Talks music w/ Rob

SHOCKHOUND: Who is one of your favorite bands?

ROBERT PATTINSON: On set, I turned everyone onto Van Morrison. They all recently went to see him, pretending that they knew about him before me. I said, "You don't know what you're talking about!" I was going to the show already, and they were like, "We're all going as well." Copycats! [Laughs]

KRISTEN STEWART: The Beatles are a band I've grown up with, grown out of and grown back into a million times. It'd be weird to say anything besides the Beatles. However, we all became entirely obsessed with Van Morrison on this film. Rob [Pattinson] will take credit for that, and he'll resent all of us for taking that from him. [Laughs] However, we were obsessed — really obsessed. We saw [his live performance of] Astral Weeks at the Hollywood Bowl, and it was baffling. It was truly amazing. Van Morrison screams sometimes, and the way he emits is hard to describe. I liken it to when I find a script that I like. I can't describe what I like about it. It says something to me. It stirs me up, and that's what this music does.

SHOCKHOUND: What's one of your favorite songs on the film's soundtrack?

PATTINSON: It's funny because I gave Catherine a ton of songs I was listening to when I was shooting the film. They were all very different. I gave her music from a lot of young female acoustic singers. One artist was a girl named Laura Marling. I don't know if she's famous in America or not. She's really young. She's 18 now, but she wrote loads of songs when she was 16. It's very desperate music. I was also listening to a lot of music from György Ligeti. He's this Polish composer. It's all very different from what ended up on the soundtrack — Linkin Park and such. [Laughs] I didn't even give Catherine my song, "Never Think," for the soundtrack. Nikki [Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale] gave it to her. My song wasn't supposed to be for the soundtrack though. Catherine cut the song to the scene on her own. To have a career in music is so hard, especially now. So many people will try to influence you. Even now, because I've got the song on the soundtrack, people are saying, "We want to give you a contract…then you have to do all this shit. You have to do a co-written album. You can co-write one song on your album. You have to do it in white makeup on the cover and call it Out of Twilight." [Laughs]


MiCh said...

GAAAAHHHH.. I REALLY love this guy!

With this huge and sudden fame, any other guy will be looking for a franchise or something, you know, "I'm an actor and this is my new film, also I'm singer and my CD will be available next year, also my perfume and clothing line is coming out.. and dont forget my naked calendar".. Seriously, it will be SO EASY for him to do that now..

But no, our boy is not a sheep, he's very unique and he wants to stay true to what he is! Can he be more perfect?

Awww.. I'm in love.. :(

Kate said...

No he can't Mich. i think that's why we all love him!!! ;-)

MiCh said...

Ooops, I mean "it'd be so easy for him.."

Edit button please!

Tess said...

What comes out of his mouth and because of how he thinks is exactly why I'm so infatuated!!

He's a WYSIWYG..

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