*SPOILER POST* Sneak Peek at Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami

*SPOILER POST* Sneak Peek at Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami

We've known about the Bel Ami Belgium event for awhile and now the day is here. The film is currently being viewed so we'll post tweets and reviews that come out today after the cut. Can you handle it??



  • @JTorres1970: OH MY GOD!!!! Just came home from watching Bel Ami. GREAT MOVIE, incredible acting by Rob, Uma, Christina, Kristin etc.- THANK YOU!
  • @thatbelgiumfan:  just got home saw BEL AMI robert is greeeaaatttt in it Robert Pattinson did some great acting in Bel Ami I (as a fan) never thought he was capable to!! RP performance in BA was great I saw some very strong scenes!!! It was "a new" Pattinson I saw. all the three leading ladies were exellent too! the crowd was there for a film night it was a filmloving audience and not just RP fans. the overall opinion is that is was great acting but not everybody liked it, it is no feel-good movie. it was RP best performance> I believed him from shot 1 and never thought of any other character he ever played! He WAS George
  • @BikiniStew: OMG!!! BEL AMI WAS THE SHIT!!!!!!!! OH LORD SO GOODDDDDD. you'll see Robert's naked ass. IT WAS GREAT! I'd say it's Oscar worthy. Such a good performance of all the actors. Completely blown away by Rob! Robert has such a sexy ass lol This may be one of Robert's strongest performances. Loved him in this film! It's not close to the book though, there are some big scenes that are the same, but not so much! his naked ass is just so sexy lol. And he fucks + kisses a lot, but after all, I think it's such a good film with a good story! it's just so unffffffffff, so many times lol he has this lovely smile all the time and just the way he speaks unf
  • @AdoringStew Bel Ami was amazing! Rob I'm so proud, your acting is getting better each movie ♥ DUDE! Robs ass BEAUTIFUL :') It was such a good movie, I loved it.. & the ending scene just unff his fucking face FANTASTIC. And when he was angry.. so hot! :) His acting is getting better and better each movie, i'm so proud! <3 (re: his butt: it was perfect!). THIS is better (than Remember Me) ! I promise, damn no words for it
  •  @iHeartBadasStew: Movie done. Me happy! Me am gonna scream of happiness. And i don't wanna spoil but BEL AMI IS AMAZING! If you think JacobRob or TylerRob, you'll faint seeing GeorgeRob!
  • @JeSuisLinnie: The film has ended! It was good and Robert was Yummie :-)#belam.  it was good and so worth the wait. A lot of sexy Rob :-) I'll tell you people. This movie is oscar worthy. And Robert's performance ís fabulous.
  • @Aeval_: The movie ended... hnnng Rob wasn't lying when he said his buttcrack was in this movie #BelAm. I'll give the rest of my thoughts on the movie when I'm at home but Rob was suuuper sexy. full ass actually LOL Oh and AngryRob is such a turn on hnng. I see why the movie would get an R-rating in the US.
  • @PonytailStew BEL AMI = FUCKING HOT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Seriously, Bel Ami is one hot movie! I can't even think straight...How am I supposed to write a spoiler post about this?! Guys, prepare yourself if you're going to see Bel Ami. That shit is hot! Rob's performance does things to the lady parts, that much I can assure you! Rob's performance in Bel Ami is extraordinary. It's something totally different than what we're used. It's amazing!
  • @OhSoRobsessed Sexy thrusting Rob was sexy. yep. Let's say most people in the theatre were about 40 years old. All women. They had no idea how exclusive the moment was.
Q& A From @JeSuisLinnie (visit her twitter page to see the questions verbatim):
  • Timeframe: 1h45 more or less! 
  • Rob's acting: good! Really outdone himself!
  • Favorite Rob performance? one of his best :-) but although good, I like him more in other characters.
  • Acting in general & Uma overacting? overall acting was good. And no I don' think she was overacting. It's the accent.
  • Time period believable? actually yes!
  • How was it seeing Rob play despicable? a shock at first! Not what we know of him! Definitely not edward!


Review by @Aeval_ (twitlonger):
So #BelAmi (SPOILERS)...Oh and minors might want to look away lol. First I will give you some details on Rob's nudity. The full naked butt scene is one of the first scenes in the movies. I think it's with some prostitue, I'm not sure. It's in a dark room and you see the sex from above, his full naked back and butt, there was DEFINITELY thrusting not just the tip LOL. Then there were some sex scenes with Christina Ricci. Mostly like the ones we saw in the trailer, you know the 'i missed you so much' sex scene. You get to see more thrusting and his super sexy back again. Then those are kinda the last of the graphic sex scenes, but Rob is just overall so incredibly sexy in this movie. The sex scene with Uma Thurman is pretty weird and no nudity in that one.
The movie itself was good, but I feel like they cut out a lot of the storyline in order to give Rob more screen time and so I feel like the movie had more potential. But that's just my humble opinion of course.  Some more thoughts on the acting in Bel Ami. I think Rob did a very good job, he plays angry and frustrated very well. He wasn't very likeable, which was how it's supposed to be, if I understand what the book is about( I haven't read it) Basically, he's an ass. In one scene he threw Kristin Scott Thomas on the floor, and it was just so well done, scene like that must be hard to act. When he gets angry at those guys for going behind his back and throws him out of the house, it's very believable. We see part of this in the trailer. He didn't remind me of Edward at all in this movie. Uma Thurman has such a lovely voice. She's was great. I loved Christina Ricci, she did an amazing job.

