From the newly released How To Be Newsletter:

It has been an amazing year for How To Be. But first, let's start with some announcements for 2009!

  • We have sold distribution rights for Italy to Just Us Films! Details of the release are being worked out right now, and further news on the Italian release of How To Be will follow in the New Year.
  • For all you American Fans, How To Be is very close to securing a distribution deal for the US! We are also looking forward to UK and other international releases. We will do all we can to keep you up to date!
  • We are also very happy to announce we have been accepted to CineQuest Film Festival in San Jose, California. We'll pass on dates, locations and times as soon as we have them. This will be the first California screening of How To Be!
  • Official film posts, which we debuted at the Austin Film Festival, are now on our website. Please download them, send them to friends, and print them out!
  • Thank you all for your support and interest in the film. It has been a fantastic year and we are very much looking forward to 2009. The How To Be team wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and look forward to bringing you lots of exciting news come January!

You can always check for updates at the official movie site HERE
You can also subscribe for the newsletters and facebook page.
We will of course let you know when the film has gained official distribution for the US, and I will let out an internal and very loud external SQUEEEEE!!! at the coming of that news.

Thanks to takemyhandtonight @ Rob's IMDb board and from RobertPattinsonOnline for the updates and links. And a big thanks to Kat and Kate for sending the links to us :)


Kate said...

Love the top poster! <3

Kim said...

They won't have the full schedule until mid January. But the film festival is Feb. 27-March 9th, so most likely he'll be in pre-production, rehearsal etc. for New Moon, or even possibly filming, who knows, prob he doesn't even know.

Kim said...

Ells, in case you're reading I finally saw your comment that he brought his guitar to London with him and when you pointed that out before I looked at the photos.
Love the photo of him standing on the curb waiting for a car with his guitar case. He looks lonely thou. His duffel bag and lap top bag, prob with so much he treasures in there, and guitar, standing there. It's a visual that is priceless.
I hope he is or had a fun time with his musician friends and also wondered if he was practicing possibly some songs he might have to play in Parts Per Billion, since he will be playing a part of a musician.
Was wondering if he'll have a song or so that he might have to do in PPB.

Kim said...

Also, Stella D, I LUV the new banner you made. Luv how he is leaning on himself. Good stuff girl.

Lynn said...

I must, must, must see this film! Well, the dates wouldn't work for me anyways. Still keeping my fingers orossed for L.A. or the OC!

Kate said...

Lynn, I don't like Cam's kilt!

Jovie I agree what you said about Rob looking lonely standing with the guitar case etc. :-( Hope he's getting a chance to wind down and play some music,hang out with family and friends before all the madness starts up again!

Kim said...

Yes, Kate, it would be nice if he did wouldn't it?
When he brought a guitar and I first saw the photos, I smiled seeing him, holding the guitar case.

Trixie said...

Kate, Jov, Lynn - are you still here?

DirtyD said...

Morning/Afternoon Ladies. I missed chatting with you all last night but my mom had a big party for us so everyone could meet Angelina. I'm off to do some damage at the mall today but hopefully I will be able to chat with you all tonight.

I love the new banner. That man is golden!

Olive Juice

Rominiwi said...

Rob is way too cute in here.
Hugs 4 u girls!

Trixie said...

Damn, I keep missing everyone!

Well, I'll say Hello anyway!

Love the new banner...

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Anonymous said...

Im sooo going to print the one with his head on the refrigerator, lol. I loveeee that picture and you can't even see his face! :)

Kate said...

Hi Trixie sorry I popped off to have something to eat and then went on FB for a while.
Hi Stella, Roma, Dana {{waves}}
Stella I love that pic too but esp love the three in a bed one !!LOL

La Stella said...

Kate, I would love it, if I didn't know they are his parents, LMAO!

btw, thanks on the banner love! :)

Anonymous said...

Stella - gorgeous banner oh twinkly one. Well done!

Dana - I so love that you called your daughter Angelina. I meant to tell you that the other night but couldn't type fast enough.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!
You talented lovey.
Man, I love you girl.

I am trying to write today and it's sunny and I can't stay at the computer anymore.
I'm sorry I missed you Trixie and Dana,love!
Two mindblowing avatars together, such talented ladies we have on this blog.
I want to try to get a vid out to my Robkats before I go drinking tonight.
I am going to enjoy the nice weather and try more, later.
Luv ya Robkats!
Kate and Goz hope you're both back to par soon.
(don't want to take the time to sign in.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jov! You're very sweet. You made me realize I should put my insanity to good use so that's where it went - on my blog. I just added another post to it.

Dani said...

GAAAHHHHHH!!! I cannot wait to see this movie!

You could safely say I am a little jazzed for brings How to Be, Little Ashes and New Moon. Robalicious times!

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