Chris Weitz Wishes Robert Pattinson Had Been Able To Attend Premiere Of "A Better Life"

Last Tuesday night was the Premiere of Chris Weitz's new movie "A Better Life" and Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner attended the premiere at the LA Film Festival but there was one of his "New Moon" stars that wasn't able to attend and was missed by Chris.......yeap Robert Pattinson.

Chris mentions him in the vid below around the 0:30 mark

Oh and psst Chris, come 'ere, *whispers* Rob is shooting in Canada and don't mind what your one says on this video, we do care about the movie ;-)

Good to see that Chris understands about Rob not being able to attend unlike this person who tweeted him after the premiere the other day


Chris promptly replied with

You tell 'em Chris!
He then got this reply


Ah....ya.......I think Chris (along with us) knows that he has Rob's support and that if he had been able to attend the premiere then he would have been there.
Really there's no pleasing some people!

And another video from the premiere where Chris talks about how talented the "New Moon" cast are and how he's anxious to see how they are going to shoot the "birth" scene in "Breaking Dawn"

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