Sighting of Robert Pattinson out and about in Toronto

A couple of days ago, there were many reports of Robert Pattinson out and about in Toronto at the Vice magazine party. There is some festival or music happenings going on in TO and he hit up the scene. For me, the best sighting of Rob came from one of the party host's facebook wall:


I'm glad he realized Rob was a god. And that he was nice and understanding. This is typical news for us. Rob's holiness should always be acknowledged and who DOESN'T know Rob is King SuperNice when they meet him? What struck me as funny was actually the comment under the post.


Who the hell is first in command, guuuuuuysss???? We need to know this. I've called Nick about it and he hasn't gotten back to me. My mind is boggled. All this time I thought my cult leader was Rob. My whole planet is thrown out of orbit. What does she know that we don't?! Please! Let me know. ;)

xoxo to Marina for playing along with me and making this mock poster for our "cult". Can you figure out her Easter egg?

Facebook: Karl McKay
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