The Honor Roll: 20 People That Made an Impact in 2008

We like to do things differently around here, and with every End of the Year Top Whatever List floating around the internet (which are bound by law to include The Dark Knight) and on our own site (which are bound by editorial edict to include Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo), we thought we’d take a fresh look at a different group of people.

So bust out the pomp and circumstance, because we’re presenting the people that made the biggest noise in 2008, the movers and shakers that either moved up the ladder into the spotlight or blew it up and took the elevator, the industry insiders and outsiders who made such an impact this year, that we’ll be looking for them to do even bigger things in 2009.

Since there’s no way to arbitrarily quantify moving and shaking, here they are in no particular order:

Robert Pattinson

Somehow Pattinson transformed a small role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire into a role in a phenomenon of his very own, starring as Edward in Twilight and winning the hearts of every tween girl in the country. He’s already received some positive buzz for his role as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and has several projects in development. Some of our readers may scoff his inclusion in this list, but as of publication, he’s ranked #1 on IMDB as the most searched for film entity, and that’s hard to ignore.

Thanks to Jae Lu for the link :)


Dani said...

HOLY UPDATES BATMAN!!! I am working today, finally back after a week and a half of being snowed in and on holiday. I hope to help out as much as possible but thanks Goz for rocking the site as usual.


And GO ROB for being his fabulous self!

Gozde said...

Hey hun,

Don't worry about it, you've been working so hard :) I'm at home all day today with flu and have too much time on my hands (can you tell?) lol.

I feel for you. It sucks to be back at work after the holidays!

Love ya tons!

Dani said...

Oh Goz babe I am so sorry you have the flu...I hope you feel better soon. I am on a high right now that How to Be is in the mix for distribution. Just so freaking exciting.

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