Justin Timberlake talks Robert Pattinson and his style to Playboy


Justin Timberlake sat down with Playboy magazine and Robert Pattinson's steeze entered the convo:

PLAYBOY: You’ve also influenced people with your fashion choices, including your clothing line, William Rast. You wear a certain hat or sneaker and suddenly everyone’s wearing it. Does that ever feel weird?

TIMBERLAKE: I don’t think about my influence on stuff like that too much. I see a lot of young guys dressing more like I should have been dressing when I was their age. Robert Pattinson dresses properly. He’s more adept than I was. But I don’t know. I don’t think there’s been one specific person other than Sinatra who has influenced my style.

Click HERE to read Justin's entire interview.

I like that Rob has a unique style going on. He's hobolicious and red carpet killa. A bit of a flashback, talking with Glamour UK during WFE promo, Rob talks about his style. Starts at 3:15 but watch the whole thing. It's Rob. ;)

I loved him when he talked his style. He was so cute about it. :)

Browse Rob's Coolspotters page as well to see where some of his pieces come from. Click HERE to give it a look :)

Source: Playboy

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