Carter Burwell Talks Piano Playing Robert Pattinson & Gets Me All Hot & Bothered

Carter Burwell (composer for Twilight) was interviewed by Sag Harbor Online. He spoke about working on "Breaking Dawn Part 2" and mentioned working with Robert Pattinson

*sigh* I love this pic


At what point in the filming process will you come onboard? Is the film usually finished by the time you see it and set the score?

Generally, I don’t actually write anything until a film has actually been shot. But, there are some exceptions.
In the movie I’m working on right now, which is “Breaking Dawn: Part II,” they needed Rob Pattinson and the actress who plays his daughter to play piano onscreen. I had to write this duet before they shot the film so they could actually learn the parts. Rob is a musician, so he prides himself on working out the fingering for these correctly.

Source via gossip-dance

And of course reading that get me all kinds of excited. I love seeing Rob play the piano (you guys know why!! )


STARES *Gah* snaps back to reality........
Anyway that brings me back to this video (any excuse to watch it again!)

Enjoy the talents of Mr Pattinson (and the pouty lips, the fingers and the downright gorgeousness)
Who else could just listen to him play piano FOREVER. This is one part of "Breaking Dawn Part 2" that I'm SUPER excited about!!


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