2 New - New Moon Posters at Hot Topic

The first 2 are new additions. The second poster is called "Edward dreams of Bella" *le sigh*

The posters are $7.99. Are you out of the closet enough to put a Robward poster in your room? Maybe if they had a poster of shirtless Robward? :)) (The posters are clickable and will take you to the hot topic page)
Twilight New Moon Cullens PosterTwilight New Moon Edward Dreams Of Bella PosterTwilight New Moon Edward Trees PosterNew Moon Poster




Unknown said...

I love him!!! I love his eyes, his nose, his lips... He is perfect!!! Rob is the best!!

Mrs. Spunk Ransom ;) said...

You know Summit really know who their target is!
The story is in Bella's POV yet EVERY single on is either focused on Edward or just Edward in all his glory..!

So much for it beings Taylor's time to shine!

And hey I'm not complaining :) Just an observation :D

skorpia said...

Yum yum-non one works torture like ROb! yep-I noticed hes in alot of the movie posters. Poor jacob..does Jacob have his own poster? I hope so.

TheCheshireCat said...

I agree. They need to come out with a shirtless Robward poster! :P

solas said...

I would REALLy like to know how to get these in all the languages in which they are printed.

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