New Robert Pattinson Interview in ELLE Sweden - ROBsessed mention!

Maria Lindholm from ELLE Magazine Sweden interviewed Robert Pattinson in Cannes last May. Her interview is in the November issue of ELLE Sweden ON STANDS NOW! If you are in Sweden go and pick it up. The Theo Wenner pictures are to die for and she mentions ROBsessed in the article as one of the funniest Robert Pattinson sites along with Letters to Rob , Random Acts of Rob,What the Forks and Twilight Sweden! :) Thanks Maria!


That's the impregnating stare... :)

The below translation is by Maria Lindholm and Jessica at Gossip Dance. I took parts from both their translations to make it a whole :)

I´m meeting Robert Pattinson at a restaurant along the Croisette in Cannes. The film company hasn´t disclosed time and place until the day before but somewhere it leaks. A gossip blogger tweets about it and hours before the worlds hottest and most hunted 23-year old is in the house fans and paparazzi gather around the place.

They have bodyguards in every corner of the restaurant. Groups of girls try to sneak in from the beach, someone extra brave jumps into the water and tries to swim to the restaurant's private beach. A guard stops them, but they stay in the sand and try to get pictures of the star with their digital cameras. There is no chance they can see Rob, he is hidden in a huge white plastic egg-shaped chair. He is here to talk about New moon, the sequel to Twilight


I have, out of free will, taken a deep dive into the Twilight world of fandom, all the homemade Youtube videos, the blogs, the stories. But the unexpectedly tall Robert Pattinson is both more puppy-ish, shyer – and nicer than I could ever think.

– All the screaming is just crazy, he says about the fans. They would never scream if they were alone, it´s the peer pressure.

But the fans behaviour a side – he sits a few inches away and you can´t stop watching him. He is incredible photogenic. His facial expressions shifts quickly from childish and embarrassed when he laughs out loud and looks down (which he does a lot), to a clownish face with wide eyes and raised eyebrows to the next second pull his hand through his hair and shoot you a sideways glance totally worthy of his newly found super sexy hunk status (many magazines have already voted him sexiest man alive).

Before Twilight, Robert Pattinson had only made a few indie movies apart from his character as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. He was on his way to give up on acting completely after Little Ashes, a spanish low-budget movie about where he portraits Salvador Dalí. Instead he wanted to dedicate himself to his music- he write and sings his own tunes (two of them were used for the Twilight soundtrack) in a Van Morrison/Jeff Buckley-spirit. His American agent got him to go to La for auditions, including, funny enough, for the True blood vampire series where Alexander Skarsgård is starring, but he was dismissed. He auditioned for Twilight opposite Kristen Stewart at the home of director Catherine Hardwicke. By all the ones who had auditioned, Kristen felt immediately that Rob was the obvious choice, and so it was. From the beginning the book fans was appalled by the choice, but they quickly changed their minds. At the series and film convention Comicon last year the actors participated in a seminar and the pressure from people in the auditorium was so huge that Rob described the feeling as "standing in front of the gates of hell".

- Then I was terrified. The sound of all the screaming was like nothing I had heard before, it was indescribable. Now I can accept it, but then I was very afraid.

He says he was surprised how strong the twilight phenomenon is, that the interest never seem to fade.

Wherever I go, people scream. You can never prepare for something like that. But my goal in life was never to get people to scream for me, if it was I would be crazy now, or a real asshole. Now it just feels like a joke. There is nothing in my contract about having to wave at the fans, so i don´t do it, he says and laughs.

Other guys around his age is either Disney made ones who always has to smile and answer polite (Zac Efron) or selfconfident ones (Shia LaBeouf). Rob looks like an alpha male, but- in interview situations atleast- he acts like a guy who just about gets to hang with the cool gang. He has something lika a Håkan Hellström-in-his-early-career hanging over him (Håkan Hellström swedish pop artist). Unguarded, super nice, but a bit insecure.

- I'm nervous, if it gets to silent in en interview I just want to cry. I always agree when someone criticizes me, it's is much easier to take in.

