When Robbie Met Bobby :)

Phil Taylor, Bobby Long's manager and the owner of Up All Night Music in London Pdid an interview with Vamp Radio Online last night. He talks about introducing Bobby to Marcus Foster , Rob and Sam Bradley. Talks about Rob coming to the open mic nights :) (And TomStu lovers: Bobby was at Tom's movie premiere "The Boat That Rocked")

You can click on the names to visit their myspace/imdb pages.

(Pictured: Markus, Bobby and Sam at the Twilight Premiere)

Thanks to Rocio as always for the tip :)

If you'd like to see Bobby Perform at Whiskey a Go Go in LA email ahartman@samamglobal.com. Tickets are limited :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, the beginning is really annoying but after about 2 minutes it finally gets to a good interview. The manager sounds like a good guy - someone asked if he was married, ha. I liked hearing about how Bobby got started, and how he met Rob and Marcus.

Anonymous said...

I love them.

Anonymous said...

I also love TomStu :)

crazy said...

I don't have the patience to listen. If you don't mind telling, what does he say about how he met Rob?

signed, Lazy Crazy

Anonymous said...

That's great Tom Stu got some love from his other BFF Bobby. They have strong friendships that will get them through the good and bad times.

I think I feel slightly jealous. Boys seem to keep their connections with friends longer. Us girls have to deal with some shady shit at times.

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