Contact Your Local Theatre To Request Little Ashes

Little Ashes will be in opening in US in select theatres starting May 8th. You can see the schedule HERE. You can also call your local "art" movie theatre and request them to show the movie in their theatre. It is important for the recognition of the movie so pick up your phone and get to dialing :))

Also this is from Little Ashes Promotional Blitz has an older article from Valladolid Film Festival, with some interesting commentary by Javier Beltrán about Little Ashes(via LA Spanish Blog). It gives you some insight to the film.

The special friendship that the playwright Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) and painter Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) had: intellectual, creative and effective, is the main point in the film ‘Little Ashes,' from British film maker Paul Morrison and with the Spanish actor Javier Beltrán who plays the poet. More so than the supposed homosexuality from both, that Morrison does not hide in this film, he also wants to show up to what point both " influenced each other's work and personal life." Javier Beltrán explains before attending the premier of the film in the Valladolid Festival.

"Even though the homosexuality between the two is there and you only need to open three or four books to prove it because it has not been hidden, the director did not try to hide from it with the consensus of all the actors. They have been two very important characters to just treat them as ordinary." Beltrán has made clear that "its not just the story of two people," but the intent to know more of the work of two creators through their lives and in a special way in which the friendship they had in 1922, when they met in La Residencia de Estudiantes, and in 1936, when Garcia Lorca was executed in Granada.

The objective is to find out "how much Lorca is in Dalí's (played by Robert Pattinson) work and how much Dalí is in Garcia Lorca's work" says the actor who incarnates the author of ‘Yerma,' his first acting on film. For Beltrán the objectivity in the treatment of this delicate subject is guaranteed and accentuated in the creation of the director of ‘Little Ashes,' far from the political, social and cultural taboo's with what is could of been a Spanish director. Morrison's "point of view is not conditional" says one of the actors of the film.

Also adding that, by extension, "a film about Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty) and Pepin Bello (Bruno Oro)," among other tenants of Madrid's Residencia de Estudiantes, and also about the denominated "Generation of 27." The movie was filmed in Barcelona, where Madrid has been recreated fro the 20's and the golden years of the Residencia de Estudiantes. Also in Cadaqués (Gerona), where Lorca and Dalí spent a vacation together. Paul Morrison (London, 1944), resides in his native city and has a career as a director, producer and screenwriter in film and television series.

Thanks to Crazy for telling me to encourage people for the requests :)


Anonymous said...

Where should I "contact" to request Rob in person?

Good morning!

Gozde, thanks for answering my e-mail.
So many new threads since yesterday morning, it is hard to keep up.

crazy said...

Thanks Gozde! Another note: I was able to get the movie theater's "office" phone number only by googling it, not thru the number they give you for movie-times info. I'll let you all know how this goes today.

Divinesally said...

I already bought my ticket for May happy. Luckily we have 2 theaters that will be screening it. One of the great things about living in New York City.

Suz said...

I am sooo lucky that Philadelphia has a wonderful art movie house! Sad that I have to wait until June.

I think this movie is going to be the catalyst that moves Rob from teen heart th"rob" to full blown Film Star.

It is going to so exciting to have a first row seat as we watch Rob soar.

I would love if he really did start a production company... I would submit my CV (resume) in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

Sophia, if you find out where we should contact to request a real Rob, pleeeeaaaase, let me know!

Caitlin said...

Does anyone know if I'd be able to request the movie to play in a theatre in Canada? or would it only be possible in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried calling yet? I'm thinking of calling a couple near me. What did you guys say when you called?

Vonnie said...

I can't wait... I got my tickets to see it in Pasadena, CA on May 8th... the tickets are on sale now, though I didn't see it on the Little Ashes website anymore

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