International Magazine Scans

Joy Russia, August 2009 (Thanks to Darja)

Robert Pattinson
Montepulciano, Tuscany, filming sequel to Twilight, New Moon, Bella saves boyfriend Edward

Nova Slovenija, 15. June 2009 (Thanks to Darja for the scan and translation :))

Translation: Vanity Fair readers voted and Robert Pattinson is the most beautiful man on the planet. Star of romantic drama Twilight is the most popular hollywood actor and women around the world from granddaughters to grannys are crazy about beautiful british vampire with magnetic gaze.Young star has no competition at the moment, he has 59% of votes, followed by Brad Pitt with only 12%.
Heat UK 15-31 July 2009 (Thanks to Darja)

Series Mania Spain (Thanks to Anna for the scans)


Interfilms (Spain) (Thanks to Anna :)

And your weekly NW Australian CRAP (NW is the magazine that claimed Kristen was pregnant) (Thanks to Orion :)) Story confirmed as CRAP HERE.


Robs Australian Dominatrix said...

there's a reason i stopped buying that magazine, i do believe it was the issue where they claimed kstew was preggers?

orion said...


You're welcome. Usually I don't read this crap magazines, but couldn't help no to buy this one, I found it 'hilarious'.

Ripley said...

I'm so ready for pics to be released from NW & Eclipse. What's wrong with Summit not giving us a tease.
Thanks Gozde, Dani & Kate for giving us eye candy everyday.

Aneska said...

Robsession all around the world!!
@Gozde you're welcome :)

Georgie said...

@ Orion (from earlier thread), the OzPattz it should be! Like how you put the "z" at the end! No I'm still at the office and will be till midnight again.

Nicole said...

Oh no, not another one! Is that 3 this week alone? Could they embarass us aussies any futher? Oops, probably just jinxed that now.

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