RUMOR: Robert Pattinson naked on Cosmoplis set?

RUMOR: Robert Pattinson naked on Cosmoplis set?

Ok, Rob...start with the pants...take it ALLLLL off...


Now I wasn't even going to go there. I don't like posting things like this because there's NO way to prove it and you just know these stories spiral out of control. It's a tease!!!

However, the author of the following information tweeted me back after my initial skepticism. I admired their insistence. So let's have fun with it and venture into fantasyland.

Honestly, it's not a stretch if you've read Cosmopolis. ;)

My VERY reliable source tells me that yesterday (June 27, 2011) Robert Pattinson spent naked for about 12 hours save for something covering his privates on the set of Cosmopolis shooting scenes. (Tink: and I die immediately)

As soon as this source said the words naked with Robert Pattinson’s name in the same sentence I kind of blanked out and started drooling a little (lot). I think RPattz was in bed for the majority of that time (clearly it was an in-the-studio shoot) but I can’t be 100% sure. My source? I am totally 100% sure about.

I asked if Robert Pattinson was embarrassed to be laying about with his junk barely covered and source said ‘not at all’ and that RPattz was very cool. (Tink: If he's so not embarrassed, why doesn't he walk around naked in the the streets holding his privates? Huh?)

In fact source told me that RPattz is ‘the nicest guy, very level-headed and not at all affected by show business’. (Tink: Again, proof that he should just walk around naked in the streets. Him not walking around naked proves he's affected by show biz.)

The set of Cosmopolis itself is an amazing place to be (as I’ve heard from others). Oh, and because the source knows how I love dogs, told me that RPattz’s rescue dog is getting so big and is as big a sweetheart just like its owner. (Tink: Awww....Bear gets a shout out. Difficult to concentrate though on cute Bear when the post is about Rob being naked.)

Not earth-shattering news, (Tink: um....yes it is! my earth is a pile of broken glass, everywhere) but just one more reason to wait anxiously for Cosmopolis to hit theatres. Let’s just hope David Cronenberg (who I’m told is amazing) doesn’t CUT those scenes out or down (although I don’t think I can expect the full 12 hours of a naked Robert Pattinson in the film). (Tink: Does DC know we would never leave the theater if he released 12 hours of naked Rob? Do the studios realize THIS is the golden ticket?)
Here is my tweet convo with Dreamweaver (my affectionate nickname for her that I made up just now) that made me say it was post worthy:
Me: oh god i wish this was true
Dreamweaver: it is source is reliable...very reliable
Me: u know i cant believe you right? but i enjoyed your post nonetheless :)) its a lovely thing to imagine *sigh*
Dreamweaver: lol perhaps we should wager a bet??
: i'll bet u anything if u can prove THAT.
Dreamweaver: I personally don't have the evidence (I wasn't there) but I would bet my dogs' lives (and they r like kids 2 me) that it's true. THAT'S how reliable my source is
Me: but i dont even know u. u dont know me. ive never seen your blog before. ur avi is too cute but it could be fake. im not really MY avi ;) im just a cynic about this stuff. ignore me ;) i really DID like reading it. i wish i could post it. maybe i will for fun ;)
Dreamweaver: Lol I totally understand your me I do..and I'm not going to try to convince u..that's cool I know the truth xo
Me: i wish i knew the truth. im jealous of the truth your source knows. oh what they must have seeeeeeeen. O.o
Dreamweaver: lol I don't think my source 'saw' what I would have hoped to see hehe
Me: so much teeeeeasing. *turns on fan*
Dreamweaver: LOL
Me: you laugh. you know this is no laughing matter. very serious. Rob naked is the holy grail. well...there are a couple holy grails but this is a big one. mustn't joke about the big one.
Dreamweaver: HAHA I would NEVER joke about the big one...never

Well. My mind is telling me no....but my body is telling me yes. ;)

Believe at your own peril. I'm already spinning out of control. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

Source: I Need My Fix
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