OK Magazine Scans (UK)

Thanks to spunk-ransom.com for sharing the scans. You peeps rock!


Kim said...

Okay, beloved Robkats.
I have fucking finally posted the vid on my blog!
It's dedicated to all of you and watch for a "certain photo" that will hopefully make you laugh your ass off, it's at the end.
Luv ya,
heading out to the fucking beach to unwind after all this tech stuff getting back to nature!

Anonymous said...

you girls went nuts on the last post. I'm afraid to go look there.

Btw, Happy New Years to you all :)

Ellie said...

Stella, tiy changed your blog name!!
Happy New Year, sweetie!

Rob's so level-headed for a 22-year old. I so love that.

Ellie said...


Ellie said...

Jov, wonderful video. check your comments.

La Stella said...

Ellie, I was actually too lazy to log on, but now I have.. so its the same one, lol :)

Kate said...

Thanks Dani for posting these scans, I was gonna buy the mag but now I don't have to,whoo hoo all the trees I've saved by not buying mags this year!!!LOL
Gosh I'd have been worried sick if I was Mama P and Rob's phone died and Icouldn't get in contact (ya I'd make a veri overprotective Mammy LOL)
Anyway going to go look at your vid Jovie ;-)
I'm so jealous of you going to the beach, you wouldn't be doing that here it's brass monkeys outside. Ooh I saw your comment about my blog I really must update, glad you like the beach pic ;-)

Hi Stella {{waves}}

Shandy said...

I may have to go buy this mag now. Even though it is gutter-trash of the worst kind

(well in 2hrs for me anyway)

Katie xxx

babbles said...

Happy New Year Ladies....
And Rob of course!

what lucky girl gets to kiss him ringing in the new year!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey ladies thanks for the awesome blog. You've given me a great wake up into 2009!

Happy New Year from me in Australia! I wish you all the best throughout the year and I look forward to more RPattz doses too!

Happy New Year Mr Pattinson - and thank you for gracing us with your amazing talents and gorgeous looks!



Dani said...

Thanks That Girl....so jealous. I love Aussie Land. My fave place in the world. I cannot wait to go back again someday.

I hope the new year brings you all many blessings.


Kate said...

Whoo hoo it's 2009 here in Ireland.
Happy New year everyone!!!

Jewels64 said...

Jovie you killed me with that special "photo" on your vid. So far I'm the only one who got it! Stella will know who it is too.....

Jewels64 said...

Happy New Years to all our friends who have already rung in the midnight hour! Best wishes and Rob kisses for the New Year!

Kim said...

Hey Macaroni!
Been thinking of you schemexy.

Here's a little blurb I wrote for you


Oh sex hair~I want to frolick in your sex hair forest until I get to your waves and slide down them until that gives birth to unicorns.

Jules after all the holidays crazies I'll finish the erotica thing okay?

Glad to hear you got the photo!
I have been gone and was hoping that everyone would laugh at that but they just thought it was me.

Also, Kate Happy New Year, sweetie!

Thanks for all the nice comments on the vid I luv ya girls and I'll make more, I have loads of songs, in regards to Robert.

Kim said...

I am going to be home for a couple of hours until I got to the bonfire, so I'll leave this on.

Also, Trix LMAO at your co Rob New Years photo! HILARIOUS! Very shady!

Kim said...

"got to the bonfire"
I really need to look at what I type.

Yes, Jules, Stella will know and I hope everyone will now.

Kim said...

Brook, I came home so happy when I came back from being in nature and then I read your comment and I stopped in my tracks. I hadn't thought he might kiss a woman tonight. I mean absolutely never drifted there, in my delusional mind he is happy being single and not interested in a relationship with anyone, to keep things less complicated in his life right now.
He probably already was at a pub or party and by now did some kissing.
I need to go to the fire now and just veg out and have a beer.
I seriously need something now.
Fuck it.
And I was so calmed down on my fucks.

Trixie said...


Okay, so I thought the picture was you. I'm a loser!

Hey, at least you know CO Rob won't be kissing anybody tonight (the lampshade would get in the way).

Trixie said...

Jov - check your email...

Kim said...

LMAO, Trix.
I went to hear Mercy again to cheer me up.
I can't EVER stay still when I hear that song I ALWAYS have to dance. On the plane I had my iPod in and was trying to stay still in my seat but the guy next to me looked at me and I said, "Sorry I can never stay still to Mercy." and he looked at me puzzled and I said "You know Duffy?" he said "No." I game him my hear phones and he started bopping his head.
I missed ya girl.
I'll go skip over and take a look at my e-mail.
I have a surprise for you. I think you're going to like it, lovie.

Kim said...

e-mailed you back...

Kim said...

Trix, I just looked at your avatar closer in the full image and I think that's panties Rob is holding in his other hand, is that correct?
Those are really pretty panties.
I need to go look if the matching bra to them is on his shoulder.
Did he get both off of you?

Kim said...

The bra is gone,
What is around his neck?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to know what photo you are talking about Jules. I can't see the video!

Trixie said...

Jov - yep, panties (thong, of course) in his right hand. They don't match the bra, but are similar. He is wearing happy new year necklaces - nice and cheesy!

Emailed you back... you have a surprise for me???

Okay, dinner is ready. BBL

Jewels64 said...

Hi everyone! I moved up to the next thread!

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