*explicit* lol Review by @PonytailStew:
Holy fucking shit. I’ve just seen Bel Ami, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Can’t think straight right now! For those who do not want to be spoiled, all I’m gonna say is that Rob’s performance is extraordinary! It’s something so different than what we’re used of him and he fucking nailed the part! That man can act! (Not that I didn’t know that already!) For spoilers —> read more HOT, NAKED ROB! Do I need to say more? Yes, we get a lovely view of Rob’s well trained but. *drools* I swear I was almost drooling throughout the entire movie. There were about three or four (Sorry, I lost count. Don’t blame me, this movie was too much to handle!) mayor sex scenes! (YES, MY DEARS, WITH THRUSTING!) The first one ‘s already after five minutes. Dear god, me was not ready yet. AND IT’S HOT! And Uma, HELL TO THE YES! Let’s say she almost raped Georges! Hilarious scene though! Rob’s face is so hilarious, I can’t even! I did feel bad for Clothilde (played by Christina Ricci) She’s an amazing actress! And when George gets mad. ASdklfjqsmdfjmqldfjq, *Dead* Rob’s performance is amazing! It’s so different from what we’ve seen of him so far. And I like it. Bye good image, ‘cause George Duroy is one smug bastard! So prepare yourself before you go see this movie! THIS SHIT IS HOT!

Review by @OhSoRobsessed (twitlonger):
So Bel Ami was AWESOME :D Quite some sex scenes (and thrusting Rob, obviously). I haven't read the book yet, so I can't really compare the storyline, but I thought the storyline in the movie was really good. I don't want to tell spoilers so I'll just shut up about the storyline (': Oh and Rob's acting was great, of course. Like really, everything looked perfect. But that's what we expect from him, right? (; And, not to forget, he looked really hot. Like, REALLY hot. The last scene was just like... BAM. GOODBYE OVARIES. Yeah, it really is one of my favourite Rob movies now (: Okay you can't really see this as a review of Bel Ami, I suck at writing reviews, you see. But I just wanted to share this with you guys, and I'm really looking forward to the moment you can all watch it and we can all be excited together :D Oh and @JeSuisLinnie, @AdoringStew, @iHeartBadasStew, @BikiniStew, @MidnightSunSC17 and @RedEyedPneh, thanks for the amazing day ;D <3 Love, a lucky Belgian girl, @OhSoRobsessed (:

Review by @BikiniStew:

First of all, I want to say that all the actors did an amazing job on this film. For the people who loved the book, the film may dissapoint a little bit, because they don't stay close to the book. There are a few scenes that are in the film who were in the book, but it's not so close at all. But after all, the film is really great. A must watch!

So the film contains some nudity, we all knew it was rated R, a lot of sex/kissing scenes,.. . I think this is one of Rob's best films, simply because he really did a good job. The part where he gets all crazy and mad because it seems like he loses everything, may be the strongest part of the film, in my opinion. He's raging all the time, smashing some glasses against the walls (which you may have seen in the trailers too), He throws women on the ground and so on,..

For those who haven't read the book, it all starts with George who's actualy poor and he gets offered a job as a writer for a paper. For this he gets the help of some beautiful ladies, who he seduices. Clotilde is the one he really falls in love with, and it's actually cute to watch them play together in several scenes. Afterwards the man of Matilde dies (played by Uma Thurman), and he grabs his chance to marry her. After they're married, he still goes to the other 2 women.

At once, everything seems to go wrong and he gets completely crazy. And after all, Clotilde still returns to him. The film ends with George marrying the daughter of Virginie ( the third woman he seduiced).

The film has a length of 105 min. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

