Part 3 of Elle Soundbite with Robert Pattinson

Thanks to Maria Lindholm from ELLE - Sweden we have yet another soundbite from her interview with Robert Pattinson! :)

Maria says:

This is the third soundbite from my interview with Robert Pattinson – this time he speaks about New Moon, his character Edward and how it was to work with Chris Weitz. (Very good apparently.) Hope you like it!
I will post two more of these next week – after that there will be full blown media frenzy when the New moon promotion tour kicks in and there will be new photos and interviews every second day. Yay! Can´t wait for the Vanity fair cover myself.

Please visit her page HERE and leave her some love so we can get more of this interview :)

Please link to Maria's site if you repost this

If you missed Parts 1&2 you can hear Part 1 here and Part 2 here

If you haven't read the whole interview that appeared in ELLE it's HERE


JandR said...

Ohh Kate - me too!! I love Rob's dreamy voice and when you just have to listen and not get distracted by looking at all his gorgeousness - it sounds even better. It drips honey... love how he says book and look and, love, love him!!

Wish my English hubby had an accent like that! haha ;-)

Butterfly25 said...

How beatiful is his voice? It's beyond beautiful.And his accent is just brilliant, I love it.I must admit that I have alwyas liked the american accent better,but now I just love british english,well actually, I love just Rob's british english:)

WinWin said...

Love you, Kate. I needed his voice this morning. : )

Anonymous said...

His voice IS beautiful isn't it ladies? I do hope we get to hear some radio interviews too but JandR you are so right when you say that you can get distracted from what he's actually saying because of taking in his looks.

I'm English and I wish that a few more people round my neck of the woods spoke like Rob...he's just lovely.

Babs said...

Gawd I love his voice!
I've always found the American accent easier to understand, but his posh British accent is so lovely and sexy :)

JandR said...

lizzibee - I wish I lived in Rob's neck of the woods...wherever that might be! LOL

Did anyone else find it hilarious when his sister Lizzie told him it was ridiculous how famous he was now?? Sibling rivalry or just poking fun? Funny all the same. I know I would feel the same if it was my little brother. What you? Why do they even like you?? Can't see it myself! LOL

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my 'neck of the woods' is no where near his LOL!!!

It's nice to hear him mention his sister...he doesn't really say that much about her and even less about the oldest sis Victoria. Would love to see a picture of them all together.

RPLover said...

CW FOR BD!! can't say it enough :)

God, I love him. I could listen to him talk all day. maybe I will!

Jamie said...

Swoon - I could listen to him read the phone book and get excited.

roxiegirl said...

I just KNEW he'd be on the cover of Vanity Fair!!! Head to stores on Nov 1. That's when I saw the Nov issue on stands. I will go out and buy one sincemy subscription doesn't come until several days later. (Very frustrating.) And I can't wait that long !!! Oh November is gonna be a great month!!

asoihgapoh said...

Mmmmm...Profundity. I want to eat his intelligence.

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