Ogling Robert Pattinson Makes You More Productive At Work - Yes Apparently It's True

So apparently a study has proven that ogling Robert Pattinson can make you more productive at work.

The LATimes says that according to a report from the National University of Singapore “Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function.”
Researchers said at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management in San Antonio this week that so-called cyberloafing can refresh workers mentally after long periods of work.

Thanks to RobPattzNews for the tip.

So now the next time your boss catches you checking out Robsessed you can show them this and explain that it will make you more productive.

We thought we should put this to the test and are conducting our own little experiment.

Sit back relax, ogle and get more productive with me.....

Let's see if your bosses will thank me at the end of this ;-}

SO are you all feeling very productive now??

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