And indeed, in every interview where anybody says anything disparaging, he goes along, for instance about his character Edward- "I don't understand what girls see in him, if you met him in real life you'd think he was an axe murderer". At the same time it's difficult not to be charmed by an obviously nice looking and talented guy that doesn't seems to realize that himself. He hates to see himself in the movies. Ten minutes before the premiere of Twilight he had a panic-attack and left the theater. But it looks like the reality has caught up with him.

He seems to have understood his new reality now.

I have to accept the situation. I cant fight it. I was driving myself a little crazy a few months back (remember this interview was conducted made in May), I was paranoid over everything. But when finally I was back on set, starting to film New moon, it felt okay again. That's what I am going to do now, continue working. I am booked for nearly 2 years now and will not have the time to try to live a ”normal” life, or the life I had before. Because it doesn´t work. I can´t go to any of the places I used to go to, there are people coming up to me all the time.

How does that feel?

– Annoying. But things have to change. You can´t just never change.

Do you have a lot of crazy fans?

– One out of a hundred? One girl sent a cake to my parents' house every third day for six months.

How did she get your address?!

– No idea! I live out of three suitcases in different hotels so fans tend to send my parents a lot of stuff, he says and laughs again.

( Stuff about his looks, style, all the actresses that said they love him)

Gozde, a 32 year old doctor of biochemistry puts five hours a day into one of the biggest Robert Pattinson fansites, Robsessed. She says the love is easy to explain:

– He looks like a Greek God but acts like a dorky shy guy that would start to stutter if you talked to him. He is very funny and smart. It's irresistible! (Gozde: Wooohoo! We are in ELLE!!!)

(Stuff about him not having a girlfriend, but that he dated Nina Schubert some years back, the Robsten rumours)

Whether or not Rob and Kristen are more than friends we don´t know, but it is certain that they are close.

– Kristen have gone through exactly the same thing as me this year. She is the only person that can relate to me on the same level.

You understand each other?

– Yes, we were good friends from the beginning and she is really cool and a great actress. I´d like to work with her on other projects too but I don´t think we can now, at least for a while. I think she is the best actress of her generation. And that´s after reading with loads of them recently, haha.

In an earlier interview (GQ) Rob confessed he reads about himself online, even fanficiton. (… shortened this passage)

Do you read about yourself online?

– Sometimes I do … but it's a really bad idea to do it, really bad. You poison your brain doing it, there is nothing good coming out of it, you either get paranoid or really vain and shallow.

(…about how terrible his summer was with all the papz on set, MTV movie awards, ComicCon again, Teen choice awards etc.)

If you had known the immense success of Twilight would you have done anything different?

– If I literally could go back and do it again, I would try to do it better. I had wanted to be better.


Thank you Jessica (Gossip Dance) for parts of the translation and Maria Lindholm for a great article and the translation! Check out her blog, she is planning on putting the audio file of the interview in the days to come :) Leave her some love!


Unknown said...

YOU are in ELLE! WOOT!

Unknown said...

Best actor of her generation argh please. I'm sorry I have nothing against her, I'm sure she's a nice person but she can not act. She acts exactly the same in all her movies. Her mouth is open in every scene in Twilight.

Golnaz said...

Gozde! You are in Elle!!:)!

What a wonderful interview! I hope the craziness starts to wane off though, so that Rob can actually enjoy his success.

And his words about Kristen always make me aww! I love how much love and respect they have between them.

Golnaz said...

And Nicole, how good an actor is percieved is entirely subjective:) While you might not think she is good, there are a plenty who do, includingly a lot of bigtime critics and bigtime actors. And obviously Rob. People just like different things. Doesnt mean those who think she is a very good actor are wrong, or that your wrong. Its all perception

BTW, Rob, I agree:) Kristen is a phenomenal actor, as are you!

Suz said...

Goz is The woMAN!

I am so proud, so happy, and so blessed to have you in my life.

Love you girl!

You deserve all the recognition that is coming your way!


Goz, RobbieP on line one.. wanting to show you his greekgod status in person.. (wink)

Rhonda said...

