Robert Pattinson still starring in Unbound Captives?

Robert Pattinson still starring in Unbound Captives?


Before you read the article, I want you to know I am HIGHLY skeptical about it. I didn't want to post it but the news is spreading and you should know what's being discussed.

There is no direct quote from Madeleine Stowe that says Rob is still attached to the project. It is the reporter who makes the statement. If the reporter did a google search on Unbound Captives, who would she find is attached? Rob, Hugh, and Rachel. That's what I think happened and until there is a direct quote from Stowe or Rob or the like, I don't think this is happening for Rob. Until the news is coming from a credible industry source, I don't think this is happening for Rob.

That said, read it and see what you think on the matter. ;)

Excerpt from MySanAntonio (Aug. 9, 2011):

Until recently, The Last of the Mohicans star [Stowe] and her actor-husband, Brian Benben (Private Practice), owned a cattle ranch in the Texas Hill Country, 11 miles outside Fredericksburg. They and daughter May, who was born in San Antonio's Methodist Hospital, lived there for many years. Stowe said she had enjoyed being away from the bustle of Hollywood and throwing herself into riding, roping and cutting. However, out of practicality, they moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

While at the ranch, Stowe came up with the idea to write "a large romantic Western" that was inspired, she said, by stories of the Hill Country in the late 1800s. "I heard about children who were abducted by Comanche Indians and became so acculturated that they had a hard time returning.

"Our ranch had a real history," she added. "When I lived there, I felt a certain way about Texas that I hadn't seen filmed yet."

She'll start directing The Unbound Captives next year, she said, and already has rounded up the main cast: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson.
We'll have to wait and see...

Source: MySanAntonio | Via: RobPattzNews
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