2 more Top Ten Lists Rob made

He made it to #7 at "The 25 Hottest Hunks in Hollywood" list. He is in amazing company of men on that list ;) (from yahoo!)

Top Ten Eligible Hollywood Bachelors according to yourtango.com

Robert Pattinson, the sexy star of Twilight, has women’s hearts aflutter all over the world after his big break out role as Edward, the movie’s sexy vampire. Known to have the best hair in Hollywood, if you can beat the teens off him, he appears to be sweet and quite smart.


bella's mom said...

And don't forget #1 on the Robkats list!!!

GO Rob GO!!!

Anonymous said...

My top ten list:
1. Robert Pattinson
2. Daniel Gale
3. Edward Cullen
... you get the picture.

Rusharthi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rusharthi said...

Aj my list looks like that too :)
But mine has Toby Jugg and Art in there too.

tea_time said...

"...he appears to be sweet and quite smart."

Correction: He IS sweet and ABSOLUTELY smart.

Love you, Rob!

Anonymous said...

I bet I could beat the teens off him!

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