Robert Pattinson Making You The Love in Gucci

Robert Pattinson Making You The Love in Gucci

This man can wear a suit like no other. Who knew the maroon Gucci was going to spark a trend for him to steer clear of basic black as much as possible? We have Paris, Barcelona, London, and Australia to look forward to during his Water for Elephants international press tour. Are you not giddy just thinking about the possibilities? I teased the idea of hunter green and Marina, our lovely wallpaper maker, is dying for eggplant. Are our selections to girly? Are we stretching Rob too far?

Only time will tell and some of that time is less than 24 hours away. WFEParis here we come! Until then, enjoy this gorgeous wallpaper from Marina :)


Click and save for HQ GucciRob!

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