More speculation about Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami release dates

More speculation about Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami release dates

Rob is a lil bit annoyed, a lil bit frustrated...and so are we!


"Why they hate us?" ~jittzpattzing

This question was tweeted to me after the news I'm about to share and I sobbed in my custom-made Bel Ami DuRob pillow for hours.

From fansite, Bel Ami UK:

We cannot advise on the US release I’m afraid. However, in terms of with UK release, we do now have some news which may not be terribly favorable to yourself or the fan base.

It has now been confirmed that the release of BEL AMI will be moving to the start of next year due to talent availability. The availability of the cast is obviously always a key consideration for any film campaign, and having them available to support in the run up to release is of course always preferable.

Apologies for the disappointment this news will bring. Please allow us to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and rest assured we will be in touch when have some news on the campaign.

I don't live in the UK but this is rubbish! Why is there so much f*ckery surrounding the release of Bel Ami???

Want some more absurdities? Well apparently the film is going straight to DVD in Denmark. *scowls*

A google translation from

The film has had several different premiere dates lately on 8 September. Now canceled movie theaters entirely and instead released directly to DVD.

The rumor for a US release date of October 19th has been floating for a week HERE and HERE.

Hope this to be true but the recent info regarding the UK and Denmark is troublesome. The Bel Ami UK fansite has a source close to production that they trust but this is all still speculation. Feel free to sob in your pillows as well but try and keep hope alive! The film needs it!

Denmark: Source
Via: Source | Source
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