Another great fan review of Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami

Another great fan review of Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami

Fan reviews! Hi my name is Tink and I'm addicted to fan reviews.

At first I wasn't going to post this because I thought you might be over them but then I thought if it interested me, then it could possibly interest others. It's a small bit of torture since the US release date is indefinite but I love reading everyone's reactions and their perception of the film. Spunk Ransom posted a review from Tracy_Gardner that was detailed and thoughtful. Enjoy!
My one hope going into the theater to see Bel Ami was just one thing, that every single person would see passed Robert as Edward and give a totally unbiased account of his performance. Coming OUT of viewing the film, my one hope has changed. Now, my only hope is that the people who do go to see it can truly appreciate what a wonderful movie it is with or without Rob.

For me, personally in parts the story could be a little slow, but I think that is to do more with the period it was set in and nothing to do with the story. A lot of the scenes were acted with just looks shared between Robs character Georges and other characters. Those few scenes for me were the most telling of Georges character. I have read quite a few reviews where people describe Georges as unscrupulous, greedy, selfish and power hungry, and for me this is how I seen Georges to start with.

MORE details after the cut! *Spoiler lines*

The movie starts out with a very obviously poor and hungry Georges, and of course you feel for that. As he meets his old army colleague and is introduced to the 3 women you see very fast how his character forms plans in his mind. Rob can show so many emotions with just a look. Pain, jealousy greed, even love. You realise quite quickly that Georges will go to any lengths to climb the social ladder. He see’s poor people as peasants and beggars even his own family, and he will fight his way out of that no matter what it takes. BUT…as the story evolves and you see Georges mostly with Clotilde as they become closer you see that he isnt a bad person per say, you just come to realise that when one is born in a certain environment they only know of one way to survive. Even when he marries Madeleine it is of course for social reasons but you see that Georges actually does try to love her. I dont want to give spoilers from actual scenes but I will say for me, in one scene between Georges and Clotilde when she finds out he is marrying another and she asks “is love not enough” his answer “not even your love” really hit me. His character may come across as selfish and greedy, but for him and the way he was raised, it truly is not enough to just have love, he feels he cannot survive in “that” world unless he has some kind of power and money.

On the other characters I have to say that Kristen Scott Thomas seems to have been completely overlooked. Intentional or not, but her scenes in particular with Rob after he seduces her brought some much needed amusement to the core. Her love sick puppy scenes received many chuckles around the theatre and also for me my favourite scene of the whole movie was between her and Rob. The scene where she reveals her husbands deception of Georges character was wonderfully acted by Rob, as it was a very physical and emotional angry scene that brought a side of Rob I have never seen before.

Another scene which I loved was when Charles Forestier dies. You see Georges cunning mind working away on his next plan, but when Charles actually passes, you see a very surprising reaction from Georges and shows he is a very emotionally delicate man.

Uma Thurman lived up to expectations as the brazen Madeleine, and the very infamous sex scene between her character and Georges was so real that I actually found it a little uncomfortable to watch if I am honest.

All in all, I thought the movie was very thought provoking, with a story that has parallels with life even in this day and age.

In a completely unbiased way I think Robert was superb, he can portray such a range of emotions for such a young man even with just a silent look. The way he could portray a character so cunning yet so endearing is remarkable.

In our showing, there were quite a few people who were there obviously for the film festival and not Rob, who expressed surprise as to how well his character was played. At the end the audience clapped, which is kind of unheard of in Scotland.

And In the most completely biased way I would like to say that Rob was utterly stunning and I will never look at a pair of white long johns the same again

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