Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn cast in full size movie poster

Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn cast in full size movie poster

UPDATE #2: Summit emailed and said: "it is NOT an official one-sheet. It is actually licensee art from NECA." Cool. I don't know who or what NECA is or why they are the ones giving fans the first view of any kind of Breaking Dawn poster but here's hoping Summit blows our mind with the official one-sheet.

UPDATE: I was sure fans asked Jack Morrissey about this poster and after checking his twitter timeline, I was right. He shared the following:

  • That's another promo poster and not a theatrical poster.
  • Bill's role in this poster: no he doesn't sign off on that stuff.
  • The theatrical designs I got to see were very pretty
  • How long until we see them: You don't have to wait that long...
  • On wanting a more romantic poster with E&B and less stiff: You're going to get what you want.
  • On BD theater poster: It won't suck. Promise.
  • Regarding Bella's hair: I honestly don't think you'll have any complaints about that in the movie...
  • Again, there'll be lots more to choose from in a couple months, give or take.
  • Complaints about the poster and lack of covers: Just you wait. Also, two EW R/K covers aren't enough for you by now? No? Okay, just checking - sheesh! ;-)
  • Of course there will be more posters, but whether you like them is yet to be determined!
  • Fan stating all they really need is one good pic of E&B how hard is that: They're comin', they're comin'...
Thanks to the fans who asked Jack questions and thanks to Jack for being kind and informative. We know our fandom can get....intense. ;)


I can not act pleased. I can't stand this poster. Maybe it's not the theater poster. *clings to hope*

I should stop typing before I get belligerent. Hope you like it :)

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