Congrats Gozde! And they made you seem so bright and interesting (which you totally ARE). Nice to get some good kudos after the sh!tstorm about when the Kristen non-denial interview was conducted.

And is that a NEW Theo Wenner shot where he is holding the yellow shirt? I do not recall seeing that specific pose. Man that stare is intense. So hot!

Kate said...

Five hours a day ??? I think it's a bit more than that babes!! Did you stretch the truth a bit?? LOL

Haystackhair said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAY GOZ!!!!! How freakin cool is that??? And hey, I have a masters in biochem!! We have two things in common! ;)

Jewels64 said...


I love that they show by your quote that not all of Rob's fans are lunatics.

You showed them that we are intelligent older women who would know better than to just stand there and scream at him.

And if I did scream I would scream "Robert" not "Edward" because I really would like a date with him!! LOL!!! ;))

anna F said...

Congratulations Gozde~
Now that you are becoming a web-celeb, please let us know when you get invited to any of his movie's premiere...
It's too funny how it sounds like you got interviewed for the article.

I agree that the Rob fansites can be quite funny, laughing about Rob's quircky/geeky habbits... I have never followed a celeb's carrier before, is it unusual?

Unknown said...

Woaahh! RobSessed mentioned in Elle? Congrats Goz, Kate, Dani!

Do you think Rob's mother collects articles of his legit interviews, makes an album out of them and/or show them to Rob?
(I think he said he tried to stop reading articles about him but his mom forwards/emails stuff to him.)

Oh, my word.... I do believe Rob lurks this site!

Hi, Rob!!

Tess said...

So nice to read something new but the icing on the Cake is seeing Gozde and the blog mentioned along with said new interview!! woo hoo


Gozde said...

Thank you :))) The interviewed is updated with more translation now! Check it out! :)

HC said...

Congrats Gozde on the mention for Elle!.:D Thank you for all the time you, and the gals invest in this blog! <3

Unknown said...

Lucky interviewer...

I could almost feel her description of Rob's demeanor...
as if I was the one sitting just a few inches from him...

".. and you can´t stop watching him. He is incredibly photogenic. His facial expressions shift quickly from childish and (gets) embarrassed when he laughs out loud and looks down (which he does a lot), to a clownish face with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, to the next second pulls his hand through his hair and shoots you a sideways glance.."


Moychy said...

wooohooo :) way to go Gozde and other amazing girls at Robsessed :p

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Gozde, Dani and Kate!
You work hard for it!

RobLove to ya'll!

Unknown said...
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Anna said...

Way to go Gozde !!!

And Rob... aw, Rob... :)

LK said...

Gozde,you're on Elle now!You're a celebrity,girl!I hope paps would not go after you,harrasing you all the time(lol).Well done!I suspect that Rob visits your blog and reads the comments.So ladies,behave!!!

Georgie said...

Wooo hoooo, congratulations Gozde on you and Robsessed getting such an honourable mention in Elle! Surely the commentators must now realise that it isn't just the teenie fangirls that carry the Rob candle!

Unknown said...

Time to pull the Bookmark and listen to some of Rob's fav musicians:

Jeff Buckley:

Terry Reid:


Rob's music - I think I see a platinum.

Ellie said...

Ah, Goz, this is so exciting!
Elle magazine! So proud of you!
Olive juice, bb! xo

Kathy said...

Rob looks SO hot no matter what he wears. (sigh). Watched the Haunted Airman last night. SO GOOD !!! Awesome interview. Congrats Goz !!!!!

thirtysomething said...

Goz: you're in ELLE!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw this, all I could say was OMG, OMG, OMG! Congratulations! I hope this is one of the things Rob reads about himself. He would be so proud to have you as a fan. Thank you for representing the older, wittier, smarter Rob fans :)

<3 ROBsessed!


Kathy said...

I LOVE what he says about Kristen in the interview. He has SO much respect for her. I think it's great they became "great friends" first. That only deepens their relationship. Still have high hopes for REAL Robsten wedding....someday.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Goz! Congrats sweetie! Where's all the ass holes now huh?