Review by BlackBeanie in the comments:
Ladies I'm back!!! I scrolled through the comments very quick and it seems that you know already a thing about Rob's ass?
Short: I liked the movie a lot.  It's not everyone's cup of tea but that we know of period movies.  I think they did a good job: they stayed true to book as much as possible, some scenes were left out but I didn't mind that at all.  The characters are a bit more pronounced than in the book.  Nothing is watered down, the movie ends as the book.
The general mood of the movie was IMO a bit frivole, playful and that was good.  Rob's performance: there were already tweets about it.  He can't be accused of being wooden this time.  In the beginning I had to get used to him because he's totally different from other roles he has done.  I've read the book twice so I'm quite familiar with the character of Georges and IMO Rob nailed him.  He was charming, calculating, angry, embarrassed, playful.  In some scenes he was really brilliant.  About the sex scenes: more explicit than his other movies, and yes there's more Rob nudity than the females.
The setting was done very good, the Paris society is shown really well.
The most important perhaps: Rob and Georges.  I've read the book twice so I know Georges a bit and for me Rob was Georges, 100%
You could see how he evoluated from the poor, uncertain and penniless guy to the more calculated man who used his charms, who denied that money was important to him but all his actions were directed to become rich.  Rob plays every part of Georges, sometimes he's boyish, sometimes he's cruel but stil he gets your sympathy because his actions are done in a playful way.  He got my sympathy in the book too.  Don't think they made Georges better in the movie, no they made him a looser until the end.  The scene where he realized that he was screwed up by Laroche and Mr Rousseau is very impressif.  Then his revenge. Also:  in the close-ups of Rob you could almost predict  how Georges was gonna react.
To judge Rob's performance you have to know Georges and critics don't intend to read the books so I don't know if they're gonna give Rob good reviews, I don't trust them anymore.  Rob showed a lost of emotions, that's for sure.
Review by Alexana in the comments:
Here is my review: First, sorry for my english ^^ Then, forget about love scenes in Remember me, Breaking dawn and Water for elephants. Because Bel Ami is where the love scenes are hot. Like really hot (even if there isn’t as many as I thought there would be). And we can see his full butt. But what is amazing is Rob’s performance. It’s as awesome as in Little Ashes (but LA is still his best for me). It’s refreshing to see him actually make expressions compared to Twilight where he’s mostly expressionless. He has a great chemistry with all the actresses, I love when he’s with Christina! And it’s pretty close to the book, which is even better.
From Robcandy in the comments:
Just got home from the cinema................and WOW! diving into the DR now.
He was amazing. Well beyond amazing..........sigh.
It is defenitly R-rated (we get to see some Robass :D)
He truely is an amazing actor (which we allready knew, but no critic can be critic about this one)
I had a really great night and I'm going to have sweet dreams tonight.............sigh
He is strong, angry, loving and sweet all at once..........
oeh......what a man what a mighty mighty good man..........
From Marie in the comments
I don't do twitter, so this is my review here... Where do I begin? I LOVED it. That's probably a good start... Rob is so very good in this movie. The way he portrays Du Roy is spot on from the very first scene where he cracks when living in squalor right to the final shot when he emerges triumphantly from the church with the sun on his face like some divine light. DuRoy is an utter bastard with no redeeming qualities. He's a failure and up until a certain point he's not clever enough to understand the way he's being played by everyone. He uses and manipulates everyone and doesn't even deny it. Yet Rob manages to make this character fascinating to watch. I wouldn't go as far as to say you sympathize with him (and that wasn't the intention of the filmmakers), but you can't help but be in awe of the sheer audacity of this guy. You can't help but chuckle at the situations DuRoy gets himself into and at the way he manoeuvres himself out of his various predicaments. As the movie progressed , quite a lot of the audience was chuckling actually. Rob really shines in so many scenes. He's just brilliant in scenes like the discussion of the inheritance of his wife (I absolutely love all his scenes with Uma Thurman. They work so well together, so engaging), or when his world is crashing down. His discomfort at being thrown into high society is palpable, yet subtly played. The seduction of Kristen Scott-Thomas in a church is just riveting to watch, as is the scene where he finally rejects her. If I have to say one small negative thing, it's that his repulsion with her is perhaps laid on a little bit too thickly in the scenes before the break-up. But hotdamn, he sure knows how to handle a woman decisively (no dithering in bedding her).... Christina Ricci is lovely in this movie and I really like her scenes with Rob. And Rob is just adorable with kids. Period. The scene with Christina's daughter is so sweet (let me rephrase: he is so sweet in it). I think they cut some bits, which is a shame because at about two points the movie makes a bit of a jump. Would have been nice to see one extra scene with Holliday Grainger between her really noticing him and the 'elopement'. But having said that, the film has a really good pace and you can't help but be riveted by the jaw dropping rise through society of DuRoy (especially the methods are jaw dropping). So: a really great performance by Rob, Uma is really very good and keeps the throaty voice throughout the movie, Christina and Kristen S-T are also great. Glad to say that the guy playing Forestier (Glenister I think) is not overacting in the film as I initially feared based on the trailer. If anything, the trailer doesn't do the actors justice (all of them). The film's better! And lastly: phew... DuRob is seriously hot and had me blushing on more than one occasion. Let's just say that everything that got cut from the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene is in here. No painting over anything and there's some serious leashless thrusting going on. My mouth literally dropped open when that happened the first time. Had to remember to close it after that scene with Natalie Tena (who plays a prostitute). And Rob, sweetheart, there's nothing wrong with your back. It's not too long, don't worry... :)
In comments at Robstenation
Review by Katrien:
OK,Guys....just got back from BEL AMI!!!!I don't want to say too much...but expect a COMPLETELY different Rob.The movie was good but it took me some time to get used to his caracter....and I saw his totaly naked butt twice!!!!The sex scenes weren't too much (I was a bit worried about it at first) His character is soooo different from what we are used to ,no Edward ,no Tyler and no Jacob at all but he really did it so well!!Kristen will be so proud of him...he can play anything!This movie proves it!


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