"How Did Robert Pattinson Feel About Being Voted Sexiest Man In The World?" Kristen Stewart Spills The Beans

Kristen Stewart Tells "Glamour" Magazine how Robert Pattinson felt about being voted sexiest man in the world and also talks "Breaking Dawn" sex scenes and originally being rated "R" !
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Transcript (only the Rob bits)
...............She's also sticking to her resolve in staying under the radar about the likely-but-never-confirmed-nor-denied relationship with Robert Pattinson. With gossip columnists alternately reporting that they are together, aren't together, have broken up, are back together, does she never feel like just going on the record about how it really is? Apparently not. "It's funny when this question comes up, because I sort of feel like, I don't really care!" she says, looking like she truly doesn't. "People can say whatever they want …" She trails off, then adds, "[The interest] is totally understandable, but when it's personal to you, it's like your life becomes a product, and I'm repelled by that. I don't like to give away gems that people are gonna be like. 'Oh my God!' So I'll always just shrug it off -- in fact, I always find it kind of funny, and not just with Rob."

Since there's no real-life Kristen/Rob exclusive forthcoming, we stick to the on-screen version of their romance. We're here to talk about the fourth installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, which picks up as Bella and Edward prepare to get married. Every Twilight movie has been hyped to an enormous degree, but the existence around this one has been even more rabid, close to that headboard-breaking, pillow-biting honeymoon sex scene between the newlyweds. "On a particular level, it's entirely true that it's the most important scene in the whole movie, but obviously it goes without saying it's been built up at this point to an insane degree," she laughs, before acknowledging that even she was slightly shocked by Bella's burgeoning sexuality. (Kate: {giggle}) Well "There are two big sex scenes in the two [final] films, and we did them fairly early. It was so weird, it didn't even feel like we were doing a scene within a Twilight film. I was like, 'Bella! What are you doing? (Kate: she was finally doing what we wanted her too, that's what!) Wow! What is happening here?!' It was very surreal. We [originally] got rated R [restricted for under 17s], They recut it." (Kate: WHAT??? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

Does she realize, I say with a raised eyebrow, that people would pay good money to see the original R-rated version of the sex scene? "It was tame!" she insists, (Kate: I still wanna seeeeeeeeee) adding, "I've done my fair share of coming-of-age movies, but they [the ratings board] know who our audience is, and can be like, 'Hmmm guys, just cool it a little.' It's funny because in the book, you don't see anything. It's everyone's imagination, so it's entirely subjective. I hope it's good!" (Kate: Oh it will be, I just know it!)

Speaking of her co-star's ripped physique, did she know her last three films feature six of GLAMOUR's top 50 sexiest men, namely Rob, Taylor, Kellan Lutz, and Jamie Campbell in Breaking Dawn, Garrett Hedlund in On The Road and Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman? Is that just good luck or some astute film choices? She starts laughing again, and it transpires that such polls provide endless on-set ammo. (Kate: Now why doesn't THAT surprise me) "The first time Rob was the 'sexiest man in the word', a couple of years ago, it was the biggest joke in the world. We never stopped taking the piss and neither did he. (Kate: I can see it now{giggle}) [But] they're all great guys and not … geez, now I sound like I'm generalizing about attractive men, but there's something a little vain about working out every single day, whereas they're the greatest guys and all kind of goofy. That's why it's so funny."

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