Volvo Offers a Chance to Win Tickets to New Moon Premiere and MEET ROBERT PATTINSON

You know how angry I am that they changed the silver SEDAN Volvo to a black SUV Volvo right? Well now they say it was Stephenie Meyer(the Holy)'s bro that was responsible for it, lol. I'm tired. I accept the black Volvo. My sister got an S40 last week (a silver sedan that Summit can borrow anytime) and it's an amazing car. Plus they are offering you a chance to win tix to the premiere. And for that I will LOVE VOLVO :) Oh and I hope Rob is getting some dough from this endorsement deal as well. As my friend Kim says "Nobody sells Volvo like Edward f***ing Cullen" :))

Volvo is launching an international promotion around "Twilight: New Moon," the second installment of Summit Entertainment's "Twilight" motion picture series, premiering on Nov. 20.

In the romance film, vampire Edward Cullen drives Volvo's XC60 crossover. Volvo's C30 3-door coupe was featured in the first movie, but this is the first of the films in which Volvo is actually marketing around the car's star turn.

"It was a missed opportunity in the first film because the car had actually four minutes in the film, which is unheard of in product placement," says Linda Gangeri, Volvo's national advertising manager. "It did really well without us doing anything, so with the second film we worked with the studio to develop a global program."

Efforts include ads, social media, interactive games on a cross-promotional Web site, and sweepstakes in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The campaign includes the site, where consumers can enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the film's premier in Los Angeles on Nov. 16, where they will also get to meet the cast.

Volvo is also dangling an XC60 as a prize in an interactive series of "Twilight"-themed puzzles launching Nov. 1 on the site. The game series, running through Nov. 23, tests players' knowledge of the film and lets participants exchange hints via social media.

Gangeri says Volvo will seed comments about the game on Volvo XC60 pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr to generate buzz. The TV ad flight kicks off Nov. 1. She says all elements will incorporate images of the film and elements of the story.

"What we have learned is these fans for this series are so fanatical that the minute you deviate from the story in any way they are not happy. All of the creative you see will be centered on the film, so the 30-second TV spot will use footage from the film that incorporates the car, and the online game is all about the story." Volvo will host clips from the film on the Web site as well.

The film is the right property for Volvo, per Gangeri, because it skews young, and allows Volvo to get outside the "safety" envelope that has defined the brand for consumers for years.

"What happened with the C30 in the first 'Twilight' film was it drew interest among 20-to-30 year olds and people who had never considered Volvo before," she says. "And while the books started out appealing to a teen audience, it has grown exponentially. Women of all ages, they are reading the book. It does relate to what we are trying to do with brand, since we are perceived as 'safe.' This movie gives us an audience of people who haven't acknowledged us before and lets us break out of the paradigm of being seen only as a safety brand."

According to Gangeri, Volvo's XC60 wasn't brought into the movie through deal-making but because author Stephenie Meyer's brother suggested it. "He is very much a car nut; he was charged with deciding which characters drove what in the movie. The Volvo was chosen for Edward because he's the hero, a protector who takes care of Bella, yet he wants to have something exciting and fast and fun," she says.

Volvo's last global movie tie-in was around the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, a sponsorship that comprised Volvo marketing programs in 22 countries. "We are doing a similar cadence with 'New Moon'," says Gangeri, adding that the global project was developed in the U.S. by AOR, Boston-base Arnold Worldwide and Volvo's longtime digital agency Euro RSCG.

SOURCE: Media Post News

Thanks to Kim for the tip


solas said...

I have actually ALWAYS wanted a Volvo (but a station wagon; I'm earth mother), but was never able to afford one yet. (Maybe when the books start selling...)
And I certainly would LOVE to go the premiere, even if it is in an earthquake-prone place only accessible by long plane rides....

Angela said...
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Emily said...

The new Volvo -

Resized &

Angie said...

Well done Emily!

Emily said...

Thanks ADM. Okay, I actually stole that from someone else but I thought it was too good to not post here.

Me too, solas. I wish I could afford a Volvo..

kimberlesk said...

Thanks for the shout-out Goz -- Luv U!!

And I'd love one of those cars, especially if it came with Edward F***ing Cullen!!

Melissa said...

Ditto, Kim!! xoxo

Susana said...

Why not in Spain??? Only US, Canada, France and UK?? It´s not fair! And one of my relatives actually works in Volvo!!!
AH! But the boy IS NOT WITH THE CAR, Gozde! sorry, LOL ;)


GOZDE!!u'r so funny!!I literally fell off my chair!I love when u call "the holy" to stephanie M jajaj...the silver volvo is iconic no need to change it...since when stephanie's brother was in charge of the movie??????

Kymz said...

You can indeed but I read the rules at the bottom - I cant help it, I always have - and It says you will be required to answer a series of maths questions!

What has maths got to do with that at all.

solas said...

All I get when I get to that site is a black background with gold swirls. Remember I am technologically challenged; is there something I need to do differently to try for this?

Athena said...

If the boy comes with the car, I'll buy it, even though I don't have a driving license. He can drive it for me (despite his lack of ability, by his own admission!) :)!

Browneyedgirl said...

Is this model out on the market now? I'm on the market for a new vehicle!

Cori said...

where is germany ?? :-(

ahhh we can only win a Volvo C30 1.6 R-Design.....greate :-(

Kathy said...

I'm still a little peeved by the fact that they changed the color of the Volvo for New Moon. I just don't get why they did it. Twilight always mentioned "the silver Volvo" throughout the book, and now it's black. That's like all of a sudden deciding to change Bella's hair to blonde (even though Edward prefers brunettes). I'm sure I'll be over it by the end of the movie.

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