Premiere Magazine Mexico Scans

I have only posted the scans of the mag with images we haven't seen you can go HERE to source and see the full scans. Mag is in Spanish, so if you can understand enjoy mucho!


Lynn said...

I love how Crepusculo rolls off of your tongue, it sounds prettier then Twilight. I will use my fourth year Spanish to figure out the article.

Rob in any language is my jam!

La Stella said...

I would glady translate it for you guys, so if you want me to, just say so. ;)

Lynn-- I hate the name crepusculo. I don't like words that end in those four letters. :|

Lynn said...

Stellaluna---go for it! Actually, I only like if it's pronounced properly (huge pet peeve for me!) and said in a radio announcer's voice...."CREPUSCULO".

La Stella said...

Lynn-- I'm very obnoxious about certain words. LMAO.

I'll get back to you guys later with the translation, but for now, I give you *fanfare*

ROBSTU! *cheers and clapping*
pattinson-sm okes-and-drinks-
20081125&index=1 6

Lynn said...

Stellaluna--you are an original!

For you: Crepusculo es mi pellicula favorita!

Since, I know how much you love those four little letters!

Lynn said...

Stella---thanks for the link! I feel like the biggest voyeur watching that vid clip...UGH! Dude, I thought at first with the pic of Rob with TomStu that they were inside....I am surprised (then again not) that the Marmont still allows patio smoking.

For the love of all that is holy, why do I find Rob's smoking so incredibly sexy....I want to be the one with the lighter.

DirtyD said...

Lynn-- just read your comment about you feeling loopy on the iv meds. That's how I was the first time when I had my son. All they did was made my head spin but I still felt pain. This last time around when I had my daughter it worked alot better. I was still loopy but at least I could concentrate. But you're right the epidural is magic.

La Stella said...

Lynn-- I felt bad for seeing the video too, but when I saw Tom walking infront of the paparazzi with his head high.. I dunno, loved him.

I have a fixation with the Malboro guy, so I know why I find lanky, tall, stub wearing, smoking guys so incredible hot.

DirtyD said...

Wow that third pic of Rob from x17 is yummy yummy in my tummy good. The hair, the beard. The unbottoned shirt...beautiful

Eva said...

Oh, dear, why they don't leave Rob alone.
It's soo funny how here people flip that someone had few beers. In Bulgaria 22yo dont even consider beer as alcohol.

Rob does make smoking sexy!

It felt wrong watching the video,I have been thinking to take little Robless vac for few weeks.
I will give Rob a break and go stalk my other british crush- Sam Riley for while:)

...may be it's too late...I felt to deep into my Robsassion...when did this happened?!

Lynn said...

Stella---I love how Tom kinda of walks at this serious pace and doesn't even make eye contact with anyone. The guy works that plaid shirt. Rob's fortunate to have him close, I'm sure it's very comforting him (won't going in to the logistics, ahem!).

La Stella said...

Lynn-- Dani already went into the logistics over at the IMDb board. Yeap..

Eva-- Every single day I wake up I say, I won't go to the blog or the IMDb board, but every single day I'm here saying the first stupid thing that comes to mind. LOL.

Girls-- this article sucks, it basically has about four questions with Rob to which we all know the answers to by now and it gives a history lesson about vampires&werewolves in the movies and tv.

Lynn said...

Dana---I hear ya! I had the worst back labor with babe #3, who was facing posterior. The Stadol could not even touch that kinda pain. I got the epidural at almost 10 cm and never looked back. Oh, and she was 11 1/2 lbs.

On to cheerier topics then labor, Rob in that blue down shirt is to die for....I wish he wasn't hiding the suspenders.

Lynn said...

Stella---post the link, please! I love it when Dani talks the Bromance.

La Stella said...

I know, I love the bromance talk so much. I'm afraid I'm going to start believing everysingle thing we say LMFAO.

Kat said...

OK, I'm cracking up at that IMDB thread... the "He's not drunk, he's British"... I'm not sure if I should take offence or LMAO to that one :-)

La Stella said...

Oh we get that too much in Mexico. Apparently, we grow up drinking tequila and resting on cactus over here.

Lynn said...

Stella---I would never think none the less.....boracho y loca!

Hey, you and Dani are quite the funny ones. I have posted on there a few times...but, it's rather nutty.

BTW, I just told my non-reading Twilight friend about How To Be and Little Ashes. And, once she heard Rob and the words, "guy on guy", she was like "oh, I am so in".

La Stella said...

Lynn-- I'm proud to say, I do hold my tequila pretty well :), but I rather not talk about vodka LMAO.

It's funny, why does "guy on guy" sound so effing good?

DirtyD said...

Lynn-- wow kudos to you for delivering an 11.5 pounder. My son was only 6lbs 2 oz and my daughter was 7 lbs 1/2 oz. I guess I was lucky in the weight department.

Stella- tequilla, your brave girl. Tequilla does bad things to me. I'll take shots of vodka over tequilla any day!

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