Omg, swimming in the ocean to get a peak? What? No submarines?

Again, I think things have changed so much this interview...
I do think Kristen is a really good actress as well...geez the kid is only 19... She too will grow and get better..

Rob is the Alpha male? He'll yea he is!
Awesome article and photo!

I'm so happy for ROBsessed!

Gracie said...

Congrat ladies! This is like a little payday for all of your hard work.

Kathy ~ I just ordered The Haunted Airman the other day. I can't wait to see the full movie. Thanks to Gozde for that one too.

Anonymous said...

yey Gozde ur a celebrity :) i hope next time u get to interview Rob :) that would be wicked!!!

Kat said...

Goz.... look at you in Elle.... I wanna scream like a fangrl looking for Edward!

So cool Goz, I'm so proud of you and although this Rob dude is great and all ;-) he gave us the opportunity to know you and for that I'll forever say THANKS ROB!

Jo said...

You're in Elle. It's amazing. Congratulations!!!

Angie said...

Congrats Ladies,you work so hard, you deserve the Elle shoutout!

Love Robsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SluttyPattz said...

Gozde, Dani and Kate Congratulations on the Robsessed mention.

I loved how the interviewer described him it was exactly the way we all picture him. I have never followed celebrity news on one particular celeb before and I am glad I am using a reputable and honest blog.

Love all the new friends I have made and the laughs I get daily.

I second what you said rpattzgirl. Where are all those haters now? Doesn't matter anyway, we got our hater blockers on.........Robsessed mentioned in Elle I can't fathom it. Its AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

Yay, Goz! I'm so very happy for you, and the mention of you in Elle! Very, very exciting :) I'm SQUEEEEEING!!

i am awesome-o said...

How awesome is that?! Congrats babe!! =D

xLove2rpatzzx said...

Congrats ladies for the mention in Elle!! U work hard and it is very much deserved!:)
Great interview!!!

Go ROBsessed!!!!!!!

Babs said...

Congrats girls! I'm so happy for you and I second your words about Rob, Gozde.
It'd be awesome if Rob read this blog.
BTW the pics are gorgeous! Impregnating stare indeed!

RPnKSaddict said...

Congradulations Robsessed!!!
Love you pieces Gozde!!

Thanks to Dani and Kate...and all the wonderful ladies of Robsessed!!

tudormyers said...

WOW!!! :))) With all the web sites and the Twitter accounts out there, Rob talks about ROBsessed/Gozde. Congrats!! :)

TwiHartRK said...

Congrats Goz!! They recognize a brilliant, gorgeous and talented woman that gives good quote :)
Love you!!
Love Robsessed!
Thanks to you and Dani and Kate for the best Rob blog.
Thanks everyone for brightening my day with your funny comments to go with the Rob goodness.

TwiHartRK said...

AND - OMR it's ELLE - with luscious pictures and an interesting article too! What a great thing to be part of.

AP said... quite dispassionate interviewer who 'gets' his appeal. lol

Nice plug for Robsessed and well deserved for having been such a steadfast suppporter of Rob - and his films, particularly Little Ashes. Will there be an influx of Swedish visitors?

Kristen doesn't need to worry about critical response for some time to come. No shortage of directors/actors wanting to work with her.

Anonymous said...

yay! Thanks for posting this Gozde & thanks to the girls who translated!

We love Maria!

CullenGal09 said...

Hey Goz! Cheers BB. You def deserve the honorable mention. You, Kate, and Dani are some awesome chicas! Well done.

Oh, and one more thing-the interview being new is great, and it's well done too. Props all around.

GiGi said... are great! Keep up the good work and you deserve the recognition! Gee, maybe one day you'll get to meet Rob...that would be icing on the cake!

I believe Rob does lurk this site. If you go back to the blogs where the conversation was about Nina Shubert, way back, there was an "Anonymous" that was talking about her who knew her and was describing their relationship. That was totally Rob....
I don't know if he blogs anymore, but I'm sure he lurks...I think it's cute that he is connecting with his fans this way....he's very sweet! :)

RPLover said...

woo hoo, Gozde!! congrats on the Elle mention!! :)

Cherry clockwise said...

