Who Wants Robert Pattinson As Her Boyfriend & Learning About The Pattinson Effect At A Young Age

I think the question should probably be "Who Doesn't" want Robert Pattinson as their boyfriend but in this case the person who wants him is iCarli's Miranda Cosgrove. She tells Rosie O'Donnell about her wish to have Rob as her onscreen boyfriend

And Morgan Turner (Mildred Pierce) who had a small part in "Remember Me" learned at a young age how important being in the presence of Rob is ..........


Until "Mildred Pierce" came along, Turner's coolest assignment was a small role in "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson. It made her the envy of the schoolyard.
"I didn't really get to talk to him," she reports of the "Twilight" hunk. "But I was in his presence. And that counts."

Yes it does Morgan, Yes it does.
And what you're talking about is called the Pattinson Effect, it happens just from being in his presence.
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