New Moon Update on Reelz (a little gossipy)

Thanks to our delicious Kate for the link :)


bella's mom said...

*quote* "Any kind of changes and they imediately react online."

They have NO IDEA!!!!! lol

They should just keep up by watching this blog, it's the best one online for the updates!!!

I can only agree with the concensus here, I have high hopes for New Moon, and if they screw it up, I'm gonna be really really disapointed!

Jenny said...

Yes, I am reacting online right now. Immediately. Like we do.

Shandy said...

I want the whole Taylor thing sorted out.

Do we know if he's doing it or not?

Not that I'm really bothered either way, it's not Jacob i go to see, but it would be nice to have confirmation!

Katie xxx

Anonymous said...

it's not even about the action its about the love and in the movie twilight they are awkward!!!

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