Site Crashing?

Hi guys,

We try to keep up with the comments but sometimes things get lost in there. If you experience problems with the website please email me at

I can't fix the bug/glitch if I don't know there is one :-)
If you can't access the site with internet explorer, shoot me an email and also try mozilla firefox, which is another internet browser. You can download it here.



Lynn said...

Goz---thanks for the head's up...I am working on my daughter's computer and thought that had something to do with the "glitch". Thanks for making things better! You are magnificent!

Gozde said...

Muah Lynn! Thanks for letting me know :-)

Gozde said...

I'm going to bed now, good night :-)

Lynn said...

You are so welcome!

Olive juice and sweet Rob dreams!


Ellie said...

Goz--I was having trouble last night, too..thought it was just my computer. Thanks for working on it; I was going into temporary Rob-withdrawal. It was agonizing!!! lol

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