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As a vampire in "Twilight" Robert Pattinson delights millions. Nonetheless he's still lonely... He revealed only us why!

The world gone crazy about this guy with mysterious stare and characteristic, dishevelled hair. No wonder that 22 year old Robert Pattinson played an attractive vampire in "Twilight". As the only group from Poland we meet with him in Los Angeles!

"I'm not suitable for a perfect guy."

Bravo: Is it true that you could have not played in "Twilight"?

Robert: I guess I was the last person that the producers of the movie took into consideration. The castings went on for a year. At first I read that they were looking for an actor to play a role of a 'perfect man' . I didn't go to the auditions at all, cause I thought I'm not suitable for a perfect guy! Director, Catherine Hardwicke invited me for a casting to Los Angeles.

Bravo:Supposedly you convinced her with a love scene!

Robert: Yes. She made for Kristen, who plays Bella - a girl that fell in love with Edward, and me a test scene at her home. It was a love scene on the bed. But I don't know what extraordinary thing I did that I convinced her. (laughs)

Bravo: How did your friends react when you got the part?

Robert:I know one hardcore "Twilight" books fan. We know each other for a long time and when I told her that I got the part she was dumbfounded. She said "What???'ll be Edward?!"

Bravo: Did you meet already some crazy fans?

Robert: When I played Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter" once near the place where we were shooting, a school bus was passing by. Suddenly it stopped and we survived an attack of a crowd of mad with happiness school girls. But "Twilight" is something different. Things like this happen to me everywhere, wherever I appear! Shock!

Bravo: Do you cope with it?

I can't understand it! I always looked the same and nobody paid attention to me. I wasn't girls favourite, on PE I was chosen to the team as the last one. And now everyone go crazy even about my hair! When I wanted to get my hair cut, people told me that I can't because it's my trademark. It's incredible. Week after week the fuss around "Twilight" grows!

Is it true that girls are camping near your apartment in Los Angeles?

It was like that for quite some time. They also leave me notes behind windscreen wiper. They write: 'Call me. Don't be afraid I'm not crazy!' And the next day: 'Please, stop ignoring me! If you ignore me I'll kill myself!'.

Bravo:To shot the movie you had to fly from London to US. Far away from family and friends. Didn't you feel lonely?

I was always a loner. I liked to hide somewhere alone. When it comes to US I come here only for a couple of months to work and then I'm going back home. It's a weird feeling: like I don't leave here, but I spend here almost a whole year! Do I have friends still? A flat? Girlfriend? I managed to get away ofr Christmas to London.

Did you leave someone with broken heart in London before coming here to US?

Hm, I can't remember... (laughs) I don't have luck with relationships. People always scream at me. In relationships and many other situations in life.

Bravo: Was it easy for you to become a vampire?

Robert: I treated Edward like an ordinary men. He's not pleased with being a vampire. Why should he show off with his vampire powers? He wants to be a normal guy, yet he has to feed with blood and kill other creatures. He gets for it an ability of running fast and throwing heavy objects. Lame treaty! I guess I would get bored with it! (laughs)



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I like the second generation english, pretty charming.

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