Robert Pattinson: Do you want Kristen to give us a little life back there?

Another great read from Entertainment Weekly! New Moon Secrets:

Secrets from the ‘New Moon’ set

Kristen Stewart lies on a beige carpet, surrounded by a mess of pink roses and broken crystal. Her sweater is ripped, revealing a bloody gash on her right arm. It's April in Vancouver, and the “New Moon” cast is filming Bella Swan's climactic 18th-birthday celebration — the one cut short after an innocent paper cut turns the Cullen family, in one split second, from civilized “vegetarian” vampires into six beastly creatures hungry for sweet human blood. Director Chris Weitz wants another take of Edward (Robert Pattinson) fighting off his vampire brother Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), as Stewart lies injured in the background.

This is the third freezing night in a row that the cast has worked until dawn, but that doesn't stop the set from feeling warm and jovial. Pattinson mugs for the movie camera between takes and teases his costar for just lying on the floor in the midst of all the vamp-on-vamp violence. “Do you want Kristen to give us a little life back there?” he jokes to the director. Kristen smiles. “I'm just writhing down here,” she says. “A lot of writhing. I writhe really well.”

So do “Twilight” fans. Right now, for instance, millions of them around the world are writhing in delicious agony as they wait for “New Moon” to hit theaters on Nov. 20. Last year “Twilight,” the first adaptation of author Stephenie Meyer's series, grossed close to $400 million worldwide and set Stewart and Pattinson on the road to superstardom — and superscrutiny. Now the team is back with “New Moon,” though the sequel is a different beast — and one that's not as easy to tame. Meyer's second book is steeped in heartbreak and sadness, focusing on Bella's road to recovery after Edward smashes her heart into a million pieces and then vanishes. In addition to the melodrama, the movie has to make do with very little of the dreamy Edward Cullen. Instead, it mainly concerns the burgeoning relationship between Bella and her friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner), who transforms into a gnarling werewolf.

Pattinson couldn't be happier with his downsized role. “It was a stress-free job for three months,” says the actor, 23, in his charming British lilt. “All the pressure was on Taylor.”


Summit also wanted a filmmaker well versed in special effects, particularly after the first movie was ridiculed for the scene in which Edward's skin is exposed to sunlight and begins sparkling like he's in a weird body-lotion commercial. (Gozde: Haha! So true! )


And how did the Bella-Jacob chemistry play out on set? “We have that relationship,” she says. “It's lamely cute. I love that kid. I would do anything for him. I would kill for him, literally.”


While making the first movie, Summit kept urging Stewart and Pattinson to ease up on the teenage angst. Now Stewart's diving headlong into heartache. She says she reached her breaking point one long, cold night in the forest while filming the pivotal scene where Edward abandons her.

“Before the scene, I was sitting in my car, like f---ing crying — crying so hard you can't breathe,” she says. “Because I was really overwhelmed and intimidated by the scene. Everyone says, ‘She better be able to pull off the emotion in this movie!’ And it's such an important moment in the book, when he leaves.” The scene exhausted her. “I'm thinking, ‘We have to be done now,’” she remembers. “‘Just tell me we're done.’”

Read the whole thing HERE at It's a great article :)


Anonymous said...

cute article.
i feel bad for Kristen cuz I can only imagine how much pressure they were putting on her for that scene. I would have lost it and started balling in my car too! We all know she pulled it off otherwise they would have filmed it over and over and over for days. Can't wait to see this movie!!!!! Definite writhing going on over here!!
Poor Kristen...always having to be the victim and just chill and look scared and sad while the drama goes on around here. Just like in Twilight ballet

noisefaidaus said...

This I think is an old article but no complaints.

Things must be really under tight raps in Vancouver since the KOL concert no Rob sightings that I've heard of, no pictures, and only the one of Kristen.
WOW What a drought, the paparazzi must be starving for a sighting!!!! hahaha looks good on them but I do miss Rob.

phosphorus said...

Is it really a new article? I read all the quotes before but can't remember where.

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

i think i read this before but cant remember where

RPLover said...

new or old (not sure) this is a really good article! I love Rob outside of twilight, but I seriously can't wait for new moon...I got a feeling CW did a frickin' awesome job, and I'm excited to see the sparkle, hope it's a cooler effect than last time! not that I've got a prob with shirtless Rob, sparkly lotion or not!

Sara said...

I don't think any amount of effects, is going to make sparkling look good.

AnnaD said...

I'm excited to see Kristen do a good job. I didn't like her so much in Twilight, but I think it was because of direction. I've seen her in other movies and I didn't mind her much, so we'll see.

This was a good article. I've read some of it before, but not the whole thing put together (and I think some of the quotes came from comic-con, but I can't be sure). It's nice to see it the series taken as something more than just a tween/teen thing.

Angela said...

I miss Rob too. How long is Eclipse supposed to be shooting? Don't we have any info on what's going on there?

I keep thinking of the song "Since you've been gone" from kelly clarkson.

We will see Rob again soon, I'm sure. Maybe this weekend he'll venture out. And for sure we'll get lots of Rob with the press junket for New Moon as Summit obviously loves to pimp him around. Which I don't mind of course, but sometimes feel sorry for him.

La Stella said...

The bells were even more of a fail than the sparkling, lol.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

This movie will be amazing, and break my heart in a million pieces, then heal it again at the end.

Mars said...

New Moon was definitely the best of the series (even with the lack of Edward). I'm so happy that Chris found a way around that little problem.

A Rob-less NM would NOT be acceptable.

mya bluesky said...

u got it right Wen.
There's no Rob sightings since KOL, it makes me sick.Miss Rob so much.

Talk about broken heart, stina riz from twifans suggest a fan fiction on title blood lines (edward and bella story before their wedding).she gave credit for the story 9/10. i've tried to read it but i stop at the first chapter since i couldn't stand for another broken heart. will anyone have a courage to read it please and tell me if it will be happy ending or not??

Anonymous said...

Kristen, I think Rob knows just how well you writhe......

Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Also, I MISS ROB! We've only seen Kristen once and Rob 0 times since KOL..... coincidence? I think not!

RPnKSaddict said...

This is why I love Kristen Stewart. She puts her all into her roles,knowing she has a lot to live up to. She also knows of the scrutiny she's under. I think she'll be great.

La Stella- lol I know I cringe every time I watch the movie when we get to "hear" Edward sparkle.

katie said...

This is the EW cover pice I think.What i liked about Kristen's comments was basically she said her loyalty in the end is to the source material and SM. The implication was that directors come and go and visions can change, but she always gos back to the books to argue her case for her character. i really liked that attitude, I think she's right.

And I think Rob is happy to be MIA, it was coming to a fever pitch there just weeks ago.

katie said...
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