel so proud! I know I do.
It was a great idea and it clearly worked. If people did something like this all the time, maybe we would have a better chance of watching great indie movies, that wouldn't normally have been seen.
I am so trilled for you, that you got credit from all your hard work!

tinababy1 said...

Gozde - Nice to see you get "official" recognition for all you do.

Next up - Thank You flowers from Rob???

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you sweetie.

Your Rob + Gozde are Soulmates Forever Campaign Manager


Moo said...

Congratulations for being recognized on the LA website! That's truly awesome and rewarding! Thank you ladies, for helping everybody do what they can to get the movie shown!

tinababy1 said...

Sophia - That's Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah.

Most beautiful song EVER. Thank you Mr. Cohen.

Babs said...

Gozde you're a force of nature! Congrats to Robsessed for getting the recognition it deserves.

Ellie said...

This is wonderful news, Goz!

To have kind of recognition is something to be celebrated!!!

Thank you once again to you and Dani for providing such a unique place for our Robsession!
MUAHHHH!!!! (and puffy hearts ♥ galore)

LovetheLips said...

Wow Gozde - an official thanks...must make you feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm happy your work is being recognized.

Hannah said...

Gozde - Im delighted this LA movement is getting the recognition it deserves.
You've put so much time and effort in to it and everyone else taking the time to make calls and write emails to their local theatres.
I'm so proud of everyone involved and delighted to be a part of it too! :D

The Lighthouse cinema in Dublin have been very quiet over the last few days. I'm going to send them another email, showing them that they could be a part of this too if they give the movie a chance.

elaine said...

Gozde~That is amazing! Guarantee that Rob looks at this site!

Yvonne said...

Goz, that is unbelievably cool :) Awww, I'm so proud, 'bout time you got some love for all of your dedication! You rock :)

crazy said...

Wow, an "official" thank you on a film site. So cool Goz! Congratulations!
Rob has got to know now.


Unknown said...

Hannah, I've just emailed the lighthouse again, asking for a position and telling them about the recognition the site has recieved from the little ashes team and asking that they not be the ones to let ireland down!

Anything is worth a go!

Marj said...

the indie theater in allentown,pa. has a commiment to show LA, i just cannot find out the exact date so far,they did send a flyer,hopefully a firm date will come soon.

Melissa said...

This is amazing news, Goz! To get this kind of recognition is so awesome! You and Dani do you great job here at Robsessed.




Unknown said...

Can't accept we're going to be left out here!!! *stamps foot in indignation*

Yvonne said...

Hannah, I e-mailed your theater again...hope it helps!

Yvonne said...

oh, Siobhan, you too! and isn't Kate from Ireland as well? I'll keep bugging them...gotta get you girls on the "Score" list!!!

Kate said...

GO GOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Congrats!!!!
So happy to see the site getting recognition!!!

I'm here Yvonne and yes I'm in Ireland too (in the midlands) but I've been annoying cinemas all over LOL
I didn't get any other e-mails from the Lighthouse Cinema and I must ring Kino in Cork again because they said to ring back nearer the time. I would head down to Cork to see it if I had the choice it's handier for me but I'm bugging the lighthouse for you Leinster ladies (congrats by the way, ye slaughtered us on Saturday :-p) .

Hannah said...

Yvonne - you are a darling, Thank you!
Your avatar is very distracting!! mmmm..

Siobhan - Fair play, did the same myself. I explained that the very large fanbase for this movie was driving an international online movement for respected arthouse cinems's to screen this movie and that the movement was even acknowlegded by the movie's website itself. I assured to have their seats filled!
They cant let us down!!

Kate - We kicked your arses! :P
Give Cork a call and tells us how it goes. I've gone to Belfast to see it, why not Cork?! ha!

Kate said...

Hannah I know you lucky thing. I was so bummed I couldn't get to Belfast!!! And em... Hannah you're only an honorary Leinster woman :-P

I'll ring Kino again and e-mail the lighthouse. He didn't even respond after the last time I returned his "Why the sudden interest from people" e-mail LOL

Suz said...


Great Shout Out from Little Ashes Site! Congratulations. You deserve it.

Suz {hearts} Goz
Suz {hearts} Grassroots Movements
Suz {hearts} Those who value and support "Art"


Hannah said...

Kate - He didnt respond to my last mail either the bugger! I thanked him for his previous reply again though, Keep em sweet! I feel like saying 'Are you a feckin idiot!? Can you not see the value in screening this movie?!'
I'll be gutted if we dont get it :(

Hannah said...

Suz - LOL. You doing that cheer with pompoms and high kicks? ;)

Gozde said...

Yay! Thanks guys! Rob fans are amazing! When I started this "movement" I never thought we'd get the results we did!

Thanks to everyone that called, emaile, disguised their voices and called again :PP

I don't think of Rob knowing about the site. The movement is for the fans to see the movie, to bring it to everyone :)

Emmes said...

Yay for Goz and Dani!!

I tried my hand at it in C.R. but the fish didn't bite :(

I emailed the official Robert Pattinson Costa Rica Fanclub
(yeah right! you know why I know it's not OFFICIAL? ...cause I'M not the president or even part of it!!) And the Twilight CR fanclub and they didn't even write back...the nerve of those teenage girls!!!!!

Robbie Baby! Hi! I enjoyed seeing you in every supermarket checkout line and airport newstand last week...even if it was filthy gossip...your face made my day!

Kate said...

People power Goz. You can't beat it!!

Suz said...

Hannah, PomPoms, high kicks


nothing, else.

(is that wrong?)

tinababy1 said...

Suz - Love to be one of your neighbours...

Hannah said...

Suz - What about a smile too? Thats always a winner ;)

No not wrong.
Very...Appropriate ;)

Nearly finished catching up on WA.
Its gooood! *wipes sweaty brow*
Somebody tell me why I didnt read it before now?!
You were right, Darkward owns me.

Lisa Serrano said...


You are such a classy lady Goz.
You and Dani are the reason I came here in the first place. This site has grown and expanded and sometimes I miss the Robkats but I ♥ you all!!

dechick2009 said...

wow crazy

Cherry said...

Yay you found it. :)

CallaLily said...

hey GOz, jsut got a return email from the pres of the Canadain distribution company and they said that they are looking at an end of June showing for LA at the Uptown theatre in Calgary. They are still trying to nail down a date. I will keep my eye out and let you know ASAP.

Gozde said...

Thank you :))

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