Is it Pattinson or Pattison?

Surely a Public Relations company would check things like spelling... or maybe not!


Monarch Airlines has a public relations firm who apparently doesn't bother with pesky things like spelling. They sent us the above "Top Trump Card" for a new campaign they're launching.

It took me all of 0.25 seconds to spot the error - which was not only on the card itself, but also in their email.

Now, looking at the firms website, there are plenty of women in that office... sheeeesh, they should know better.

Attempt to ride on the coattails of Rob's success FAIL.

*To save the company embarrassment I have refrained from naming them here... for now anyway ;-p

Update: After gently letting them know they might want to check their spelling... we got an apology (????) and a revised card!


Ahhhh, I can breathe a sigh of relief. That's better.

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