I almost fel off my bed when I read about Håkan Hellström!
Last year I went to Norway and I discovered his music and literally fell in love with some of them. Now I can understand why. Rob was already there… lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Go Robsessed!!!

sticksandstones said...

@Thansa... You echoed my thoughts precisely. I WAS SOOO envious of the interviewer when she started to describe him.
*double sigh*

It is sooo nice to read that Rob is coming to terms with his success. I had been worried that he would throw in the towel and become a 'real' hobo ;) but now I can cease my worrying.

Congrats Godze on the mention in Elle!!! So exciting. :D

Gemgirl65 said...

Ah, shoutout to Goz! How cool is that! You're famous, chica! :)

lostinphilly said...

Hey Gozde,
Congrats on your mention in Elle magazine;wow girl,getting up there in the big leagues huh? Well if there's anyone who really deserves it hon,it's you.You provide all us Robsessers all we can possibly ask for every day on your website and I,for one, can't thank you enough;all your hard work and determination are very much appreciated. Thanks also to Dani and Kate who give their time to helping you with this awesome website,we love you all! Hey, now I can "fangirl" out on you! LOL.

Rob, if you do lurk here occasionally,I want to say Hello and thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your craft.We love you and appreciate everything you do for your dedicated fans. Your personal life is exactly that, YOUR personal life and no one else's business.Please don't ever change,and in the words of Billy Joel,"I love you just the way you are".


Unknown said...

congrats on the mention Gozde! it has to be more than 5 hours tho, i spend at least that much time on google reader,FFN and FB.

thanks to everyone for translating, somehow the international interviews are always the best for me.

hornycorn hag said...

um.... Ms. Gozde, Ma'am... Can I have your autograph? ;)

Gozde said...

Thank you all so much for the nice words :)) I love you all right back!

Athena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Athena said...

Holy Mother of (this Greek) God! Those arms (and hands)! That stare!!!

Aaaaand... she's preggers, ladies and gentlemen!

Don't have the time to read the article now, but I will read it tonight. Anyway, congrats Goz! Watch out for paparazzi, now ;)!

Sister Imani (Sister Faith) said...

Hey everyone....listen I was just thinking why not hold up signs everytime we see Robert Pattinson rather than just screaming at him. Maybe it would be less stressful to him?

Marna said...

Wow, how cool the mention is, I wonder if it was because the interviewer knows the site or because Rob does. I'm always not saying things here because I would be embarrassed if Rob read them.

That's really creepy about the girl sending the cakes to his parent's house. What was she thinking?

Also, the part where he says he booked for the next 2 years? That means he's going to be living in hotels for the next 2 years. That kind of sucks, he needs a home of his own. That's probably why he always wears the same things, everything has to fit in the 3 suitcases.

Sister Imani (Sister Faith) said...


Spread the word. Let's have people *not* scream at Robert Pattinson when fans see him. Hold up signs instead that say "Hello" or "We Love You" or "Good Job".

What do y'all think?

Sister Imani (Sister Faith) said...

Marna: Hello. Yeah that cake thing is interesting. Maybe she just wanted to reach out but it coming every few days a bit too much. What I was wondering was whether or not his family ate it or if they gave it to charity or just threw it out? I wonder what they do with all the "stuff"? If it were my son I would probably put it in the garage or something.

Marna said...

If some crazy fan was sending cakes to my house, I sure wouldn't eat it. She probably put some kind of "love potion" or something in it thinking Rob would eat it & marry her. Definitely trash it.


robsessed on elle!!!u go goz!now it'd been great if the intervier talk him about this site..I'd like to know his opinnion??crazy fans r way over the obsession
now as for kristen I don't think she's the best actress..(sorry not even close...she's so plain)and I'm not sure she'd say the same about rob usually she tends to critized a lot on the other actors..I don't hate her but that's the truth she's kinda too confident about her acting

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