Teen.com TV Interviews with Rob

In the one of the videos he says "Giselle" when asked who he'd want to live an eternal life with. He really likes himself some top models huh?

Enjoy :)

P.S.: I was out all day, haven't read any emails or comments. Sorry if I missed anything, looks like Danilicous was on it :))


Jewels64 said...

Hi Goz! How was your dinner party? Thanks for hitting us up with our last up to date minute fixes for the evening. Sigh...what a lovely video!

You So Rock Girl! You have a talent and tenacity for finding Rob stuff 24/7! LOVE YA FOR IT!

Gozde said...

Aww, thanks Jules! I actually posted the Jackie and Bender interview at the party, lol. I told them I had to check my email, asked for the laptop and updated the site. I need help :-))

I need to see Twilight again but I have no time! Maybe on Monday when I make it to NYC.

Love ya too.

and Lynn, if you read this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

Lynn said...

Thank you, Goz! I will have to look at the interviews tomorrow. You are rockin' again, keep up the good work.

Good night, lovelies!

Gozde said...

Nite nite Lynn!

Jewels64 said...

G'nite Lynn! Sweet Rob dreams to ya on ya b-day!

La Stella said...

Lynn-- happy birthday girl. Hugs and kisses, hope you have a great time.

Jules-- like I told you, my mind was in the gutter the whole time I saw the movie. I kept giggling imagining things, and the sister was mad at me for not sharing. She tought I was laughing because of something in the books.

Goz-- I find myself doing those sort of stuff always. I always sneak at partys to use the computer, lol.

Twilight-Maggie said...

These videos were really cute. Rob said Giselle then took it back and said he would get sick of the same person after three hours and would rather spend eternity with books!!

Books!? He is too adorkable for words.

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