Thanks to Trixie for the Santa Rob pic. He looks fabulous as usual.


Unknown said...

Oh~! Rob found my bra! I've been looking for it! lol

Merry Krisamas all! Have a great holiday!

Keep up the fantastic blog too!



Lynn said...

Dani and Gozde---thank you so much for all your hard work and love! I know that somewhere across the pond and possibly the universe that Rob Pattinson appreciates all that you guys do for Robsessed!

I know that I feel blessed for having met and daily converse with some crazy, beautiful and Robsessed women!

Merry, Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Buen Natale, Joyeux Noel, Mele Kalikimaka, Omedeto Kurisumasu, Froehe Weihnachten, or however you and your family say it!

MUAAAHHHH to you all and olive juice!

Jenny said...

Love all the love & the gals who post here. Happiness all around.

Sherri said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog! I can't seem to get my day started anymore without looking at it! I hope we see much more of Rob in 2009! :) Happy Holidays!

חיה סודרי said...

you are the weardest person
i ever met!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for everything in this blog!! you are amazing- to read this blog everyday is so refreshing and fun. I wish you the best for next year. Lots of love and Feliz Navidad...

Melissa said...

Thank you guys so much for this blog. It is AWESOME! This is the first site I visit in the morning and the last at night...keep up all the good work and manily keep being ROBSESSED!!! I look forward to the coming year...

Happy Christmas!!!!! Hope everyone has a great Holiday!

DirtyD said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm so glad to have found this place and made friends with such a great bunch of ladies.

Have a safe and happy holiday.


Gozde said...

Hugs all around! Ladies, you guys make us want to post, want to find new info, create things. You are the driving force. Without your witty comments Dani and I would be so lonely and just lead a pathetic sad life (okay maybe not Dani but me :))

Love y'all! Thanks so much for all the love!

Rose said...

Mere words cannot express how I feel about this blog...and the people who post here.

Goz and Dani~ You take such good care of all of us. You find the best pictures, the best videos...and you work so hard to make us happy. You have my undying love and devotion.

To all the beautiful, witty, charming women who post here. I seriously don't know what I would do without you. I have finally found people who I can share my love of all things Pattinson, and I don't have to hide my Robsession.
I've gotten to know some incredible people here...Thank you all for sharing Rob with me.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Rob-night!

Sincerely. Olive Juice.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hope you all have a fun, stress-free day

And if anyone here gets extremely lucky and Santa brings them Robert Pattinson for Christmas (i know that was top of my list!) please do post about it and share the all the glorious details ;)

Love to all
Katie xxx

Ellie said...

Merry Christmas to all you beautiful, witty, lusty ladies! You are all so dear to my heart and bring such joy to me.

Dearest Dani and Glorious Goz, you two are very special ladies.
I wish you both a blessed Christmas.

And to you, Mr. Schmexy Robert Thomas-Pattinson, who made this lrrle slice of heaven possible, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and the best of life's little surprises! *big, wet, juicy kisses on that fabulous face, those luscious lips, that juicy jawline, that...well, you know... xoxoxo

Olive juice to you all, very much!!! xoxoxo

Ellie said...

*little slice of heaven... :)

babbles said...

Merry Christmas to All!!! And to All a good night *wink wink*...

Thnx to Goz, Dani and all the Ladies, Oh how far have we come from our first comments to now! Oh how far Rob has come, Did I just say Come and Rob in the same sentence, Oh it is a Very Merry Christmas indeed!

bella's mom said...

To all my beautiful Robkat Sisters, I wish each of you a wonderful Robilicious Christmas! May your hearts be filled with contentment, and your houses filled with love and laughter.

To our Dani and Goz, we Olive Juice you both soooo much!!! You give us reason to gather and share the degradation.

To the very Shmexy Robert, we all wish you were with us, BUT we are glad you are home with your family, and I'm sure each and every one of us will return after Christmas to continue the ogling, the aaahhhing and the drooling.

Merry Christmas all you crazy, shameless, sex-minded, Robsessed, people!!!

WildCat said...

I know I only joined recently, but you have all been so welcoming, so thank you for that.

Happy Holidays to you all, and here's to a fabulous 2009!!

Trixie said...

Wishing all my fellow Robsessors a joyful holiday! I am so happy to have met you all and look forward to continuing my robsession with you in 2009!

Goz and Dani - a special thank you to you for creating such a wonderful place to share our love of Rob!

Happy Holidays!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Dani and Goz for creating a wonderful blog, and most importantly introducing us to new people who I am happy to call my friends :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

bree said...

Happy holydays to all of you! thank you Goz and Dani for everything , you have made the past 3 months just amazingly fun, I don't post too much, but I've been following you girls; thanks to all of you, jewls my personal samantha from sex and the city, lynguys and her always smiling face, emily the irish heartbeat, jovel and her poetry, brook and her madness, stella and her " sex hair" , mich and my willing to eat tacos, bellas mom and her wisdom, uhh ....anyway to all of you big thanks.
felice natale!

Anonymous said...

          \ /

Merry Chrismas! Many heartfelt thanks to Dani & Goz for creating this RPattzland amusement park. And to all you lovely ladies who share my Robsession and Paddiction.

May craziness abound in 2009!

Rominiwi said...

Merry Christmas for all of you sweeties!
To Goz & Dani... thanks 4 all! c:
I hope all your wishes come true tonight! (yes, even those with Spunk Ransom on it... xD)

Lots of love.

eternaltwilight said...


Jewels64 said...

Gozde, Dani...WOW! What a ride this has been! I can't remember when I've had so much fun! I've never wanted to stay home so much in my life!

Thanks ladies for all the hard work, time and love that you put into this blog! I can't live without it! It's just about the best damn thing besides his holy freaking hotness himself!

To all my favorite women who post and laugh until we cry...Olive Juice Gals! Y'all are a bunch of first class women who not only share in my Robsession, but have hearts as big as Dallas!

Rob, what can I say? I adore you! You are such a phenomenon! You have no idea the havoc you are wreaking...KEEP IT UP!

Merry Christmas to all and here is to sharing a wild 2009 together!

Kat said...

Dani and Goz... a big huge sloppy wet kiss coming at both of you for this wonderful place of Robsession that you provide us with. I can't start my day, or end it, without checking in to see what Rob news is out there as well as to chat with the wonderful group of women you have brought together.

The Robkats, Olive Juice you all. You are the icing on the cake that Dani and Goz baked. Your wit, charm and love is infectious.

Mr. Pattinson himself... the ingredients for the cake. Wow, what can I say, you just ooooze love.

Happy Holidays to you all.. have a wonderful few days and raise a glass (or two or three.... or four) to more Rob filled hijinks in 2009

Crazy Lady said...

Just wanted to add my many Thanks for your blog....Much Thanks Dani & Gozde! Thank you so much for feeding my daily Robsession it is sooo Yummy!

May everyone have a wonderful Holiday!
May you keep warm where ever you are & may happiness fill your days----with naughty thoughts of Rob. ; )

Tess said...

Hello My lovely Dani and Gozde!!

Thank you for feeding our addiction on a daily (and sometime hourly basis). I heart you and many, many of the other commentators of this place BIG time.

Thank you for countless hours of fun, fantasy's and camaraderie. Olive Juice..

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